Re: the seeming rise of darkness on the planet

The following was a comment I made on Cobra’s blog in response to someone declaring how and why the dark is and will take over the earth. ~PB

Re: the seeming rise of darkness on the planet

Actually, we are just witnessing such anomalies having their “last gasp” and last grasp for power, desperate and dying acts because they are in their death throes.

Things are not always as they appear. Darkness cannot be suppressed. It must be released in order to be healed or transmuted. The challenge is to hold fast in faith as negativity and darkness surface for release. Do not attach. Do not succumb to fear, for this disempowers you, and empowers that which no longer has a rightful place on earth. This too, shall pass.

It is especially important at this time that we see the bigger picture, don’t believe the hype, tune out the negative and go within to know (discern) and to co-create. Of course, we also must take action in the outer world, but this requires having faith in the seeds of love that have been planted, for we are just entering the growing season. Our loving and abundant future is nearly upon us. Do NOT despair! Keep the faith and go within in order to know truth.

Love is the only reality. All else is illusion. Believe!

~Phoenix Boulay


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