NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for March 6 to 12, 2017  By Pam Younghans, Astrologer

Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Sun conjunct Mercury
TUE: Mercury sextile Pluto
WED: Mercury trine Vesta
THU: Sun sextile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mars enters Taurus
FRI: Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene, Sun trine Vesta, Mercury conjunct Chiron
SAT: Sun quincunx Jupiter
SUN: Mercury square Saturn, Full Moon 7:53am PDT (2:53pm GMT)

MERCURY is the main actor on stage this week — the Messenger Planet makes aspects every single day, with a mix of helpful and challenging effects. With this emphasis, we can assume these Mercurial themes will be highlighted throughout the next seven days: thinking, planning, learning, teaching, writing, communications and networking, and short-distance journeys.

However, with Mercury in mystical Pisces, rational thought tends to be very influenced by the subtle realms — we are poets much more than technological writers now. We may daydream more, be more imaginative, dwell on the ideal more than the reality, and find ourselves more intuitively guided than at other times.

Paradoxically, we are also building to a Full Moon in analytical, results-oriented Virgo next Sunday. This lunation may more significant than most, due to it being a part of the lunar cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse on February 26. We’ll want to keep that extra import in mind throughout this week, as we imagine and plan our next steps.

MERCURY is quite happy for the first three days of the week, finding itself in pleasant conversation with other planets. The Mercury-Sun alignment on Monday makes it a good day to access our imaginations and our intuition. On Tuesday, Mercury and Pluto work together to help us to put some structures around what we have imagined, and on Wednesday, a supportive Mercury-Vesta aspect enables us to direct our thoughts and dedicate ourselves to the cause we have envisioned.

The first hiccup may be on Thursday, when wishful thinking can be problematic. We’ll need to make some adjustments as Mercury and Jupiter interact, and perhaps bring our ideals back into alignment with reality. We may also feel suddenly exposed, especially if we’ve shared too freely of our dreams in the past few days. It’s always wise to pay attention to when a budding flower is not yet ready to be picked, and to wait until its life force has strengthened before sharing it.

ONCE we bring ourselves back into balance, we can then start to take advantage of the alignment between Mercury and Pallas Athene that will be strongest Thursday evening. This is a very creative combination that can assist us in expanding our perceptions beyond the physical plane. The imagination and intuition are heightened; we will want to keep paper and pen handy to capture the insights (and dream images) we may receive.

Those scribbled notes will come in handy on Friday, when Mercury aligns with Chiron. We may start to second-guess ourselves and lose our faith in the information we’ve received, so having a written reminder of whatever insights came through can be very helpful. This is our opportunity to reinforce some aspect of our spiritual connection, and to do some healing work around a lack of trust in our own perceptions.

BEFORE the Moon gains fullness on Sunday morning, Mercury makes its final aspect of the week, a challenging square with Saturn. This is the reality check, as Saturn wants to know how all the ideas and insights we’ve been having can be put to use.

Since Saturn’s energy is often heavy, we may feel somewhat despondent, doubting ourselves or our ability to achieve our dreams. It can help to remember that Saturn’s goal is actually to help us bring something into reality — the Ringed Planet merely wants us to make sure our ideas are viable, and is doing an inspection to make sure we will ultimately be successful.

(It occurs to me that one way this Mercury-Saturn might manifest is through the frustration many in the U.S. might experience, as they awaken from their dreams on Sunday and realize the clocks have changed and they’re running an hour late … Very symbolic!)

THE FULL MOON occurs at 7:53am PDT (2:53pm GMT) on Sunday. A Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, giving us the opportunity to assess our progress over the past 2 weeks. It is the time for harvest, based on the work we have completed.

The trait that both the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo have in common in the desire to be of service. The way these two signs approach the topic may be different — Pisces may use its compassionate nature to nurture the soul or the heart, while Virgo may utilize its attention to detail and a knowing of best techniques to heal or support — but each contributes to the improvement of the world around them.

As we work with the influence of this Full Moon, we are required to find a new balance between the mystical and the practical. We are called both to ground our spiritual practice and to raise the vibration we carry through our daily routines.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the Full Moon tells us how important it is to harness whatever skills we possess in order to attain the goals before us:

“A lion tamer displays his skill and character: The need to tame one’s vital energies in order to fulfill one’s destiny.”

We cannot merely wish our goals into being — Saturn’s influence is very strong at this lunation, and Saturn always requires us to do the work, even if the end goal is more spiritual than practical.

THE ASTEROID Pallas Athene is highlighted at the time of the Full Moon, as the planetary body is closely aligned with the Sun in Pisces. This means we have stronger access to the qualities of Pallas at the time of the lunation than we might at other times.

Ancient art reveals the goddess Pallas with an Owl of clear-seeing on her shoulder, and the Serpent of wisdom wound about her feet. According to Demetra George, in her book Asteroid Goddesses, Pallas in Pisces has heightened abilities to perceive through merging energies with another. She is a healer through faith and imagery. She is gifted in meditation, dream interpretation, poetry, and the use of light and illusion. Hers is the Wisdom of Compassion, the ability to recognize another’s condition and to hold openhearted love for all.

Great potentials for heart opening and spiritual growth appear to be a part of the energies of next Sunday’s Full Moon. And, with Chiron and Mercury also very close to the Sun at the time of the lunation, each of us has an enhanced capacity to heal, especially using the tools of visualization and meditation. These activities — supported by the diligent Virgo Moon — will help us forgive and release the limiting thoughts and misconceptions that have inhibited our access to cosmic wisdom.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Themes of communication, writing, teaching, and learning are very strong for you this year. You may find yourself defined more than ever by how you think, what you say, and the information you take in. Your already-strong sensitivity to the world is increased, and you may find your intuitive perceptions enhanced. When making important decisions, be sure to ask for the objective viewpoint from someone you trust, as you will be less practical and even more idealistic than usual. As you gain confirmation and a greater certainty about the accuracy of the impressions you receive, you will have opportunities to create forms in the “real” world, in support of your higher mission on the planet.

In peace,

Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2017. All rights reserved.

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