“George Webb for Dummies” from Rebekah Roth [video] Starship Earth The Big Picture

My comment on this post:  WOW! I have heard of Rebecca Roth and George Webb, but have not been following them. I did know about the Mossad agents (“artists”) project in the Twin Towers before 9/11, I think through something here on BP. Thanks for turning us on to this “catch-up” compilation of information and sources connecting the dots.

I always knew Bernie got robbed, but they pushed it aside so fast, like we were crazy (“Get over it!”) and no one seemed able to present proof. I feel it’s important to publicize what really happened to Seth Rich and all the others who mysteriously died. I wont stop sharing information about his situation until someone is held accountable. I am sure his family is also under threat / forced into compliance.

I do not like Trump’s communication manner (or lack of), but I do understand that he is trying to expose and arrest the Deep State, and they are making his life hell for it. Hillary SEEMS so likeable, (many of my friends love her) yet I feel she is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. I did a 180 on her and Bill when the Clinton Chronicles came out in the 90’s on Marin County’s local cable channel, courtesy of a program called “Archangels Presents”. I don’t live out there any more, but you can find the videos on YouTube now.

I have come to understand through Cobra that Putin is in communication with Pleiadians. I never believed he hacked anything, although clearly, election fraud is not new to this nation, it just comes from within.  Most people find Comey to be credible, but I felt ll along he was beholden to or threatened by his Masters, the Clinton/Podesta gang, who send very clear messages to those with the power or connections to release their secrets (as opposed to us average Joes who can blab about it all we want, because we are perceived to have no power or influence.  We can simply be ignored, or labeled “nuts”.).

All I want is for the Truth to come to Light and dazzle the average American out of complacency, wake them up and get them to be mad as hell, and not willing to take it any more. Arrest them already! Easy for us to say, while too many have paid too high a price for what they knew and/or for trying to bring it to Light. ~PB



“George Webb for Dummies” from Rebekah Roth


“George Webb got the attention of a lot of people and new information continues to come out about him and his activities.

Rebekah Roth does a great review of his recent work and explains it here in the “for Dummies” edition.

Some folks have mentioned George’s reference to old Mossad and new Mossad. Since there are two CIAs, two FBIs, two militaries, and good and bad guys in pretty much every group, I don’t see that as a red flag. Thomas Williams has told us about Langley One, Langley Two etc. It’s just the way it is and Rebekah discusses the Mossad groups as well.

Since we have been fooled by a number of public figures in the past, this bears watching.

If you don’t know who Rebekah is, she came forward after 911 because she was a flight attendant and the story rang false for her. She began digging and dredged up much of the information we take for granted now that debunks the entire 911 fairy tale. She also wrote a book called, “Methodical Illusion” about that event.

I added part of her bio at the bottom of this post.

Rebekah continues to watch the situations unfolding on our planet and I believe she has a very good grasp so this is a great video. If you’re new to the independent media or you feel like you’ve missed a few dots, she may do the connecting for you here. Thanks, P, for the share. A valuable resource. ”   ~ BP

Rebekah Roth ~ George Webb for Dummies Part 1


Published on Jun 3, 2017


Rebekah and Ramjet bring you up to date on the George Webb, DNC, Spy ring, Mossad operation, Primary Election theft, Seth Rich murder and more. History in the making, election fraud exposed.

What will happen next?

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Rebekah Roth Biography

I returned home on a flight from Rome where I was the purser for a major airline not many hours before the news of 9/11 hit. I had been a flight attendant for 28 years at the time and awoke to see a plane fly into the south tower of the World Trade Center. I may have been groggy, jet lagged and generally out of sorts, but I knew from training and experience that airplanes do not fly through buildings. Over the next 72 hours I remained glued to the television watching and listening in disbelief at what I saw and heard.

Every flight attendant knew in 2001 that cell phones did not work at altitude. Flight attendants attempting to report that their plane was being hijacked would never call reservations or operations. That would be like calling Hertz to get your car repaired. Things were not adding up for me and worst of all none of the hijacking protocols that are drilled into every pilot and flight attendant every year during reoccurring training had been followed. I knew something was not right, but it was too painful to explore and I found comfort in simply not knowing. I left the airline shortly after 9/11 and pursued other opportunities, yet I always knew that someday when I could balance the inconsistencies with the pain they engendered I would get to the bottom of what really happened that day.

When the time was right I began to look at the occurrences of that fateful day from my perspective as a career flight attendant. I studied, dug, researched and questioned every aspect and angle of the events as they had been reported and what I found was so horrific I literally became ill. As the pieces began to fit together I decided to incorporate them into a novel allowing for plausible deniability to protect me and yet at the same time allowing me to expose the horrendous truth that must now be shared.

Source:  http://www.methodicalillusion.com/




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    9/11 was an inside job… If you haven’t wrapped your head around that basic fact then you’re still in deep denial that elements within our own gov’t could be capable of killing Americans. It’s been happening for a long time….

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