Hillory Skott: Weekly Forecast + Podcast for May 15-21 2017

Weekly Forecast for May 15-21 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott
The Sun Moves to curious Gemini, communications are key.
Withholding Saturn will be trining transcending Uranus-
A lucky make shift happen combo of planets.  Generous Jupiter
in compromising Libra will have a little wrestle with Venus in do
what I please Aries.  Me! No us! No Me! Us.  You might feel like
it’s this or that, us or them, me or you.  For best results, think
this and that, me and you.  There is a way to find the balance-

which is where you will find the peace you seek.


Monday the Mercury will move into nice stable Taurus. This is good.
Taurus energy is good with tangible results. If you have some ideas
to ground down in the real world this energy will help.
Taurus is a dependable energy that handles the real world
very well.  Mercury is a mental planet, happy in the realm
of communicating, this is a great time to start a project that
will take persistence and effort to make real.


Thursday Saturn will trine Uranus.  Uranus is always transcending
limitations. It shocks us into the new. Naturally Uranian people
can work with this and make shifts and changes to keep themselves
moving along the path of evolution. They do this with a happy heart.


It can be tricky for the more fixed of us. The more you resist change
the more shocking that change may be. But this Trine between Saturn
and Uranus will help implement conscious changes that won’t shock
so much. It will allow you to build a new foundation to grow from.
Change can be hard, but it’s the only thing that can be counted on
so we might as well get a move on. Lean into it. Roll with it. This is
what we came for.


Friday Venus in Aries is feeling kind of selfish and brave, impatient
with Jupiter’s insistence on more Us time. Part of you wants to go
your own way, in a blaze of glory, the other part, it wants successful
relationships.  This takes give and take. Part of you wants harmony,
another part says eff harmony I want it my way. Compromise is for
the weak and needy.   Going solo is great when it’s right but having
a partner to share the world with is kind of sublime – even if you do
have to compromise. Life is tricky- Follow that trusty heart of yours.
Be you.  Be sure of your needs. Seek compatibility.


The Sun will move to Gemini this Saturday.  Your mind will be busy,
your verbal and written ability will get even more clever.  Witt is at
your disposal.  Word talent is the realm of Gemini.  Get out and visit.
Be out and about.  You will actually enjoy the hustle and bustle now.
You could get a entire years worth of hustle and bustle out of the way
this month. Get your Christmas shopping done early.


This is another notable week in the cosmos.  The new is underway,
we have entered the swirling wind tunnel of change. We will know
more when we do. Take each step as it appears and revel in the
realm of all possibility- if you don’t know what’s happening next,
anything is possible. Just breathe.

This weeks Everyday Astrology Podcast
~ contributed by Hillory Skott


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