NorthPoint Journal Your guide to planetary energies for May 8 to 14, 201 7 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

Highlighted Aspects this Week
TUE: Sun trine Pluto, North Node enters Leo/South Node enters Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Uranus
WED: Jupiter opposite Pallas Athene, Full Moon 2:42pm PDT (9:42pm GMT)
THU: Mars square Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn
FRI: Mars trine Jupiter
SUN: Mercury semisquare Neptune

A SIGNIFICANT SHIFT occurs this week when the Moon’s Nodes change signs on Tuesday. This event draws to a close an evolutionary process we have been working with for the past 19 months, and begins the next 19-month phase on our collective journey of growth.

In our birth charts, the North and South Nodes respectively show the qualities that we are called to develop in this lifetime and the traits we must leave behind for greatest fulfillment and success in all areas of life. When we consider the placement of the Nodes in the context of a general forecast such as this Journal, they indicate a growth process we are collectively engaged in, as well as the tendencies we are working as a society to overcome.

WITH THE NORTH NODE moving into Leo and the South Node moving into Aquarius, we are evolving out of excessive reliance on information and the intellect to guide our choices. We are called to leave behind old patterns of detachment, aloofness, and separation. In their place, we are developing a more heart-centered approach to life, one that carries with it greater capacities for involvement, belonging, and leadership.

We’ve already seen hints of this shift with more people engaged in social activism recently. Over the next year and a half, more who have been reticent to risk involvement will come forward to take center stage. The Leo North Node will inspire many to find the inner confidence and enthusiasm needed to become the leaders they were meant to be — and that the world needs.

ALSO ON TUESDAY is the last exact Mercury-Uranus alignment. We’ve been working with this influence in some ways since the first conjunction on March 26, but even more directly over the past two to three weeks.

There are always surprises associated with Uranus, so we want to remain flexible over the coming week. On a purely mundane level, it does feel like a continuing Mercury retrograde phase, with the usual/unusual electrical and technological glitches. For instance, a few days ago, my desk computer suddenly gained two cursors on the screen, neither of which would respond to the mouse. The same day, my travel laptop suddenly lost its cursor completely, resulting in several hours of frustration as I tried to figure out what to do.

Thankfully, both issues finally resolved — one of them after doing a complete shutdown of the system (no doubt a clear lesson for me). The other unexpectedly and seemingly repaired itself, after hours of my trying to fix it. I’m still not sure why it happened or why it “unhappened” — another lesson!

Perhaps one takeaway of these types of issues is to realize that as much as we think we “know” or believe we can figure something out logically, there are influences at work that many times defy reasoning or practical solutions.

A SCORPIO FULL MOON occurs on Wednesday at 2:42pm PDT (9:42pm GMT). This is the Wesak Full Moon, defined as the first Full Moon of the year while the Sun is in Taurus.

According to legend, at Wesak the Buddha and the Christ come together to link the East and West, uniting the world’s major religions in a shared holy day. It is a sacred event for many, and a time when we all may choose to tap into the spiritual qualities of Love, Compassion, and Unity.

THE FULL MOON is also aligned with the star Alpha Muscae. According to astrologer Roderick Kidston, the influence of this star:

” … manifests in weird and wonderful ways. There is a lot of emotion here, even emotionalism, frequent drama and sometimes melodrama. Totally unplugged, Alpha Muscae loops the loop and files around, taking you anywhere and everywhere … Evenso, a sense of mystery and magic is seldom far away, and any creative activity can take wing to extraordinary places. With this star there is sometimes a sense of the proverbial ‘thin line between genius and madness.’”

Combining the effects of this stellar influence with Mercury and Uranus being joined at the hip this week, we could be in for a wild ride! Or, preferably, an awakening of consciousness that takes us to equally spectacular places.

PLANETARY ACTIVITY in the last half of the week reflects our possible responses to events on Tuesday and Wednesday. At first, we may feel a bit lost, not quite sure what we want or what to do (Mars square Neptune on Thursday). If we can surrender to this temporary space and allow ourselves to be in a place of not-knowing, Friday’s Mars-Jupiter trine offers all the inspiration and energy needed to take us to the next level.

It also helps that Mercury is trine Saturn on Thursday. In the midst of possibly confusing times, this aspect provides the mental discipline and patience needed to take our journey one a step at a time.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This is potentially a very creative year for you, Taurus. As you tap into a wellspring of passion and inspiration, a channel opens allowing you to express your essence in new and profound ways. Be open to the insights that flow, but also be willing to wait patiently for clear directions to reveal themselves. Trust is key, and letting go of the ego’s need to have it all figured out immediately. Happy Birthday!
In peace,

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