Astrospirit, Jacqueline Lasahn: Gemini New Moon: Juggling Everything

Astrospirit, Jacqueline Lasahn

Gemini New Moon: Juggling Everything

New Moon Gemini: Juggling Everything. Jacqueline Lasahn, Intuitive Astrologer

Curious puzzle,
variety of life.
Patterns, connections.
Ideas, cross-pollination.

Options. Choices.
Go with the flow,
the effervescence, the whim.
Holy curiosity.
Air cannot be grasped.
Inspiration on the wing.

Up in the air,
juggling everything,
live by your wits.
Improvise, adapt
and laugh!

Open the windows
and welcome the fresh air.
Ask questions and see what’s there.
Choose to stay interested,
discover connections,
clarify integrity,
and activate wholeness.

Gemini New Moon May 25, 2017 12:44 pm PDT

A twinkle in your eye or a speck of pollen?

Overthinking, worry, distraction. Sometimes the wind is just too much. Itchy, sneezy. It’s annoying, this dusty debris. The seasons are changing. Find balance in movement and stillness. Take note as to your allies in adaptability during this time of transition. Acupuncture. Herbs. Expressive Movement. Restful sleep. Clarity. Witness. What do you need?

The New Moon is the time to make your intentional choices.

What is needed now? Listen to your body. Notice what foods are fresh. Adapt your diet to seasonal change. Consult your celestial compass: What are the conditions and optimal ways to navigate? What are your possibilities and options?

Your eyes. Your ears.

Information overload? Perhaps there is news that is calling you to take action. Or, you may need to step back, take a break and choose a book to read instead of the constant barrage of news. Refresh your senses. Get outside and listen to the breeze, literally. Observe the light and notice what’s in the air. There may be a message in the birds’ song, in the buzzing of bees or glimpsed in the flight of a dragonfly’s wings. Is it time to bring those golden sacks of pollen back to the hive?

Your breath.

Gemini is the primary air sign. What is more primary than breath?! Be aware of the quality and rhythm of your breath. That’s right. Without criticism, evaluation or judgement. Just notice the circulation of air through you. Breathe. Simply Be.

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