Weekly Forecast for June 5 -11, 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Weekly Forecast for June 5 -11, 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

A week of exuberant truth and luck is ahead. The Sagittarius
full Moon is ushering us along in our worldly adventures and
Jupiter is turning direct to lift us out of pre-programmed loops.
Venus moves into Taurus and Mercury to Gemini- This is home
for these planets – wonderful support for us in our quest to
meet our potential. Leverage this energy to expand your reach.


Tuesday Venus moves to Taurus. Your sense of commitment is
heightened as long-term values mean more than sexy on and
off kind of situations. Romance and earthy pleasures will be
good for your soul. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, it’s happy
and natural here. And this is how we should all feel in our
close relationships. In all our connections.


Great creativity with long-term value can come spilling forth
through you from the Cosmos. Enlist the Angelic realms and
Galactic assistance to make lasting impressions with your
natural abilities. Think passive income. Then google all the
ways it can be so. Venus is great at having money and Taurus
has a draw to all the finer things in life. Make making money fun.
Tap into the flow.


Later Tuesday Mercury moves into Gemini. It rules this sign too,
so it’s very effective and feeling good here. All forms of
communication will be well received- make contact! If you have
writing-speaking to do it will be inspired and witty. The tricky part
is getting yourself to sit still. Writing takes focus and Gemini has
a zippy mind- it focuses in short spurts. Perhaps this is perfect for
the times we live in – where language is evolving to use less words.
Some say it is ruining the written word. Instead, I think it is upgrading
us to use symbols as language, thus communicating large blocks of
information with a few symbols- like the planetary glyphs in Astrology-
I see the sign for Jupiter and know books of information on Jupiter.
I kinda love emojis. Real time evolution is exhilarating.


We will most certainly be feeling the pull of this majestic Full Moon in
Sagittarius all week. It is exact at 6:15 am Friday June 9th, 2017 PST.
Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler and the ruler of this full moon moves forward
on the full moon. Jupiter loves the truth. It loves expansion and travel.
This is a very buoyant energy and one that is very self certain. There are
few other signs that are so incredibly sure of how right they are. Be
careful this day not to start lecturing about all the ways all the ways
need improving. Instead offer your ideas without the finger wagging
and foot stomping your passion for justice might provoke.


Venus and Mars are in a lovely supportive connection- our values and
our Oomph are headed in the right direction now. How fortunate our
new found clarity is. Most of us don’t get what we want because we
don’t believe we can have it. Like the elephant chained up that never
tries to get away, it’s convinced it can’t. Well you can. Your clear
knowing about what is right for you will come in handy now.


You may find yourself bubbling over with the need to tell the truth –
Sagittarius is a truth seeker extraordinaire. Jupiter knows the toxicity
of lies. Emotional ambiguity lets things fester. Be Clear. Be certain.
Oh look. . . You Are clear and certain. Be willing to let go totally and
share your perception of things. Adventure awaits you in all kinds of
ways. Even if it is just the adventure of trying on some new philosophies.
Or telling the truth when you formerly stuffed it. No stuffing required.
For crystal clear energy let it flow. This makes space for luck and fortune
to enter.


This is a great week to make your moves. There is support coming to
you from many angles. You are not alone. Remember this is your show.
Direct that business as you see fit. You are the boss of you! And what
a kind, wise and loving boss you are. Beam gratitude as if it is already so.
Let us all go forth and prosper. And so it is!


~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Create Amazement!

Karen & Salma


Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc. | 49 Canyon Blvd West | Lethbridge, AB, CA | T1K 6X6


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