February Spirit Guide Reading with Jessica McKay

February Spirit Guide Reading with Jessica McKay


Only you know what resonates with you and what doesn’t — and you are being encouraged to stand up for yourself and your needs this month. I see you standing in the light of your authentic truth, and calmly explaining to others how you are determined to move forward. It’s okay to do this, and at times, it’s very necessary! There’s no need to feel guilty when you honor what you believe is right for you.

It’s also incredibly important to take gentle care of yourself, to rejuvenate and restore yourself whenever you need it. You may have lost touch with your needs, so take time to meditate or connect with nature. Do whatever you need to do to feel nurtured, inspired, and full.

New paths are opening up for you this month! Paths that you may not have noticed before, are now available to you. Things are starting to shift in wonderful new ways. I’m excited for you!

With Love,


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