Deep Gratitude

[Originally posted on FB]

Deep Gratitude to All Involved, especially to my Beloved Cobra Community for the Honor and Blessing of being gifted with a new Cintamani personal stone to replace the one I lost last year, after burying 2 Cintamani per request. May I be Cleared and Healed so I can best be In Service, Understand and Complete my Mission. I AM here to aid in the Ascension process and assist my fellow travelers on this never-ending Journey of Evolution. Namaste

#Lightworkers #Lightwarriors #Cintamani



The Wish Fulfilling Avalokitesvara Mantra

Cintamani Chakra Avalokiteshvara is a wish-fulfilling form of Avalokitesvara. He holds the Cintamani (Wish-Fulfilling Jewel) near his heart.

namo ratnatrayāya
nama āryāvalokiteśvarāya bodhisattvāya mahāsattvāya mahākāruṇikāya
oṁ cakravartti cintāmaṇi mahāpadme ruru tiṣṭha jvala ākarṣāya hūṁ phaṭ svāhā
oṁ padma cintāmaṇi jvala hūṁ
oṁ varada padme hūṁ

Give Praise to the Buddha!
Give Praise to the Dharma!
Give Praise to the Sangha!
Give Praise to the Sovereign of Introspection Bodhisattva Scriptures of the Mahayana, and the Completely Perfect Great Mercifully Hearted One Who Is Distressed for the nieces and nephews of others!
AUM! The Great Wheel King! The Great Mystical Jewel Cintamani!
The Great Red Lotus! Great! Great! Great! Great!
Dwelling in Tusita Heaven in Great Splendor!
Hail and Give Forth Praises!
AUM! The Holy Red Lotus! HUM!
AUM! The Red Lotus and the Mysterious Jewel Cintamani! HUM!


I guess it works pretty good…be careful what you wish for!

breakdown to breakthrough

Well, the situation hasn’t changed, I just felt a need to do some meditation and prayer, and in the process I had a cathartic release. So now I am not feeling the same stress and pressure…I am confident things will work out, and more importantly, I continue to take action to effect necessary change.

This is what happens when you forget to have fun and “blow off steam”. things build up and can feel overwhelming, but from a larger perspective, even our challenges can and do serve us, although it may not feel that way. When we proactively engage with our challenges, they lose their false power over us.

Thank you, Cintamani stone,  for keeping it real!



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