Thoughts and Words #5

I love the images by my neighbor to the Northeast, and the little reflections that make me pause and consider things with fresh eyes. Charlie’s insights are a treasure waiting to be discovered!

Reflections of Riverman


April 1st and one more snow storm reminds us that our  personal agendas are never as important as those of Nature.

It has been a while since the last posting of my messages which I gather and send out into the world as they arrive into my forever busy human mind.

So without further ado let us quietly reflect on what resonates…
There is always a ‘Time To Go’ and we know in our hearts when it is. The boat ride of our journey has come into port, perhaps from which it left. To re-sail on it might be very comfortable but no longer serves us.
We need to catch the next ship before it sails without us and we have to spend a great amount energy and frustration to catch up to it.

Let there be Light in Balance
as we align today
within our hearts and…

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