The calm within !  | Quantum Moonbeams

​Kristy is a very wise woman with heart, and a local New Englander who I met on FB, but also met in person at a Lee Harris Energy event in Boston last October.  ~PB

The calm within !  

By Kristy Foley | Quantum Moonbeams – Manifesting With the Moon



We now enter the three day flow of the full moon. The alignment peaks Friday at 7:33pm EST and eases out Saturday . During this three day procession we also have a lunar eclipse reaching  maximum at 7:43pm EST and a comet fly by during  our moon cycle. These are powerful energies . In my region we have a snow storm which flew in “out of no where”. Sometimes, it is the speed with which something arrives that causes you take a reprieve. You might pause and take a look or a respite before you advance and jump right in! Not always, but sometimes. This happens in nature too. Our next winter storm arrives with quick intensity, over a short time frame. This might cause the plows to have trouble keeping up in certain areas. With modern equipment, we often forget that in olden times, the elements gave time to review and ponder while inside a shelter. Go within to your own sacred shelter, the shelter of your heart space, and reflect today. This is true whenever you find yourself faced with intensity of any kind. You will emerge feeling refreshed and ready to clear a path through the snow covered roads of life with ease and grace after a rest and integration from the energy of the storm✨❄️! 

Know sometimes, the best action, is no action. Integrate and then move forward. For man, this may be one of those types of moon cycle. Spoil yourself was at home mini spa retreats and release through relaxation. After these energies clear it is going to be full steam ahead with the opportunity to plant SO many seeds!!

I wish you bright MoonBEams showing the clarity of your life path. More details on this snow moon tomorrow. 




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