Weekly Forecast for June 12-18, 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Weekly Forecast for June 12-18, 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott


There is much going on this week in the realm of communication
and long-term goals. Life will make more sense when you are
aligned with your own highest good. This week is creating this
alignment.  Go with the flow – paddle when necessary.


Tuesday is a potent day for communication. Mercury is in harmonious
aspect to generous Jupiter in Libra. Mercury is in it’s own sign of Gemini.
The gift to gab is at hand, however, it’s more than that, bigger, deeper.
If you have important things to say or write do it now. If there has been
something that you have wanted to say to someone this energy will help
you to release it with grace and ease and skill. And then you can finally
move on. Imagine that.


Also on Tuesday, 12 hours later there is a stressful connection between
clever Mercury in curious Gemini and Spiritualizing Neptune in dreamy
Pisces. Neptune anchors us to what cannot be anchored. We become
one to know. Great work can be done staring at the stars, watching the
clouds float by. Even taking a hot bubbly bath could have miraculous
results. It is in our ability to receive that we have the honor of giving.
Be willing to let go of the reigns. Neptune brings change by dissolving
the outworn.


Thursday Saturn is getting us in contact with reality again. Back down
to earth. Get your head out the clouds and make a plan Stan. Nothing
new is going to happen if you do not plan for it to happen. With all the
clear thinking this week you are likely to receive a very clear idea of
how to proceed to achieve your goals. Be sure your goals align you
with your happiness. Saturn expects you to step up to the plate and
work. You are the expert of your life – Start making executive decisions.


Saturn opposition Sun might be a painful reality check. It is equally likely
to be the clarity you need to steadily progress in the direction of the most
rewarding life possible for you and those you love. Keep your eyes on the
prize. Don’t be duped. On Thursday you will have a clear line of sight into
ways you might be deceiving yourself for the sake of the comfort of sameness.
Disillusionment can be painful, but it’s better to be working with the truth than
some distorted version of it. Saturn will point the way to go to bring the most
long term value and reward. Saturn will help you embrace the responsibility.


Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces this Friday. It will be back tracking for
five whole months. This is great news for us sensitive creative types.
Neptune taps us into the cosmic soup. Great art is inspired from the
Neptunian realm. For the next five months let inspiration be the leader
in your life. What brings you joy? Create a sound track for your life right
now. Neptune is like the patron saint of artists, writers, musicians, psychics,
movie stars, poets and junkies. We need a break from the harsh realities-
Neptune provides it.


If there was a creative project or idea you started but never finished Neptune
might like you to pick that old idea up and dust it off. It may work very well now.
If it is an idea that keeps returning there is a reason for it. Your inner knowing
is strong with Neptune retrograde. Trust the guidance of your own heart now.
Move in the direction of the highest expression of your deepest self – your true
work here on earth. Many Blessings for a most fruitful week.

~ contributed by Hillory Skott



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