WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?

[Friday was my emotional meltdown had been building for a while, with plenty of Ascension Symptoms, particularly the lack of a good sleep for days on end, followed by the occasional down day of sleeping in and resting a lot. Feeling sluggish and dreamy, but content a lot of the time, until hidden fears get triggered by something, and all hell breaks loose. Moving helps. On days I worked more or got out in nature, moved, I felt better. Happy Eclipse! ~PB]


WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?

Lovely you,

Sometimes I really love the Facebook memory function. It played me out this blog “WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?” that I have written a year ago. And it is striking, how accurate the information is again at the same time. The next awakening wave is happening now, and although it is exhausting and painful – it truly is a blessing in disguise. We are at the brink of a big leap in human evolution! So please be patient, honour your process and know that you are not alone. We are upgraded intensely 🙂

I hope you enjoy the read!

With so much love and gratitude

WTF, why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?

by | Feb 18, 2016
WTF, why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?

Note: I wrote this article on February 18, 2016. And it is striking how the energetic patterns are repeating themselves almost exactly at the same time a year later. The frequencies are even higher than last year. So I have updated this article with some additional information in Italics. 


Sorry for my language, but this is how I would quote people who reached out to me the last couple of days for help, after having thought that their healing was on a good way and into more stability. I am sure many of you can relate…. The good news: You are not alone and you will feel better soon. A lot of people have felt supercharged the past couple of days up to a point where they had feelings of just wanting to die – and there is a reason for it.


What if I told you that this is actually a good thing? Whaaaaat? How can feeling so devastated be something good?

Well, I want to congratulate you. Because if you do not already know…. you are part of the “early adopters” (now: the early majority) of stepping into the next level of consciousness in human evolution.

As I had explained in articles before, everything in this universe is energy. So are our thoughts and emotions. They can be of low frequency (when they are still ego and fear based) or of high frequency (when they are love based). We do not only have a physical body, we also have energetic bodies: the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. These are surrounding us and they are often referred to as the human aura.

The momentary thought spirals are taking place in your mental body, the depressive emotions in your emotional body. But why is it so intense right now? In order to understand this, we need to go into some scientific theory.

The Schumann Resonance

We all carry our baggage from the past: traumas, fears, programmed societal patterns that are deeply anchored in our energetic system. These are energetic blockages that hinder the energy from running the way it should. In addition to that, the geomagnetic field on earth is changing and with it the energetic frequency on earth. The Schumann-Resonance is the base-frequency on earth (named after German physicist Prof. W.O.Schumann). It was measured to be at 7.83 Hertz in the 1950s. This frequency corresponds with the frequency of the human brain. There are four areas of conscious states:

multicolored sparkling abstract wave background


  1. Delta – Waves (0.5-4 Hertz): deep sleep or unconscious states (e.g. coma)
  2. Theta – Waves ( 4-7 Hertz): dream sleep state
  3. Alpha – Waves ( 8-12 Hertz): relaxed awakened state (e.g. in meditation or shortly before falling asleep)
  4. Beta – Waves (12-30 Hertz): “normal” awakened state (I am putting normal in quotation marks, as this is about to change)
  5. Gamma – Waves (30-100 Hertz): simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres (dolphins and whales operate and communicate on these frequencies, most human beings are not capable of that yet)

The Schumann Resonance represented the border between Theta and Alpha and it was in exact resonance with the hippocampus-frequency. The hippocampus is the part of the brain where our emotions sit. The amygdala is part of this limbic system and is the centre of fear (fight or flight responses) but also for motivation.

Now, latest measurements of the Schumann frequency have shown that it has doubled but sometimes is not measurable at all. This of course has an effect on us as energetic beings vibrating at a certain frequency. Like many people being sensitive to weather changes, when our energetic system is open enough, we feel this change, too. Quite intensely indeed. It puts us under stress and in much higher brain-wave patterns of beta- and gamma waves. The beaching of the whales in New Zealand is very likely to be related to this frequency shift, as even their energetic wave-lengths they are communicating on was disturbed.


The Geomagnetic Field


Magnetic field surrounding planet earth. Digital illustration.

Paired with this, the geomagnetic field is changing on earth. Scientists speak for quite some time about a possible pole shift within the next decades. The magnetic field has been dropping during the past 200 years and it continues to do so, faster and faster. As this happened, the protection of geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares and coronal holes in the sun is not as provided as it used to. So earth is hit by geomagnetic storms a lot more intensely than before. This has an influence on the energetic frequency and Schumann Resonance on earth.  Not only is it disrupting power grids, communication tools etc., but also disrupting our own energetic systems, our energetic bodies and causes symptoms in our physical body. Taking into account, that the Schumann resonance is rising and is being disturbed by these hits, it becomes obvious why we are feeling not well. We are pushed out of our energetic comfort zone. Thus, the frequency patterns we carry within are magnified when this happens.

Common symptoms are:




Altered blood pressure

Weakened immune system

heart palpitations

blurry eyesight

back, shoulder and neck pain

digestion issues

headaches / migranes

Ascension Flu, intense coughing and sore throat

Ringing Ears

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Hot and Cold Flashes

Intense appetite followed by no appetite at all




Depression and despairAnxiety attacks

Anger / Rage and deep frustration

Death wish / Suicidal tendencies

Feeling of being completely disconnected


Thought spirals

Mental disorders

Questioning everything

Being lost in thoughts

The Raising of our own Frequency

After having understood this it becomes clear: In order to further be able to live on this planet without a permanent discomfort, we have to evolve and adapt and raise our personal frequency. This means getting rid of low frequencies we have been carrying around with us for so long. And these are our ego based belief systems, societal patterns we considered to be true, our fears and traumas. The change in our environment forces these things to surface now. But why do not all people suffer? Yes, there are still lots of people not experiencing any of this. There is a very simple reason: Their personal energetic system is still completely shut off from these cosmic energies yet and their subconscious is still resisting to open it up. The more these changes are going on, the more people are forced into opening up because, even if their mind wants to resist, the human physical body will not be able to stand the energetic friction between those low and high frequencies for much longer and will collapse and burn out. It is comparable to the friction when re-entering the atmosphere from space. Too much friction caused by the different density of air and space will cause the entering object to burn. And then there are other people, the first movers, not experiencing these symptoms anymore, because they have already raised their frequency to a level that they only feel minor distractions.

“So actually what is happening is amazing! We are experiencing human evolution while being alive.”

So actually all of what is happening is amazing! We are experiencing human evolution while being alive. Although we cannot see or feel it yet: A whole new world of possibilities opens up when we raise our frequency. Living in a place without fear and full of love in the future is one thing. But: entering the area of Gamma waves will make new forms of communication possible. Telepathy (as whales or dolphins already use) will become easier and we will open up to new universal frequencies we can tune into, that so far we were not able to receive. There is a global consciousness we get access to more and more, which will take us to a new level of understanding.

Well great…. but what to do when I feel like Sh*t?

1) There is no way back – accept it

First and most importantly: Accept what happens for you. Simply by understanding the bigger picture and realizing you are not alone will calm down your ego and the fears related to it. By embracing what happens and not identifying with it, you are already taking the first step of raising your frequency.

2) Grounding is very helpful

We are naturally in tune with nature and its vibrations, we simply forgot about it. The energetic density most of us live in, in big crowded cities, offices, polluted air and noise adds to further stress onto our system. This density is also of a quite low frequency. So get in touch with nature and fresh air. A walk through a forest, touching a tree or walking barefoot on natural ground, taking a bath in natural water (or a sea salt bath at home) can help immensely to get in touch again with natural frequencies.

Also music can have a grounding effect, especially when playing at 432 Hertz as this is the natural frequency we align with in complete harmony.

3) Get familiar with your energetic system and find correlations

Just as we learned how our physical body functions and what it needs to be healthy, we have to get familiar with our energetic bodies. So dive into it and understand your meridians, your chakra system, what energetic blockages are and how they work.

Look for correlations to learn when your system is overcharged and need some rest or grounding. Observe what is going on around you and what is draining you. Are there major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, electromagnetic fields, crowds, noise, people that suck your energy, foods you do not handle well… Learn to set your boundaries and be brave enough to say “no” when you need alone time to recharge. We are not obliged to please other people. We need to heal ourselves first before being able to support others without being drained. Start to always put yourself first. This is not egoistic – no – this is necessary for raising your own frequencies and finding your way into self-acceptance and self-love.

4) Redirect energies and learn to transform them

When we are hit by emotions or thought spirals, we easily get caught up in it and see no way out. Following these spirals is the worst you can do. Although it takes some effort, redirecting those energies is helping to raise your frequency. So start doing things you like doing. Sports, painting, writing music, journaling, writing poems, supporting other people – all of these things will mirror back higher frequencies to you through endorphins caused by creativity, body exercise or gratitude of others. And – if you feel like doing nothing and just be at home – respect that, too. Learn how to transmute energies – and raise your own frequency quickly. If you are interested in learning everything you need to know about how energy works and how to raise your vibration quickly, this video tutorial might be helpful for you, too.

5) Learn to love your emotions


Emotions are the key to transmuting energy. We get easily caught up in trying to figure out with our head why certain things are happening. Understand that you will not transmute energy with your head. That is only possible through feeling and allowing the pain to surface. Crying is the best thing that can happen to you. And appreciating that release will help you move through the pain quickly.

6) Meet your ego and your inner child

Get familiar with your ego and realize that you are two beings in one: Your fake ego self and your true self. It is important to understand, that you are not your ego but that this is a programmed version of you living in fear and jumping from past to future, worrying constantly. It keeps your true self from coming through, which is you but in a much higher frequency.

The inner child is a synonym for the fears and traumas we carry around with us from our childhood. These wounds show up again and again in our behaviour and reactions to situations we are in. Starting to understand little you and then work with him or her to dissolve these old and low frequency patterns will raise your personal vibes immensely. For more info on this, here is an interview I gave on these topics. If you’d actively like to work with energy and your inner child, my video tutorials might be resonating with you.


“Please be patient with yourself. It is a process and adapting too quickly would cause your body to burn out”

And PLEASE: be patient with yourself. It is a process and there is a reason that this adaptation is a step by step process. As explained before, going into the higher frequencies too quickly will cause too much friction. Your system needs time to process these things and to adapt on a higher level. Feeling like Sh*t is an essential part of this reintegration, so honour these “downtimes”. So take your time, enjoy the process as part of your personal evolution and growth and be amazed by the things you discover and learn when going through this.



The texts I share are always based on downloads I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg


If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me full time, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you ❤

As spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, I am offering different services and tools to learn how to navigate energies. For more information, please go here.


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