Lee Harris: ENERGY UPDATE -The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child


ENERGY UPDATE – The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child | LEE HARRIS ENERGY

  • This is a time of HIGH SENSITIVITY on the planet. Sensitivity and emotions are heightened within all of us. Be aware of this and tread lightly wherever and whenever needed, in order to maintain balance. (It is a fast and furious time on Earth when it comes to multiple information streams, sensory influences and multiple dimensions of existence playing out all at once.)
  • Ask Yourself Regularly: Am I overstressed or overstimulated? Do I need to step back, change my pace, find a moment of silence?
  • COMPLICATIONS TO PLANS and unexpected developments were a theme for many in April. This energy will continue through the first half of May. How do these changes affect you? Do they capsize you emotionally or cause anxiety?
  • CONTROL AND THE LOSS OF IT (when outer circumstances surprise or challenge you) can cause an energy reaction of shock/fear/grief. Once these emotions have moved through, you can return to an energy direction of acceptance and presence to the new situation.
  • COMMUNICATION WILL BE MORE AWRY. Passionate and fiery communication will be coming out of the mouths of many, but not always in a cohesive or graceful way. If this feels like you, you may want to write your feelings down before sharing them, as a way to see clearly what is truly for others to hear or what you just needed to feel yourself see and express.
  • It is a time of DEEP DNA LEVEL HEALING for the collective. A major re-patterning is taking place, which can feel as uncomfortable as the magical moments can feel wonderful.
  • There is a DESCENSION PROCESS taking place for Lightworkers right now – getting in touch with (and releasing) old human trauma, both yours and the collective energy of it. It is all a part of the current ‘Rise of the Lightworkers’ energy (spoken about in my earlier message HERE).
  • As we are EVOLVING VERY FAST, we will also rise to the surface the old wounds, limits, and past stories for healing and clearing. This is how healing and true evolution can occur. This means you will notice new layers of emotion, ego, and internal reactions. These rise in you so they can be felt and released. Know you are not alone in going through this process.
  • Accompanying this are CORE CHILDHOOD WOUNDS AND ISSUES, now rising to the surface in waking life (and for some in the dream state). Can you lovingly parent yourself when your inner-child is expressing its hurts, limits or fears? Can you let yourself off the hook, and let go of any ideas of “I am not where I am supposed to be!”
  • Try to surrender control of the mind WHEN DIFFICULT FEELINGS ARISE. Allow yourself to not feel ok when you don’t feel good. These muddier feelings want to come through you, so their stories are seen and heard one last time before the energy can be returned to you, free of the old story and ready for new journeys. Allow yourself the time you need to not be as functional, or as clear as you would like to be. Therein will lie the transformation at the DNA level. And you will return to clearer and brighter energy once the process is complete.








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