NorthPoint Journal NorthPoint Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for March 13 to 19, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Photo: Solar corona seen from Westerville, Ohio, USA, on March 9, 2017
(photo by Ed Kerminski, posted on

​Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Mercury enters Aries
TUE: Sun conjunct Pallas Athene, Sun conjunct Chiron, Chiron conjunct Pallas Athene
THU: Uranus conjunct Eris
FRI: Sun square Saturn
SAT: Mercury conjunct Venus

A CLUSTERING of planets in Pisces this week has the potential to increase our ability to perceive the subtle realms, enhance our spiritual practice, and inspire us to greater compassion and wisdom. However, it can also indicate a disillusionment with the reality we are living, and a desire to escape to realms more in keeping with our ideal.

This effect is brought about by Tuesday’s alignment of the Sun, Chiron, and the asteroid Pallas Athene. As mentioned last week, Pallas in Pisces enhances our ability to merge energies with others. This can be helpful for the sharing of thoughts and emotions, and for offering or receiving energetic healing — especially with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, involved.

THIS EMPHASIS In Pisces means that our boundaries are very permeable, so that we are more easily affected by what others are thinking and feeling — and they are likewise affected by us. It will be important to do daily clearing on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels this week. When we take care of this step, we can more effectively use our increased sensitivity to tap into the heightened spiritual and creative potentials of this time.

We are already feeling the effects of this planetary alignment, due to the Full Moon this morning (Sunday) that saw the Moon opposing the Sun, Chiron, and Pallas. Our spiritual and emotional sensitivity is likely to continue for at least the first half of the coming week. 

ON THE OTHER END of the spectrum, Uranus is conjunct the dwarf planet Eris on Thursday. This is the last of three such alignments; the first two occurred in 2016, on June 9 and September 25.

This joining of the god of chaos (Uranus) with the goddess of discord (Eris) can bring forth the rebel in all of us, and in surprising ways. Astrologer Jessica Murray, in her article in the February-March issue of The Mountain Astrologer, says that with the Uranus-Eris conjunction, we have “the unexpected revenge of the abandoned, the maligned, the snubbed.” She points to surprises such as Brexit and the outcome of the U.S. presidential election as examples of how this influence is working.

IN HIS ARTICLE “Welcome to Discordia: The Current Uranus-Eris Conjunction,” astrologer Stephen Forrest explains the questions we need to ask ourselves as we work with the Uranus-Eris alignment:

“The Uranus-Eris conjunction asks these questions: Where have selfishness and rage taken a bite out of your heart? Have you truly rooted hatred out of your psyche? What price has your soul paid for material comfort or advantage? And where have you squandered your genius on the pursuit of trifles?

“As we contemplate these lofty questions, let’s not forget the other, edgier, side of the equation: Where do you actually need to claim victory, status, or territory? Where is such a victory not only fair and legitimate, but also something that contributes to the greater good of us all? Where have you bowed down when you have the right to stand tall and be heard?”

WHATEVER answers these questions evoke, we’ll be doing some serious contemplating on Friday, when the Sun is square Saturn. It may also be that events of the week draw us to probe more deeply into what we believe and compel us to take practical steps in support of our ideals.

If the global weather has calmed somewhat by the weekend, the Mercury-Venus conjunction on Saturday can give us a much-needed opportunity to focus on more personal concerns. With these two planets working together in Aries, this can be a good time to socialize, to get together with old friends (Venus is retrograde, after all), or to find some other activity that satisfies both your intellectual and aesthetic tastes.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year provides great opportunities for spiritual growth and healing. At first, you may be aware of a lack of faith or a feeling of separation that defies the Pisces knowing of Oneness. But through using techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, dream work, and artistic self-expression, you can successfully move into a deepened experience of spiritual connection. You may also find that as a result of your healing, you are inspired to become a warrior for the light, using your compassion and nonviolent resistance to support healing for the planet and her inhabitants.

In peace,


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