Icy Blast

​Wow, there’s a lot of stuff flying around out there, and I’m not talking about snow, I’m talking about people’s projections.   Duck and cover, don’t attach!  Forgive, but move on.

It probably has to do with the pressure people are feeling from the full moon eclipse that’s coming tomorrow, yet this is a New Snow Moon, a beautiful time to tend to our inner world, take time out, find the balance, enjoy the lovely energies and do lots of self-care.  Connect only with those who have a loving and open heart. Trust your own instincts. Call in help and assistance from Angels, Guides and Source.  We are shifting from 3D (some of the chaos going on out there) to 5D (aligning with our purpose, inner peace, connection and community).  ❤ 

[Note: because the snow storm is still raging tonight, this image is a photo I took of last month’s full moon.]


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