Weekly Forecast for March 13-19, 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Weekly Forecast for March 13-19, 2017 
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Mercury, ruler of communications, is moving to fire
cracker Aries. Your thoughts will take on a fast paced
impatient energy.  We are so close to the Equinox,
when the sun moves into Aries, and we are all feeling
the sense of serious movement under the surface.


Monday: Mercury moves into Aries.  Mercury likes to talk,
and so do most Aries humans.  Aries is a get things going,
hurry on up, onto the next thing kind of sign.  The initiating
warrior energy- totally Viking.


You may feel angry- Anger is good fuel- it gets you moving,
makes you make change.  Its best not to shush it.  Let your
anger have a voice for the next month and maybe it won’t be
so mean. If you try and shut it up, it’s going to get mean, and


Let the little angry you out so you can stay healthy.


Standing in your power takes courage. It takes a brave person
to admit when they are angry- even if it makes no sense. You
might have been storing it up since you were three.


Your inappropriate emotions were shut down by get with the
program grown-ups and you’re still pissed about it.  Give little
angry you permission to let it out.

You’ll feel better.


Friday: The Next major event this week is Friday -the Sun in
dreamy sweetheart Pisces will square stern structured Saturn
in Sagittarius.  Saturn is big on getting real right now. Very high-
minded about our need to get serious and make our high ideals


Pisces is totally on board with high ideals but can take being
high-minded too literally with its love of reality altering substances –
it is not interested in the hard work it may take to get there.
It prefers the Neptunian magic way of life where dreams magically
appear- like they should.


This can, and does happen in life. Magic is absolutely everywhere
and Saturn knows it.  But without bones we are a sloppy pile, with
just skin holding things together. We need structure to make progress.


You will be feeling this Sun Saturn energy somewhere in your
life.  Squares are really hard on us but force change in our lives.
Even if it’s messy, this way and that, kind of change.


Watch for lies and exaggerations. If we have this conflicted
energy in our own charts it will be highlighted now.  Saturn is
here to teach us what we need to know.  The harder work the
better off we are. In a sense.


Pisces need to nap. It needs to breath the scent of blossoms
in the air under the starry sky. It needs to marvel at music and
feel connected to the cosmos.

Saturn likes it hard- it feels worthy when it works. It has real
world wisdom about how to grow empires, and have homes in
sunny spots for the winter.


To combine the gifts of these two energies we could use the
Saturn discipline to make progress on creative projects. We could
make a practice of yoga, or tai chi. Or take up dance.  It’s a combo
inspiration and hard work that is needed on some level.  It will be
different for us all but we can all tap in.  Indeed we are here to do
this tapping in We already know how..


Saturday:  Relationship loving Venus and the great communicator,
Mercury will fuse energies in Aries.
 This might be the day for
heated heart to hearts. This is the day to be brave and reach out.
Not all of us are naturals at expressing our truth- Aries happens
to be pretty good at it. Since they innately don’t give a lick what
others think, jump into this energy and make some clearings.
If there is blocked up energy now it can be unblocked.


Have a mostly wonderful week and remember to be who came
here to be.  That’s your job- it’s why we are here. And if you can
be who you really are then I can be who I really am. From my
authentic heart to yours!  Let’s do this!


~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Enjoy your week ahead…
Crefcate Amazement!


Karen & Salma


Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc.
| 49 Canyon Blvd West | Lethbridge, AB, CA | T1K 6X6


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