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It’s Venus retrograde time, which is when questions of value and worthiness arise. Although Venus is typically described as the ‘love’ planet, that definition doesn’t go far enough to describe how profoundly we are touched by its energy. Our life long search for love is really about our search for value, validation, and worthiness. It’s something that is so important to us that we will sacrifice many other things to achieve the value we hope will make us feel worthy, important, and valuable to others. But this time is different because as we use the Venus retro to heal our value issues, we have access to higher frequency energies to fill the gaps and get real release and closure now.

I have found that every time Venus goes retrograde, and it happens once every 2 years, relationship issues come forward. Any relationship that is struggling may end or come to a new level of connection and alignment. Relationship dynamics can change profoundly, even among long established friends and partners. And remember that relationships include all relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, and partners, not just the romantic ones. Venus retrograde uncovers our value needs and how they are or are not being met. Then we can make changes accordingly.

This is less about what we value in relationships than how they make us feel valued. Normally, if we do not feel valued we will pour more energy into the relationship to fill that void. Our self worth is heavily vested in how others value us, how important we are to them, and how we feel worthy of their time, love, and attention. With Venus retrograde, anywhere we have compromised our value by believing it comes from other people, we will have an opportunity to identify that and re-direct our value energy to develop more self worth instead of trying to get someone else to acknowledge our worthiness.

This is also a time where we can review our old relationship habits and patterns and make changes. Most of the relationships we attract and create reflect our needs, pain, trauma, and disappointment. Rather than seeking those that fulfill us in empowering ways, we seek those that fill the gaps and holes in our emotional fabric. Then with a Venus retrograde, as well as all of the other energy shifts and downloads that are occurring now, the energy movement pauses as we create or receive reasons to take a look at the state of our relationships. This can be a real eye opener and a real downer.

It’s an eye opener because when we look at relationships based on value and assess how much value we received, the value we give, and how we feel valued, what we realize is we give a lot, receive very little, and don’t feel valued at all. And because our value is also closely tied to our worth and worthiness, we can feel worth-less when we realize that we have been involved in relationships that don’t benefit us here either. That’s the downer because then we feel that others don’t value or love us. They do but what they can give us versus what we want and need are often two different things.

Then it’s re-view time (which means to look again) and start thinking about how we value ourselves and our personal level of self worth because when we don’t have high self worth or self value, we can’t get them from someone else. And it’s time for consideration, not incineration.  So before you get angry about not being valued and are inclined to throw everything out, think about how you have contributed to the situation (because you have) and what you want instead now.

As you shift your energetic focus to creating greater fulfillment, worthiness, and value in your relationships, you will see where the gaps are, the areas in your self where you can infuse higher frequency energy so you get more valuable, worthwhile results. This is about you, not about someone else and when you raise your value frequency you will create relationships in which you are valued, that meet your value needs, and where you will find the ‘love, honor, and respect’ that makes you feel wonderful.


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One thought on “Finding Value and Creating Worth by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

  1. The key to success in any relationship:
    You are the prize in any relationship.
    with Jennifer Hoffman.

    “When we recognize, acknowledge, and know our value and what makes us unique and special we present ourselves as ‘the prize’ in any relationship. Otherwise, we enter every relationship hoping someone will like us and find us valuable and worthy of their love.

    That never works out for us because then we attract people who don’t value our uniqueness because they can’t align with it. When you know you’re ‘the prize’ you attract relationships with people who appreciate it and think it’s wonderful, and that you are wonderful too.

    As you watch the video think about what is special about you, what are your unique qualities and the wonderful aspects you have.

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