NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for April 10 to 16, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Mars conjunct Ceres, Full Moon 11:08pm PDT (6:08am GMT on Tuesday)
TUE: Uranus square Vesta
WED: Sun conjunct Eris
THU: Sun conjunct Uranus
FRI: Sun square Vesta
SAT: Venus goes direct 3:17am PDT (10:17am GMT)
SUN: Mars sextile Chiron, Venus sextile Mars

ANOTHER very active week opens before us, starting with a Full Moon in Libra at 11:08pm PDT on Monday (6:08am GMT on Tuesday). In spite of Libra’s generally peace-loving nature, this is a more confrontational event, since a grand cross is created by the lunation.

This grand cross involves eight planetary bodies pulling in four different directions:

The Moon and Jupiter are aligned in Libra, amplifying emotional responses, especially in areas ruled by Libra — justice, the courts, lawsuits, counselors and mediators, partnerships and marriages
The Sun, Uranus, and Eris are aligned in Aries, activating the primal urge to fight against threats to individual rights

Pluto and the asteroid Juno are aligned in Capricorn, transforming or destroying structures and alliances that have been built on old paradigms that are no longer viable.

The asteroid Vesta stands alone but steadfast in Cancer, inspiring a dedication to protect those we love or have sympathy for
AS WE WORK with this stressful influence, and do our best to hold a centerpoint of balance, we have assistance from other planets not involved in this configuration.

Oft-maligned Saturn actually plays a supportive role this time, holding strong in Sagittarius to help us stay true to our core beliefs and spiritual ideals. Saturn also provides a release point for some of the tension of the Full Moon and acts as an overall stabilizing influence.

Also, Mars is exactly conjunct dwarf planet Ceres in Taurus on Monday. This alignment helps us stay grounded, be more patient, and realize that kindness and gratitude are keys to fulfillment.

THE EFFECTS of the Full Moon and the grand cross continue throughout the workweek, as the planets continue to move and interact with each other. We may finally start to feel a shift next Saturday when compassionate Venus in Pisces becomes more predominant.

After being retrograde (moving backward) since March 14, Venus stations within one degree of Chiron on Saturday. Whenever a planet comes to a standstill and prepares to change direction, we are more in tune with its frequency and intentions. With Venus conjunct Chiron — and also square Saturn — we are aware of the need to heal our relationships and to rise above the philosophical differences and self-righteousness that have divided us.

This is the opportunity to make a new start in our relations with others — friends, lovers, family, and even those beyond our circle of intimates. If we use this time consciously, choosing to trust instead of control, all of our heart connections will benefit as we and Venus move forward from here.

EMAIL UPDATE: My email is up and running again! But, there was a small window of time where incoming emails would have just disappeared into the internet ethers — so If you sent me an email and did not receive a reply, please resend. I do my best respond to all emails within 24 hours. Thanks again for your patience!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your independent and rebellious nature is amplified this year, Aries. Many issues — and other people — are likely to push your buttons. Your challenge will be to find grounding in the strength of your deeper knowing of truth, and to take your time when deciding what actions to take. As you apply your energies in practical ways, you will create lasting positive effects instead of only seeking to appease the anger of the moment.

In peace,


Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2017. All rights reserved.

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