2017 Messages with Doreen Virtue yearly annual angel card reading

[notes are mine from watching the video ~ PB]

2017 Messages with Doreen Virtue yearly annual angel card reading

Things she sees for 2017: “TRUTH” American tanks on American soil, Marshall Law due to rioting over fake news, disinformation, opposing goals on how to reach a feeling of safety, peaceful activism, teaching others through love-based activism, petitions, boycotts, etc. solution-based actions.

Whistle-blowing, secrets revealed, retaliation, controversy. Major celestial events that serve to protect earth. Strength through prayer to Source and invoking Divine Intervention + Miracles. Meditation, whether formal or just being in nature, quiet contemplation, breathing, etc. God speaks to us through our feelings, thoughts, signs, songs…BE OPEN TO RECEIVE messages and utilize everything you have learned in this lifetime. Release judgement, it limits and is ego-driven, you can 2nd guess Divine Guidance. Use discernment, which uses feelings to know how to navigate. It is your Truth detector, your intuition.

Keep your body pure and finely tuned. BEING SENSITIVE IS A GIFT, stay away from harsh energies for 1-3 days. Stay in your bubble, pray, meditate, align with your most positive. Avoid the news, you already know what is going on. Avoid public assembly where there is anger. Peaceful protests are fine. Listen to your body, avoid gatherings that invoke fear in you or others. It is not safe.

This year is a New Beginning, we are changing course. Your Divine Guidance will take care of you.

Continued weather changes, harsh weather and extremes.

2017 Messages with Doreen Virtue yearly annual angel card reading

This one-hour video is Doreen’s discussion of her visions, divine downloads, recommendations, and card interpretations for 2017. She discusses the overall gl…

JANUARY: “SHIELD YOURSELF” -from harsh energy, there are tumultuous events. We signed up to help so we cannot retreat. There may be A TRAGEDY (#NoDAPL ?) Shield yourself with Royal Purple in a porous bubble. We will learn and grow from it.

FEBRUARY: “DECIDE TO BE HAPPY” -no matter what is going on around you. Keep your heart open -unconditional love comes through to help others and dissolve hear. Detach to find the happy, positive place in the midst of chaos. Beware of media and emotional manipulation. Find your strength.

MARCH: “A FAVORABLE OUTCOME” – no matter how bad it looks, don’t let the drama traumatize you. J-F-M could be a roller-coaster, what can you do to transcend it? How will you constructively spend your time?

APRIL: “YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHED OVER BY ANGELS” – Potential for war…Handle worry with prayer in whatever way you pray, for Divine Intervention. We must ask and pray to protect those we love, unless their free will choice is otherwise. Re: money, pray and ideas will come to you in the form of solutions and choices you can act on.

MAY: “DECIDE TO BE HAPPY NOW” -that’s my choice to move forward.

JUNE: “GO FORWARD FEARLESSLY” -if guided to write, heal create art, move, trust in God.

JULY: “BELIEVE and TRUST” – Chaos and tragedy create a trust in God and people coming together to support each other.

AUGUST: “EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS” – Leave behind a harsh situation…living situation, work, relationships, lifestyle…move quickly, card of strength, even if you do not know how. Not impulsive, but taking care of yourself in a big way.

SEPT: THIS IS YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – family may come up in a big way, supporting family members. Selfless service. The planet also needs wold healing. Celestial event, organized group prayers for something that happened. Spiritual power.

OCTOBER: “TAKE YOUR TIME MAKING THIS DECISION” – You are offered an opportunity..take your time with it. Artists, writers, consider self-publishing, self-employment. Be good to yourself.

NOVEMBER: “THIS SITUATION IS ALREADY RESOLVED” Be clear in what you are asking for, and how. Supplication prayer is begging, but asking and acting like it is already done is Affirmation prayer, and more effective. Use this Spiritual Resource for self and others whose free will choices affect your own, such as political leaders, etc.

DECEMBER: “GUARDED AND PROTECTED” – Listen to your inner guidance, stay sober, change diet in order to hear/feel guidance. KNOW you are capable of everything, play it safe and be wise during these chaotic times.

2017 YEAR: Loving Words from Jesus Oracle deck:



2 thoughts on “2017 Messages with Doreen Virtue yearly annual angel card reading

  1. I often go back to Doreen’s readings through out the year and wanted to go back last week and I noticed she seemed to delete her video for the 2017 readings. I am baffled as to why. Thanks for the recap.

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