Tachyon Particles For Physical + Spiritual Healing? Get the Truth This Wed

Tachyon Particles For Physical & Spiritual Healing?
Get the Truth This Wed
April 5, 2017 9:00PM

After it’s successful 1st Episode Launch last week, Ground Crew Command Radio will once again get to the bottom of the latest hidden Geo-political chaos, non-physical upheavals and make sense of it all … And will also get to the truth of the healing, releasing & clearing powers of Tachyon chambers & Tachyon particles … on all the lower bodies, including the highest spiritual ones.

How much of the healing is spiritual or energetic … and how much of it is physical?

… and how does it do it?

… is it true that Tachyon Chambers use wormhole technology, and influence timelines in a positive way as well?

… can it re-activate DNA, or the pineal gland?

… should you bother with Tachyon chambers … or not?

We’re going to clear this up, once & for all … and you can ask your most burning questions directly to the good doctor, (call in # provided during show).

As the first Tachyon Chamber owner in the US, a speaker on tachyon energy, also a medical MD and documentor of many client results … Joseph McNamara will reveal all – this Wednesday the 5th on Ground Crew Command Radio.

This interview is in keeping with the premise & principals of Ground Crew Command Radio – to bring Lightworkers, Starseeds & the Awakened … empowering clarity on what’s really going on with geopolitical chaos on and off the surface of the planet… and even more empowerment with interviews on the best healing, clearing & re-activation methods & resources (which GCC Radio does NOT make money off) …to help the awakened return to their soul path & thus push things along even more quickly towards Planetary Liberation.

This promises to be HIGHLY beneficial. Join us and meet Dr Joseph, for the 2nd episode this Wed – 5th of April by clicking this link, and then click the follow button for reminders & recordings of missed shows … on the official Ground Crew Command Radio page.




tachyon energy
tachyon particals
healing spiritual body
healing non-physical bodies
David Wilcock
Benjamin Fulford
Corey Goode


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