Thoughts and Words #7

Reflections of Riverman

Love Yourself

A sunset and words from Leo Buscaglia seem appropriate for this edition of my Thoughts and Words outpouring.

Yes, we are indeed in need of Self Love and Forgiveness these days and find that in the chaos of our times we are now finding a sense of hopelessness blanketing the smiles and laughter of so many of our loved ones.

The rapid increase in falsity of information and acceptance of it as normal is destabilizing even the solid earth we walk on.
Well perhaps I exaggerate a bit, however it certainly inspires us to find a deeper part of ourselves to bring about grounding and stability.

So as I write I pulled a card from A Course in Miracles which reads as follows…

The Holy Spirit guides you into life eternal,
but you must relinquish
your investment in death,
or you will not see life
though it is all around…

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