Snow day…

An update on both the Blizzard and my laptop status.

[All images my own, via CBS-Boston -WBZ-TV, where all the Meteorologists are superb!

Yesterday, we had temps in the 50’s in the Boston area. Today, we officially have a Blizzard…snow and high winds over 35mph for 3 hours or more. Such is life in New England.

All day, I have felt like I’m in a snow cocoon, insulated from “real life”.  It’s hard to imagine that in other parts of the world, life proceeds as it normally does. Local TV stations have pre-empted Network programming so that they’re all reporting nothing but endless snow updates. 

Right now we in the height of the storm We are only 4″ into the 14″ predicted, but I doubt we get that much accumulation.  

The tail end the storm will be accompanied by an Arctic blast. Along with high winds, this will bring wind chill temperatures below zero by tomorrow morning. Current “real feel” wind chill is 3°. Logan Airport is closed, and Boston schools will be closed again tomorrow, as the city digs out. The big challenge is treating the roads, as the snow is compacted on top of a layer of ice in many areas.

It has been near impossible for me to fully manage my life and business through my cell phone. Fortunately, a friend has extracted my files from my laptop and has done a factory reset to reinstall Windows 10.  However, the storm prevents him from returning it to me. Consequently, this morning I set up in bed for so long, using my cellphone as a computer, that I started to have upper back spasms.   Such a strange sensation!  My back is generally quite strong, as I always try to be careful about posture and ergonomics.  I need my body for work.  

My plan is to try to get my laptop back tonight, as the storm dies down. Then once I am home safe and in for the night, I will take an Epsom Salt bath and do some yoga.

Moral of the story: be mindful of your electric cords! Tripping and falling could not only hurt you, it can damage your laptop as you catch your fall.  Also, the more you incorporate self-care into your routine, the faster you will recover from any mishaps. 

As for walking on snow and ice, I have found that adding strap-on snow cleats over boots are the best solution to keep you sure-footed, and right side up!

Today, there was a huge snowball fight on Boston Common,  probably sponsored by Boston SOS -Society of Spontaneity. 

Usually, when we have a good fluffy snow, I like to make a snow sculpture, usually of a cat.  Due to the frigid temps, I am not sure if I will be able to build a snow sculpture tomorrow, but if I do, I’ll post photos. If not, I’ll try to take a photo of someone riding a bike in the snow, because that’s what many Bostnions do, even in winter storms.  

Having grown up in Massachusetts, and having lived for several decades in California, I have to say, I have a new appreciation for the tough and undaunted Spirit of people from New England. ❤ 


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