NORTHPOINT Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for February 6 to 12, 2017 

Northpoint Journal : Your guide to planetary energies for
February 6 to 12, 2017 
By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects
MON: Jupiter square Vesta
TUE: Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury square Ceres
THU: Vesta square Eris, Sun sextile Uranus
FRI: Mercury sextile Venus, Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 4:32pm PST (12:32am GMT on Saturday)
SAT: Sun trine Jupiter
SUN: Mercury semisquare Chiron

OUR FIRST ECLIPSE of 2017 occurs this week, at 4:32pm PST on Friday (12:32am GMT on Saturday). This is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, with the Moon in Leo opposing the Sun in Aquarius.

If you have your astrology chart and want to see where this eclipse will affect you personally, find the house location of the Moon’s position, at 22 degrees Leo 28 minutes. For a refresher on the meanings of the different houses, visit my website at

Eclipses are significant events, even when they are not total. They occur twice a year, usually in pairs, and correspond with important energy shifts. We often feel that the changes that occur at the time of an eclipse are fated in some way. 

THE ANIMAL that represents Leo’s qualities is the Lion, the king of the jungle. In positive expression, Leo is like the Cowardly Lion at the end of the Wizard of Oz — a generous, compassionate, confident, and creative leader, one who rules from the heart and considers the well-being of all in his decisions. An unevolved Leo is like the Cowardly Lion as he appeared at the beginning of the saga — an ego-driven, dramatic, domineering, arrogant pseudo-leader who keeps others in their place by roaring and intimidating.

As we work with this Leo Lunar Eclipse, we get to choose which variation of the Lion we wish to embody. And, since this is a Full Moon, we also are called to awaken within us the highest qualities of the Sun in Aquarius: social awareness, humanitarianism, the ability to think independently and find inventive solutions, and the willingness to invest our energies in supporting the greater good.

Just in case we mistakenly thought this was a “put our feet up” kind of lifetime, it appears this eclipse is urging us to get out the door and walk our talk.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the eclipse tells us more of the story:

“In a circus, the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill: The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence.”

We certainly are playing with potent energies right now — and yet, like the bareback rider, we cannot resort to the usual mechanisms of control. We have no saddle, perhaps not even reins. We must become one with the horse — with the power that lies within us — and use that strength to move us forward.

THE CHART for the eclipse is complicated and contradictory. On the positive side, we have two very helpful configurations represented: a mystical rectangle and a fire grand trine.

Here’s what astrologer Bil Tierney writes about a mystical rectangle:

“It involves two potentially awareness-revealing, illuminating oppositions that can creatively reach ideal or inspired fruition through intelligent, innovative utilization of energies. Conflict and discord have a stimulating, encouraging impetus for satisfying resolution. Any perspective gained can be utilized in a growth-producing manner.”

In other words, in spite of the challenges and conflicts we experience — or perhaps because of them? — we are supported in using our insight and intuition to find solutions.

THE FIRE GRAND TRINE is also supportive, but requires us to be very conscious about how we use its energies. In the positive, this configuration enhances our enthusiasm, our leadership abilities, and our willingness to take risks. However, egotism can also be increased, which means our efforts can be very selfishly-oriented and pride-based if we do not also pause to consider the bigger picture.

Other challenges arise through a “finger of God” (yod) pattern formed during this eclipse. In this configuration, Wounded Healer Chiron is at the apex, where God’s finger is pointing. This indicates that our faith and trust (or lack of them) are key to our successful navigation of these times. We are each called not only to become proactive and outwardly courageous, but to increase our spiritual strength as a foundation for any work we do in the world.

AND, of course, the eclipse chart includes the cardinal grand cross that’s been with us for several weeks. This is the “tension of the times,” the underlying energy that stirs us into action — because not acting causes the stress to increase.

We need a release point for this tension, and yet we must also be aware of a tendency to flail our arms without getting desired results. Here’s another quote from Bil Tierney — my go-to resource on planetary configurations — this time on the effects of a cardinal grand cross:

“Natural impulses that are not acted out with prior deliberation or forethought can easily create disorder and excitable conditions. We must learn to tackle one major objective at a time. Important lessons are developing patience, inner composure, endurance, steadfastness, and learning to better organize time and energy. When acting too prematurely or with an unnecessary sense of urgency, our actions may fail to bear satisfying results.”

A FINAL NOTE: This eclipse is activating Pluto in Leo in the charts of those who were born from mid-1952 through mid-1954. While the entire Pluto-in-Leo generation is playing a role in transforming how humanity carries the mantle of leadership, it may be especially important for those born from August 1952 through August 1954 to consider what mission is calling to them at this time. 

Our “mission” is very personally defined, depending on where Pluto is located in our birth chart. It may be expressed through personal relationships, in the home environment, in our chosen field of work, behind the scenes or in the world at large, or in any life arena. If this Lunar Eclipse is activating your Pluto in Leo, take some time to consider what you feel passionate about, and perhaps how you might more fully express this dedication in some area of your life. 

TELECLASS REPLAY: If you missed my recent class on the first six months of 2017, no worries! You can still purchase the recording, calendars, and slideshow. Just send an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line. I’ll reply with payment options and instructions. 

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You can be very successful in overcoming challenges this year, if you maintain objectivity and do not get caught up in the drama. Your insights and intuition are increased, helping you envision new solutions for old problems. Staying in balance enables you to make changes that free you to live your life even more authentically.

Yours in peace,




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