NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for March 20 to 26, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Photo: Milky Way, Andromeda, and an iridium flare
seen from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, on March 16, 2017
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NorthPoint Journal

​Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Sun enters Aries (Equinox) 3:28am PDT (10:28am GMT)
THU: Saturn square Pallas, Mercury square Pluto
FRI: Mars semisquare Chiron, Mercury opposite Jupiter
SAT: Sun conjunct Venus
SUN: Mercury conjunct Eris, Mercury conjunct Uranus

THE ARIES EQUINOX occurs on Monday at 3:28am PDT (10:28am GMT). As the Sun enters Aries, we mark the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the Southern. The astrological chart set for the moment of the equinox is a birth chart for the new season, and represents themes that will carry throughout the next three months.

At the time of the equinox on Monday, the Moon is very closely conjunct Saturn, putting a serious emotional tone on the weeks ahead. These heavy times may test our beliefs and our ethics, and we will feel personally responsible for doing what we can.

From a positive standpoint, this alignment can help us maintain objectivity and self-control — but at the same time, we may also feel somewhat alone and in need of nurturing. This means it will be very important to pay attention to our emotional needs during this time, especially in times of stress.

THE CHART for the equinox shows another alignment — the Sun in Aries conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athene and Chiron in late degrees of Pisces. This is a very positive influence, representing the joining of courage and spiritual wisdom, and the potential for healing.

We have opportunities now and over the next three months to begin new endeavors guided by courage, creativity, and faith. It is inspiring to note that Johann Sebastian Bach had the Sun in Aries conjunct Pallas in Pisces in his birth chart — an alignment that enabled him to create music that beautifully expressed his deep spiritual beliefs.

But, with the Moon and Saturn in square aspect to the Sun-Pallas-Chiron stellium, we’ll need to work for the results we seek. The concerto will not write itself.

A CARDINAL GRAND CROSS is also contained in the equinox chart, involving Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus/Eris in Aries, and the asteroid Vesta in Cancer. This configuration tells us that the political challenges and discord we’ve been working with since early 2017 will continue into this new season.

We can feel contentious and impatient, and very protective of that which we hold most dear. We can tend to act more impulsively than usual, and perhaps more courageously. It will be important to stay in touch with an inner centering point so that our choices are solid and our efforts have the effect we desire.

MERCURY steps into the fray of the grand cross energies this week, being square Pluto on Thursday, opposing Jupiter on Friday, and aligning with Eris and Uranus on Sunday. In the last half of the week, our minds will once again be spinning with all the information and disinformation that are filling the airwaves and flooding the internet.

On a personal level, we’ll want to express ourselves calmly and clearly, because conflicts can rapidly escalate through miscommunication. Be also aware of over-reactions or ways in which we subtly (or not so subtly) engage in power struggles.

Perhaps the Sun-Venus conjunction on Saturday will help us to refocus on what we value and those we love, and to set aside our differences for a while. With Venus retrograde now, this may be a pivotal day in our review process with respect to our relationships and our financial enterprises.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Relationships are very important in your life this year. You may begin a new relationship, or make new decisions about existing friends and lovers. For the healthy advancement of your partnerships, it will be important to keep a good balance between your needs for independence and your desire for interdependence. Communication is another core theme this coming year, as you will be learning how to speak your truth in ways that can be heard clearly by others. Keep your intentions pure, for any attempts at manipulation — either by yourself or by others — are likely to backfire.

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