Solstice Message, June 2017 The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

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Solstice Message, June 2017
The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira


The Solstice Energy is always furthering you being you.

You might think of solar energy in general as always being about your identity in individuated consciousness. The Solstice, then, amplifies that energy and with that you can tune into a clearer and more whole sense of self. The real you. The core energy signature of all that you are.

It matters not if it is the winter or the summer solstice, when the solstice alignment occurs, you have clear, easy, direct access to knowing yourself more fully.

We would suggest over the next few days and as a celebration of your divine light and sovereignty, you might focus deeply on appreciating you! You might decide to notice you and pay more attention to your sense of self. Pay special attention to what gives you the feeling of you, “being in your element.”

Being in your element is you being in alignment, and in situations and circumstances which you may have created and/or which you have allowed to unfold, which give you expansive, joyful, free opportunities to fully express yourself. This kind of self-expression is profoundly satisfying and feels natural, elegant and in those moments your spirit soars. All is well and you know it!

These are the moments to live for and living skillfully is bringing them about more often.

Learn what brings forth your joy! Discover what gives you the most blissful expansive feelings of happiness! Notice what relationship to yourself liberates you – find how to free yourself to know bliss. Then choose the things that light you up with love and expansive clarity.

Choose to live an authentic life and express yourself freely. This is living in higher consciousness.

In higher consciousness all paths lead to divine expression, which is simply a poetic, spiritual way of say – you being you! Truly, purely, fully – without hesitation, filtering, diminishing. You moment to moment following your spirit and expressing the beauty and uniqueness that is you, as inspired and flowing, here.

The shift in consciousness happening in the world now is opening up insight and knowing that you are eternal consciousness in an embodied form, capable of creating through consciousness. A remembering of your capacities – you are powerful, eternal, infinite and free.

Knowing this, feeling this and learning to live oriented to this identity is the first step in living in higher consciousness. Begin here, now. Use this week, today, this moment, to feel more of who you truly are, and allow yourself, with love and generosity, to tune to that, to flow that, to be that. Be you!

Happy Solstice!
We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.


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