Due to Aluna’s policy, I am unable to post the article in it’s entirety, but if it is for you, you will know and click the link to keep reading it on her website. Lengthy but powerful if it resonates.  ~PB

A Download Of Enlightened Universal Consciousness Technology (Mary’s Gate)
With Aluna Joy, Mary Queen of Scots & Clan, The Star Elders,
Archangel Michael, Akhenaten, Mother Sekhmet
on the Island of Loch Leven, Scotland.

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Read in a quiet meditative space for maximum effects!

We arrived at the sacred island of Loch Leven by boat, and I could feel a grand spirit of light in the window in the fortress wall. We knew we had just been welcomed with open arms. This presence was Mary Queen of Scots, the last of the Druid/Celtic goddesses, along with her entire court/clan, all of which were Druid goddesses in their own right (These ones are descendants of a very ancient order of the Marys, including Mother Mary, Mary Madeline, etc…). They saw our open hearts and welcomed us. This was my third visit to the island, and I felt strongly that we had finally earned our sacred welcome into something special (Sometimes it takes several trips into a sacred site before the veiled doors open, and we are allowed into its deeper mysteries). These sequestered goddesses could see our group’s collective heart and shared immediately that Mary and the others were holding onto many deep, old secrets that we were being invited to receive.

They began by sharing what I call alternative historical facts that are not necessarily accepted by the archaeological community. There are many other layers of non-linear energy underneath this ancient site that is overshadowed by its 3D illusion of this being a historical prison. It was this deeper layer that called these goddesses to this place. Here they practiced an ancient form of Celtic Alchemy that was brought north from Egypt, through many holy lands, to this very spot and to many others areas in the mystical lands of what we know now as Scotland. Their ancestors came here to this very spot long before a fortress was ever built here. I remembered that we had dug into this memory in previous years when we felt there was something much deeper here, but we could not quite access it.

(For YOU the reader. Here you can ask permission to enter into the ancient memory of this sacred land and its etheric records of this ancient universal wisdom. Let go of any expectation to outcome as Spirit most always offers more than we can imagine.)

(Sometimes it takes just the right frequency of a group to reach deeper memories of ancient alchemy and wisdom. There is no way to plan a group to achieve the correct frequency. When we “TRY” to do so, invariably our ego taints our well-intended efforts, and thus the effect is never what we wanted or expected. We have learned to trust Spirit in the moment, go with the flow of each moment, and arrive with a wide, open heart. If we hit the right frequency at the right moment, it is a great gift for sure. This is not a time to hesitate, but to leap as doors rarely stay open for long.)

Mary Queen of Scots knew this was a sacred place, and so she would bring her sacred clan here, under the guise of being imprisoned. The outer world, the powers of the day like Queen Elizabeth, etc… thought that they had control of her. This was far from the truth. She came here, because she would be almost forgotten and not be bothered, so she and her clan “court” could do their work in total privacy and peace. This was in keeping with ancient traditions, not unlike Anna (grandmother of Jeshua) of the ancient Essene/Rosicrucian orders, where, at times, they would go into deep, subterranean temple-like caves to do their work when the outer world’s energy was too dense to tolerate. (If you – those reading this – have been called to isolate yourself in the last few months, you most likely have ancient lifetimes of going underground to maintain your alchemical light work. If this rings a bell in your heart, then you know it is true).

On this island, they were very well taken care of. It wasn’t a prison at all. There were many comforts, luxury and food. They show this to me to remind you that you need not sacrifice and suffer to do our light work. If it comes from trying, struggle and pain, we can block the best parts of our light work. But what we want to reach today is something that is underneath this recent history. We are asking for the depth and the core of eternal wisdom and truth.

Now, here is where I find receiving messages and translating them into English very limiting. Everything I am going to say now is going to fall short from what I am feeling inside. (Thus why I ask YOU, the reader, to take this in while in a semi-meditative state. I will do my best to convey the verbal message, but I suggest that you take a moment here to open your heart to this message and energy that comes with it, but only if you feel it is right for you.)

(Take some time here to breathe, before you continue to read the activation at this link.)



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