Your divinely guided messages for May 29 – June 4, 2017 with Doreen Virtue

Here are your divinely guided messages for May 29th-June 4th, 2017, with Doreen Virtue:

It’s a week focused upon taking a retreat for quiet reflection about your career path, and strong guidance to make much-needed changes in your career. Part 1 of the video includes prayerful meditations to hear your divine guidance about your career.

Part 2 of the video focuses upon healing from loneliness and the fear of getting hurt. We look at how judging yourself or others is a defense mechanism that results in isolation. A prayerful healing meditation is offered.

From the Magical Messages from the Fairies Cards at:

The free gifts for purchasing 10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know are at:

The Healthy Power Hour free online seminar is at:

The fundraiser auction for the rescue animals is at:

The Fairyologist course is 1/2 price this week with coupon code at checkout: Holiday at:

Mon/Tues: Holiday – take some time out for self-care, go for a walk, take a break from technology

Wed/Thurs: New Career new job, 2nd job, learning, gain clarity on next step

Fri/Sat/Sun: Walk Away – take steps to transition from what no longer serves brush up resume, talk to mentors, network, look into self-empowerment

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