Jacqueline Lasahn:  Invocation of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo ~ Leo Full Moon   February 10, 2017   4:32 pm PST 

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Invocation of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo~ ¤
Leo Full Moon   February 10, 2017   4:32 pm PST by 
Jacqueline Lasahn

Bright moon mirror of radiant self love,
illuminate my heart with strength and fearlessness.
Give me the courage to dearly and deeply
love myself as I am right now
beyond the turbulence of over-thinking,
of anger, insecurity or despair
that cloud the brilliant sunshine of my heart.

A new shape of light emerges
from the eclipse shadows of doubt and fear.
Fiery lifeblood of Leo Full Moon:
divulge the denial
that cripples integrity, splits hearts from minds
and masquerades as Truth.

I breathe in courage
to expand my generous heart.
I renew devotion to my creativity –
to re-create attitudes and values
that engage inspired vitality,
inflame exuberant expression
and challenge uncertainty and anxiety.

May we all decipher the drama
of self destructive willfulness.

Unmask the unabashed innocence within
and welcome it’s tender curiosity,
unique perceptions and raw power
with all the largess of love we can muster.

May we realize the gifts of this Leo lunar eclipse and share it with exuberant benevolence.


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Jacqueline Lasahn
NavigationInvocation of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Leo Full Moon   February 10, 2017   4:32 pm PST in the Mystery  (415) 637-8402



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Photo: Lynn Sessions

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