Hillory Skott: Weekly Forecast for May 8-14, 2017

Weekly Forecast for May 8-14, 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

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The Moon is full in potent Scorpio. Let the healing begin!
Scorpio knows if you don’t identify the cause of the problem
things will fester. Watch for a sudden increase in emotional
intelligence. What you release makes space for the new to begin.
What you feel you can heal.  Growth through understanding.

Also this week, on Tuesday PST – the moon’s Nodes are changing
signs. The nodes link us to our karma, our past and our present.
The last time the nodes were in Leo/Aquarius was in 1999-2000.
What pivotal events occurred during this time in your life?

For the next two years opportunities in similar areas will surface.
Leo is about unique you and Aquarius how we all fit into a greater
whole. Individual and community. If you come from your heart (Leo)
you can offer up your contribution for the greater good (Aquarius).
The world needs you – and you need the world.

This is a deep and powerful week of transformation. The Scorpio full
moon is exact at 2:42 pm – PST.  The full moon is always opposite
the current sun.  We have a Taurus sun and a Scorpio full moon.
These two are difficult opposites. With opposites we are aiming for
integration.  Balance.  Yin/Yang.

With fixed signs finding that balance is tricky to say the least.  Both
are stubborn, both think, “my way or the highway.” There is an extreme
off with your head kind of energy with both Taurus and Scorpio.  This is
the energy of estrangement. The cast off, the abandoned. Betrayal,
madness and all that is taboo and hard to look at rises up during this
Lunar pull.

The aspects to this full moon are positive though. So even if things seem
intense in some way there is deep inner work being completed here.
Lifetimes of karma up for clearing. Dues are always paid in full, karmically
speaking. We reap or we sow. You’ll know which when the time arrives.

This Full moon energy is followed by a stressful square between fiery
Mars in curious Gemini and Neptune in idealistic Pisces. Squares create results.
They push us to make some kind of change. We can’t rest until
we figure something out. Pisces, often has it’s head in the clouds.  It swims
about in the cosmic soup.  Intuitively knows there is so much more to know.
Gemini likes to keep moving – but on the surface, just skimming along,
keeping it interesting.  How can you use your ability to juggle new concepts
to create the ideal reality that is coming in and out of focus now?

Mental Mercury is trining Saturn which will give us all a very level head with
a twist of know-it-all magical thinking. A fiery grand trine of energy to launch
ourselves in prosperous new directions.  Self assertion is key.
Figuring out what to do and doing it. Saturn is a taskmaster that
gets things done. Mercury gives you the mental dexterity to think
yourself outside the box.  And the with the Leo North node we are
now feeling a push to be ourselves; truly, totally, us.

Friday luck will arrive. Generous Jupiter trines let’s-do-this Mars.
They say luck is what happens when preparations meets opportunity.
But you also have to be willing to jump, just take a deep breath close
your eyes and do it. Reach out and grab the opportunities presenting.

To get the most out of this week make healing your first priority. What
can need healing in the areas of power, money, betrayal, abandonment,
sex, death or birth?  We all have Scorpio in our charts somewhere and
Scorpio instinctively knows how to heal. Use this energy to intend to
heal these areas of your life in all directions of time.

Breath deeply into the feelings that come up. Feel where they are in
your body. Breath light into this area.  Swirling, shimmering, sparkling
light will transform any dark you’ve been carrying. Now it is so. So so
simple- Many blessings brave light worker! Thank you for your contribution.

Click here for this weeks Everyday Astrology podcast

~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Have a great week and create amazement!


Karen & Salma


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