Abundance for Lightworkers Summit ✨

Abundance for Lightworkers Summit ✨

Don’t miss this 4-day EXCLUSIVE virtual event Lightworkers are raving about!

Our speakers reveal the TRUTH about how they stepped into the frequency of abundance – and how you can too!

Get ready to reclaim your money power so you can…

Feel strong and confident in your value so you can charge what you’re worth
Stop overworking and sacrificing your energy without an exchange of money
Feel financially free and at peace no matter what ‘seems’ to be going on
Expand your reach to serve people all over the world doing what you love
Create a joyful flow of abundance in your life

Reserve your FREE spot now to listen live online


Grant Virtue
Patricia Cota Robles
Patti Bee
Michelle Walker
Pam Grout
Jennifer Ruth Russell
Karen Russo
Diomira Rose D’Agostino
Lee Harris
Alicia Power
Angela Montano
Caroline Oceana Ryan

Learn the 3 Essential Stages of Financial Freedom:

Stage 1:  Release
Let go of old emotional and spiritual blocks and patterns of lack and limitation

Stage 2:  Reclaim
Take back your sovereign power to manifest your heart’s desire

Stage 3:  Create
Take ownership of your ability to create your experience

You’ll discover…

You’re in the perfect place right now to manifest abundance
Simple and effective tools to shift your old paradigm of struggle and lack
Why you are so important in creating a new money system for the New Earth
How to make powerful partnerships with the Heavenly Realms to assist you
The biggest mistakes to avoid so debt doesn’t eat away your creativity
Easy and powerful manifestation methods to create the life you desire

Bonus Jumpstart Training – FREE When You Register Now:

“3 Obstacles That STOP Your Flow of Abundance!”
with Jennifer Ruth Russell
Spiritual Mentor & Award Winning Songwriter

Where is the event located?

Wherever you are. It’s virtual, so you can access the interviews with our speakers through a free online webcast. Recordings will be available so you can catch all the great speakers even if you can’t attend live.

Don’t miss this 1-time experience – join us now!

There’s absolutely no reason to stay in the energetic patterns of financial struggle.

The experts in the Abundance for Lightworkers Summit will show you how to expand your financial flow so you can enjoy immediate results and make a bigger difference in more people’s lives.

Reserve your FREE spot now to listen live online

I’ll “see” you there…

With love,

Jennifer Ruth Russell
Spiritual Mentor & Award Winning Songwriter
& Host of the Abundance for Lightworkers Summit

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