Moon Updates by Kristy Foley | Quantum Moonbeams

May 10th, 2017


Here in the Northeast, spring has arrived with a slight chance of light flurries mixed in with rain tonight. I always gravitate towards the wisdom of nature and trust that she is working into balance when these lingering winter energies are still present. I send mindfulness of good thoughts to all forms of water entering the spring season to be of the highest vibration for the good of all. Often, when frozen crystals are present, they are able to lock in codes when they blanket the ground. Much like being frozen in time. Consider this tonight. As you release the old and let the universe know you are ready to open up to new possibilities, be intentional. Clear and remove all that is no longer serving you and ask the incoming water molecules to secure your new space in time. Determine the level of vibrational energy you are willing to interact with. If rain is not forecasted in your area, then use the energy of the sage by smudging outside. We create our world first through thought, then the written or spoken word, and finally through action. By releasing and using the water molecule with the moonlight we begin to lay the foundation of the month ahead. A smooth prepped area is much easier to build upon, wouldn’t you agree. So tonight, we get to clean thing UP!!!  Image you are prepping the ground work for the most amazing creation.  A solid surface of stability is achieved after removing the imbalances in life. So enjoy this process as you are  creating your  life moment by moment!

This full moon tonight is not only known as the Flower Moon but also the Buddha Moon. The Flower Moon symbolizes the first blooms of  growth with nature this spring. In the Asian culture, the Buddha Moon can be honored in April or May depending on how the calendars align. (Buddha’s birthday is celebrated on the full moon day of the Vaisakh month of the Buddist and Hindu calendars,) In the  Western Gregorian calendar, it is today this year.

In addition to the wisdom of Buddha attached to this full moon, We are now out of Mercury Retrograde and the Schumann Resonance (the heartbeat of earth as measured by NASA), has been measured at triple digits for the last three days. These are all signals that life is moving in an upgraded level of ascension for all. With increases in energy, there are often more debris to lift and clear so user this moon to transmute all matters of the heart and Let It Go!

We will be holding our group release at 5:43 pm EST and welcome all those at a distance to tap into to this collective process at a sacred spot near you! Wishing you all bright Quantum MoonBEams!

As a reminder, you are always welcomed to share the information in this post with the request that it be copied in it’s entirety and credit is given to the writer Kristy Foley  copyrighted (c)  2017


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