THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, January 27, 2017 – New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius 9 - A flag is seen turning into an eagle/Leo 9 - Glass blowers shape beautiful forms with their controlled breathing BY WISE OWL CHRISTINE VINCENT

Aquarius 9 – A flag is seen turning into an eagle/Leo 9 – Glass blowers shape
beautiful forms with their controlled breathing BY WISE OWL CHRISTINE VINCENT

THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, January 27, 2017
– New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon Phase:  begin, intend

Moon in Aquarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  all ten Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses) are on duty this month

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Seth, God of the North

Skill: feel the infusion of spirit

True Alignments:  freedom, cooperation, leadership, sensitivity, guided and directed, production of projects, illumination, the flow of energy and exchange, refreshment like a breeze, breathing life into something

Catalysts for Change:  displays of force, rejection, stress, unproven, power/control struggles, religious zealotry, uncaring, imbalance, unsure of self, shallow, false flag operations, special operations

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a flag is seen turning into an eagle”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius!  This month, beauty and wisdom manifest, ideals are made real, transformation from one state of being to another occurs, and mind, body, and soul experience a new sense of freedom.

This year’s magic carpet is a like a flag, and the ride is like a soaring eagle.

The energetics in place at the New Moon unfold all month long.  Let’s take a look at them, understanding that they are not only in effect today, but flow all month long with the waters of Aquarius, The Water Bearer…

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GAIPORTAL: Harmonics amplify in Presence of all with ears of Higher Perception 27 JAN by ÉirePort


Harmonics amplify in Presence of all with ears of Higher Perception.
Stepwise introductions present as needed.
Stereotypes are ignored and dissolve with rapidity.
Clearances are given to the Higher Mind Hue-Beings.
Stars rise from the depths.

AstroFlash! by Jacqueline Lasahn New Moon: January 27, 2017 ~4:06pm PST + Celtic cross-quarter: February 3rd ~7:27am


pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

Aquarius New Moon   January 27, 2017   4:06 pm PST
Celtic cross-quarter   February 3, 7:27 am

Wake up and meet each day
with possibilities and with choices.
Claim your awakening.
Claim your choices.


Distill the tumult and disruption,
the fears and confusion,
to the essential values of your heart.
Claim your future, your choices, your vision.
Opt out of dystopia,
what is your-topia?
Eyes open to the unfolding future now.

Your breath enlivening
expansiveness within,
feeding flames of awareness.
Look, look around…
quickening flames surround the collective cauldron,
bonfires of truth and spirits blazing,
together we transform each moment with our awakening.

Hold your ground and assess responsibility.
Bless each kernel of your intentions,
plant your seeds with care,
diligence and commitment.
Stay awake and stand within the collective rising.
Look and listen.
Manifest vision.

:: Aquarius New Moon Contemplations ::
What is the vision that I wish to manifest into reality?
How may I ground my vision?
What would it take and am I willing to take the risk?

Plant your intentions now, the next Full Moon is an eclipse.

May illumination, integrity and action be aligned within each one of us.

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Gain perspective that is aligned with your life’s design.
I can help you with compassionate insight through navigating uncertain waters.
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Thank you, Jacqueline, for guiding me consistently to my north star with your right on target readings in the past few years. You are a gifted intuitive, astrologer, listener and career coach. You are compassionate and accurate while asking great questions that help me to piece my amazing life puzzle together. You are a great storyteller and it is my life that unfolds as you speak to the heavens for guidance. I always feel inspired, yet peaceful, after each session with you. You ROCK!” -Maureen White

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to me

Keeping it Real… ~ a message from Ann Albers

Keeping it Real…

Ann Albers

a message from Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate! There is great movement upon your planet earth. You are finding your hearts, your voice, your dreams, and desires. Just as the sun thaws the ice of winter, so too Divine love is thawing those energies frozen in human hearts. It is nearly impossible anymore to “stuff” or “hide” your feelings. It is very difficult to deny your dearest dreams.


This is a time on earth where it is imperative to keep the energies within you in motion. It is as if waves of love are washing over you, trying to move the heavy energies through you, trying to wash more love into your lives, and move you towards you dreams. You can allow this energy to create movement within you, or you can resist it. Resisting it, however, is becoming increasingly painful. You could no longer hold back the movement of the ocean, than you can hold back thelove seeking to wash into your life. If you try, it is exhausting.

Start with the simplest act. Admit to yourself how you really feel, right here, right now. If you are upset, stop trying to pretend you are not. If you are sad, stop trying to “get over it” and make peace with this moment’s sadness. If you have a dream that you don’t know how to achieve, admit that you want something in your life that seems unreachable. If you are tired, admit you want rest and an easier life. If you are lonely, admit you want companionship.Admit your feelings of fear, resignation, frustration, and hope. If you are happy, admit that you want the goodness in your life to keep on growing and going. Stop judging your feelings dear ones, and simply acknowledge them.

When you judge yourself you push love away. When you accept yourself, exactly as you are, you allow love to move you.


Then, breathe. Imagine you can give us your denser feelings for “recycling.” Imagine you can share your joy with us to help light up the earth. Imagine you can give us your dearest dreams and allow us to assist. After all, all these feelings and dreams are energies. Together, we can breathe love into the denser ones and turn them to light. We can share the lighter ones with all of humanity. We can broadcast your dreams to the universe to aid in their fulfillment!

By giving loving expression to the feelings and dreams within you, through the simple act of acknowledgment, you keep these energies in motion. You make room for transformation. You avoid becoming stagnant and stuck. You open up to receive assistance.

While we know it is always wonderful to have a human being understand your feelings, if you can’t find one you trust, tell us! We are with you dear ones. We love you. We hold sacred space for ALL that arises within you and want to help you transform the dense energies, celebrate the energies of light, and assist in making all your dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

— The Angels

Message From Ann 

Have you ever seen someone struggling
, for example, to open a door with an armful of groceries, and when you offer to help they say, “No, I’m fine.” Or has someone ever asked you if you wanted help, when you were struggling and you politely turned them down… even if you really wanted help?

If you’ve been in either scenario, you know there’s very little movement, no assistance allowed, and just the same old unnecessary struggle going on. It comes from a very human notion that we have to “be strong,” “handle things ourselves,” and that we’re not perfect exactly as we are in any given moment of time.

The problem with that thinking is that it is flawed. While being strong is good, accepting help doesn’t indicate weakness. While handling things ourselves can be fun if we like what we’re doing, there are times we don’t. God knows too, quite literally, that we are perfect as we are – expressions of Divine love no matter what is going on at the surface of our minds and lives – and there is never, ever a need to be ashamed of our own humanity.

We pray for love and yet, we push it away when we are unwilling to acknowledge our own feelings to ourselves and trusted others… or at least to the angels.

I used to come to the angels trying to be perfect. They helped me to a degree, but they also told me I was blocking them. “But I’m not supposed to be angry!” I’d say angrily. “You are,” they reminded me. “We can’t help you if you are ashamed and afraid to ask for help.” “I don’t want to be sad,” I’d cry. “You are, why don’t you admit it and ask for comfort?” “I feel stupid asking the angels for help fixing mydishwasher!” “Well ok, but if you were to ask, we can help you.” The list goes on! Over the years the angels taught me not to be “perfect” according to some arbitrary human standard, but rather to be real.

It in acknowledging our feelings that we receive help and healing.

Years ago I had a twisted ileocecal valve. I had ballooned out to twice my size and was in wracking pain with contractions and spasms that felt as if I was trying to give birth but a baby wasn’t moving. It was horrific. I got an emergency appointment with Summer Bacon, a dear friend who channels in in deep trance.

I started the conversation with, what I call, “sugar coated drivel.” “I know I caused this. I know I blocked my feelings. I’m trying to be positive.” The angel interrupted me. “Would you stop it please and be real with us.” I got mad. I was supposed to be positive! I was a spiritual teacher! You want real? Ok, here it comes!

“F-IT! I hurt! I want help. I don’t give a #!*% how I created this. Just help me! Please.” I broke down into tears. Suddenly I felt waves of warm energy, love, and compassion, and actual relief in my body. Now the angels were able to help me. My shame and embarrassment for getting myself in this predicament had been energetically blocking their desire to help.

Since then, I’m very real with heaven. If I’m frustrated I ask them to recycle my upset and turn the dense energy to light. If I’m sad, I sit still and ask for a hug. If I’m joyous, I sing God’s praises and ask them to amplify the joy. If I need help I ask for it.

Just last weekend my gazing livestreams were challenging, so during my lunch break, I told the angels I was frustrated and needed a tech angel to help me. I got some suggestions and the streams worked much better in the afternoon! People received spontaneous feelings and reported swirling with divine love.

There is nothing heaven can’t help us with… if we are willing to set aside being ashamed of being human, and just be real.


Here are a few tips to open up to heaven’s help this week…

1. When you first wake up, admit how you feel to your angels.

Just admit, “I’m happy, sad, frustrated, not sure if I can achieve what I want to,” or whatever it is you honestly feel. The censor hasn’t kicked in yet so its easier to “be real” first thing in the morning! If you don’t like speaking out loud, or telepathically, write in a journal. There’s no need for eloquence here. Be as you are.

2. Next, Admit what you’d like help with that day.

You should hear the “honey-do”list I give my angels every morning! I sound like I’m talking to a personal assistant! I need help making sure my readings are loving and beneficial to my clients. Help me remember to check the sprinklers, fold the wash, call so and so, get the emails done, remember the Facebook posts, wish a friend happy birthday, and oh yes, please help me find time to eat too… and on it goes!

Don’t sort through your needs to see which ones are “worthy” of heaven’s help. Ask for help with everything!

3. Remind yourself you are perfect as you are… even as you expand into more

There is never a time when you need to hang your head in shame and feel you’ve failed God or the angels. You may have not lived up to your own or someone else’s human expectations, but no use wallowing or beating yourself up. Resolve to do better, ask for help, and remind yourself of all the things you’ve done right!

Have a blessed and beautiful week… Remember to “keep it real!”

Love you all!

Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
This message was originally posted here


January 25, 2017


DIVISION ENERGY STILL EXISTING Some people feel activated, awake and more ready to bring their purpose online at this time due to outer circumstances in the world. Others are in fear, grief or recoil and still dealing with collective density. Question for you (if you are the latter): Are you feeling or absorbing the strong collective energy of fear and confusion?? Recite, daily “I let go of any energies and emotions that are not mine.”

MERCURY RETROGRADE-STYLE SYMPTOMS – Things are not moving as fast or as fluently as you would like. This is a worldwide happening so do not be surprised. The grounded energy fields are in a lot of flux, so slow and steady wins the day with grounded details or movement. Be patient and remember, if it isn’t working, focus elsewhere for a while until the energy opens again.

THE DETAILS WANT YOUR ATTENTION RIGHT NOW – They are the key to bigger forward movements and creating new foundations for your coming years. If having to attend to details brings up resistance or resentment inside you, notice those feelings, accept that they are there and then intend to move beyond them with grace and ease, “I allow myself to move forward with grace and ease.” “I allow myself to build this new foundation in my life.”

DEALING WITH LOWER STATES SUCH AS DEPRESSION OR ANXIETY – This is a collective theme – processing unconscious or lower emotions/states, and it’s contagious for some of you. Are your thoughts and reactions to your lower states of feeling letting you make the situation worse? Is your fear of your anxiety just adding more anxiety? Accept the anxiety is there. Work with it in your body through conscious breath and open yourself to receive help. Look into helping your body process anxiety. Find techniques, teachers and resources that will help you do this. IT CAN CHANGE – remember this in the darkest moments.

WE ARE HERE TO BE THE CHANGE – You came here knowing there are better ways of being and you are here to show up each day, experience yourself as the most expanded you when and where possible, and then offer that energy to others.

WE ARE A PEOPLE IN MOVEMENT – Change energies are strong so keep connecting with your desires, needs and intentions for you and others while these energies move across the world.

FIND YOUR POCKETS OF LIGHT – You may be ‘island-hopping’ between pockets of light in the coming years – people, places and moments. The light is there, is stronger than ever in many ways, and we need to invite ourselves into a new paradigm of finding and moving into the light more than ever before. This movement between pockets of light will strengthen you.




ENERGY MASTERY CHANNELED INFO (as mentioned in video):

A time of light and fire on Earth.

A time of light and fire in you, personally.

One in which many of you are finding your voices, your power and your freedom beyond any lifetimes prior.


FREEDOM is vital for the next phase of your journeys.

It is the power to feel connected to source and soul energy, and then create with it in human form.

A FREE soul creates divine action.

But here is some perspective on that last statement.

The most enlightened on your planet are creating divine action as much as 60% of the time they have on Earth. The vast majority are creating it anywhere from 10-20% of the time. The remainder of the time is spent creating ‘repetitive action’ for potential healing, through replaying of patterns past and present.

For example, an abused child who becomes an adult may keep replaying that pattern of feeling abused in ever decreasing circles. They may find employers, friends, lovers who have echoes of this history, and play a similar (albeit less painful version) of this dynamic in their life, until the abused child reaches a place where they undo the dents inside them. Then they are healed from that impact, and enter a freedom from that history. It is THEN that this energy freedom is achieved and now more of their energy can go toward divine action.

SO you see, even the most enlightened (who create divine action as much as 60% of the time) are spending at least 40% of their time on divine healing of the self, the collective and the planet.

There is nothing wrong with this – it is what life is for so many.

And you are entering a deeper level of collective healing in the coming 3-4 years.

YET, Energy Masters are those who wish to fully access more of their inherent power to not only be personally freer of the collective weight, but to also experience the greater freedom of being human, and then to deliver and share their divine action with people and ALL energies on this Earth.

Let us know what resonates with YOU in the comments below.


BENJAMIN FULFORD GEOPOLITICAL UPDATE: Now that Trump is president the real horse trading begins

Posted by benjamin, January 23, 2017

Now that the Trump regime has formally been installed, the real battle over the future of the planet earth can begin in earnest. On the one side we find the Western military industrial complex and on the other we find the ancient bloodline families. Another way of putting it is the battle is now between those who have the guns and those who control the butter (money) supply. Yet a different lens for analyzing the upcoming struggle is to see it as China (Asia) vs. the US (the West), however that is too simplistic. The “West” as things now stand includes Japan plus North and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam while “Asia” includes Germany and other Rothschild controlled nation states.

The ideological battle lines were set in two speeches, one by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos bloodline love fest on January 17, while the other was President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Xi’s speech essentially supported the globalist status quo so long as “the global economic governance system,” continued to be reformed to give greater voice to developing nations. Xi also promised China would help the world develop in a win-win manner in harmony with nature. Of course China has been by far the greatest beneficiary of the current system so the bloodline globalists have asked for Chinese protection now that a backlash against them has begun in the West.

Trump’s speech bemoaned how the American middle class has been destroyed and US industry gutted by the globalists and promised to restore American industry and infrastructure. He also hinted the military industrial complex was about to share some of its secret technologies with the world when he said “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.”

Overall, it does not sound like we are being set up for a world war or a clash of civilizations but rather we are seeing reasonable bargaining positions being laid out by both sides in advance of final negotiations for setting up a new, improved system of running the planet. The Asians want a bigger say for the non-European world, the West wants their industry and middle class to be rebuilt in exchange for the release of hidden technology. It sounds like a win-win solution can be reached without too much table pounding and shouting.

There is going to be more than table pounding going on in the West though as military backed Trump regime begins. The CIA, in anticipation of investigations and disclosure has already released 13 million pages of documents but Pentagon sources promise new CIA chief Mike Pompeo will “purge and reform the agency, and force even more and full disclosure.”

“Trump went to Langley [CIA HQ] to tell the CIA that the military is with him, and he will add 1000s more new agents while purging the bad guys,” the sources say. Top general Joseph Dunford “returned from Paris and Brussels meetings with NATO to oversee Trump security at the inauguration, backed by millions of bikers, cops, feds and the National Guard,” the sources continued.

Also, the Pentagon sources say that “Is it no accident that [General James] Mattis was confirmed as Secretary of Defense and fellow marine [General John] Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security on January 20, as they were Dunford’s bosses in Iraq, and these 3 top marines are Trump’s praetorian guard.”

The first real thing Trump did after assuming power to was to go to CIA headquarters with his praetorian guard. On the surface, he promised the CIA “1000 percent support,” while underneath the surface, according to the Pentagon sources Trump gave the CIA an ultimatum to “stop drugs, arms, children trafficking, droning, lies, dirty tricks, political corruption, subversion and to focus on human and open source intelligence for the whole of the government and to provide counterintel on rivals and Israel or else.”

The Trump military government is also planning to force military contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin to cut fraud, waste and abuse and “they may even be nationalized like in Russia,” the sources say.

The hand-over of the drug-dealing part of the CIA’s Mexican henchman Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman just in time for the Trump presidency was timed to send a clear message, they say. Guzman is telling all he knows about where all the secret Nazi faction drug money is flowing, they say.

The bloodlines families are not taking this all without a fight and have been financing and organizing anti-Trump demonstrations around the world. They are also using their -most likely soon to end- control of the giant media corporations to mount a major psychological war on the Trump regime.

As part of that campaign it appears the Rothschilds and their ilk have resurrected George Soros as their point-man. Soros supposedly appeared last week at the Davos gathering in Switzerland but I am still unwilling to retract the information I was given that he has been killed. The reason is because Soros reportedly spoke in public at a luncheon and when such a thing happens multiple media outlets typically report their own original versions of the event. In this case though, all the corporate media reports appear to trace to a Bloomberg video. The technology to make a person appear real in a video is well established and until I see Soros again at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan with my own eyes, I have to say the Rothschilds are just using this persona to hide behind.

Here is what a CIA source had to say about his recent “appearance:”

image: “It looks like ole George is younger… is this the latest model that has just popped out of the chamber? Take note of the difference in age. The new photo is being circulated now in the MSM.” See photographs below, the first is a confirmed one from just before he was taken out, the second is the one now being circulated. At the very least he has somehow been rejuvenated.

image: Another senior bloodline visible power personality, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “will be taking an unexpected leave of absence very soon, ‘for health reasons’ and will most likely not be returning. In other words, she is about to run,” according to a highly connected CIA source.

Soros and Merkel aside, a different, highly connected CIA source had the following message to convey: “the dark forces were just as strong in Antarctica as the forces of light. It is the last holdout for the bad boys and their type…”

The source, who is a direct relative of a famous World War 2 Admiral, also had some X-files stuff to say namely that:

image: “Two timelines are converging now and when that convergence is finished we will have full disclosure. This is why all of the major world leaders went to Antarctica, and continue to arrive every day. The ancient lost city is already in view. This is what I have been calling ‘The Base’ in earlier transmissions and discussions. Everything is there and the elites have been arriving by their special craft not only to seek protection from being arrested, but also to try and make a deal with the Galactics who are in control of the entire area now. There are those in the top ranks of the elite who are in “The City” now and attempting to make a deal to get into the healing chambers. Kissinger included.”

Incredible claims require incredible proof and when this writer demanded a chance to go to Antarctica to see for himself, he was told that would be arranged. If I do go, I will bring cameras and recording equipment and share what I have found with the general public.

image: In any case, a very hard-nosed and here-now reality based Russian FSB source did confirm that Antarctica was, under treaty, not under the control of any government and that international conglomerates and oligarchs did have bases there where they have been conducting secret experiments and research.

The Antarctica sources also provided two GPS coordinates for where they say much of the action is taken place: 74 degrees South, 164 degrees East and 66 degrees South, 99 degrees East. One shows on google earth as an unfrozen landscape with lakes and the other as a heavy blotted out square. The following photographs [placed on left side] were also provided:

Since Trump claims his government represents “a historic movement the likes of which has never been seen before,” coming events should soon match the rhetoric. We shall see.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, January 26, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, January 26, 2017


Balsamic Moon Phase: dream, release

Moon in Aquarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill:  watch for patterns/repeats, open to alternatives

True Alignments:  limitless, broader perspective, will and desire activated, permanence, full spectrum analysis, revolution and rebirth, compromise, longevity

Catalysts for Change:  isolation, trendy, superficial, limitation, difficulty adjusting/adapting, over-analysis, getting nowhere, mind control, dissatisfaction, false fronts, impulsivity

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Today the Earth is located at the degree of “the constellations of stars in the sky,” and from our perspective here on Earth these are the pictures and patterns that are lining up:

1- BREAKING AND BRANCHING – The Sun is discharging “a child born out of an eggshell,” while Mars moves to “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”  New ideas break through and things break out or crack open in order to reveal new things.  This energetic “branches out,” enabling us to see multiple elements or contributors and gaining a broader perspective (a gestalt).  Breaks or cracks may just be rearrangement…

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Mushaba Platinum Light: Porda-(Papa Mushaba) By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba via Nancy Tate

Nancy Tate channels Mushaba Force and Creator to give us insights about Donald Trump, NESARA, GCR/RV, Disclosure and more. Very interesting. YET AGAIN we are assured that Trump will NOT complete his 4-year Term as POTUS! -PB


Greetings to all of humanity!

I have been away for a short while due to very important happenings in the galactic realms of existence. I have been to the saw tooth edges of Creation and back. I have been to the First Universe to visit my origins as a Mushaba Being and to reunite with a part of my self that I left there before coming to this second universe and back again. I have taken the time to look at what has been transpiring on the earth since my time way. I see a great deal of chagrin among the people of the world for many reasons. There is this disappointment among so many because of the outcome of the elections, because of the non activity of the RV, and the desire to see the announcement of the republic, NESARA, and the disclosure of extraterrestrials presence and existence. There is also great disappointment in the fact that the proposed free will suspension did not happen and there seem to be so many empty promises made by many beings whatever name you choose to call them by. I wish to address all of the above, so please bear with me as I address each topic.


It is not my intention to knock anyone’s information or prove it wrong or ill advised. This is not my purpose for addressing these issues. My purpose is to hopefully bring some peace and acceptance within your being-ness. To maybe bring a measure of peace, light and love to each one of you that feels hurt, betrayed or disappointed. I come in Love and nothing more, for I know nothing else but The Love Essence of Mushaba and all that it brings to service all of Humanity and beyond. I will begin firstly with the topic of Donald Trump.


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. He was elected not by popular vote but by the unfair Electoral College. None the less, he is the President of your country. There has been so much protest around the United States against his election, and this has never happened before on this scale of disappointment by the people. All of these actions by the people are a part of the movement of change. The people are truly coming into their power. The people are standing up for what they want. They are standing up for the right to chose who they desire to be their representative for the people. Now understand that Hillary Clinton could not become the President because the rule of the Cabal is at its end.
Donald Trump’s election is two fold. It stopped another cabal member from holding the office and doing business as usual, and it is a trigger for change for the people, and by the people. Let me say right off that Donald Trump will not fulfill 4 years as your President. Also know that Paul Ryan will never be anyone’s President either. Let me sum up for you what Trump is truly representing, for he is not representing the Galactic Federation of Light, or any council of light, nor the republic.
When the earth population has lived for so many thousands of years in lies from their governments and political/religious leaders, what you think is truth may not be so. A person who uses lies during their campaigns, Trump used the same methods as the other politicians you have had for centuries, but the difference was that he did not hide his methods of lying about facts and mistakes he has made prior to his presidential campaign. Other politicians and leaders hid them and never mentioned that publicly.
For that reason and many others, I don’t label him as of the light, or of the dark. What I see in the energies around him, I would call him “the trigger” of events that other politicians are going to exploit to bring to the open corruptions, hidden Information and knowledge that will help to vastly develop the earth population.
Trump is not working for anyone except his own interest. He will do whatever he feels is best for him, to make him look good and to stand out as a trail blazer in the eyes of the people. He wants to be seen as a hero that saved America. He will release information that will be shocking to the people and the people will demand change and full disclosure. Remember it is always best if the people ask for it than to just spring it upon them. Trump will help facilitate this movement. The people will get what they ask for, and it will not be strange or scary when the announcements are made after the information that the people demand is released. Trump will do all he can to ensure that the information is provided because it will make him look good! We saw the opportunity to take advantage of Trump being in that position. He is perfect for it, for it plays right up his alley! Also note that when the Galactics arrive on earth, Obama will later on be known as the one who put in writing, and negotiated many bilateral accords and conversions on which the financial Blessings and New Republic was formed.
Now that Donald Trump has been sworn in as USA President, his role is changing from the critic of the Obama government to the trigger of the new changes that the Galactics have been wanting the Obama government to do. Obama did all the needed work for announcements of the financial Blessings, including RV and the New Republic, but there were not enough focused energies to make it happen. Now, some operating out of fear of loosing their rights, others discovering hidden evils and advanced technologies hidden for a long time by their governments will push for revolutions in USA and around the world. On top of that the big event is about to start. When that event comes, millions of people will be awakened to their freedom and will be empowered to pursue it with determination to get it.
As to the RV, the Republic and the Disclosure and NESARA announcements and what is happening with that.
I find that so many people, practically those that call themselves light workers, do not fully understand how things work in the higher dimensions. Many feel that when we predict something that it has to come into fruition and that it is spoken as an infallible prediction. However, that is not the truth. When you are given a prediction by those in the higher realms, they are sharing with you what they see projected in the energies on the screen of life. Because of the rule of non-interference, Spirit cannot simply step in and go against the free will of people. What affects the outcome or change in the energies is simple, when enough people change their minds it affects the outcome of any given situation. The energy can be very strong for something to take place and then as the event gets closer, it can change due to the change in the energies of all involved. If the energy is stronger for something to take place then it does, if the energy weakens and something else gathers more strength then it doesn’t. You see there are a lot of parts to something actually manifesting into your reality of earth.
The main power lies in the ones that have the authority to release the RV and there are many moving parts to that. Many times when a number of people are under threat, they step back. It is the same with the Announcements, for they are all tied together. This is what Creator had to say about it:
After dealing with flexible energies and various beings in creations for billions of years, the lesson that I learned is to always include time flexibility in the application of all my decrees. There are terms earthlings use in association of the work of Creator or God, that is “instant miracle”, or “instant accomplishment”, or “instant manifestation” of the final results whenever Creator, or God decided to do something. That thinking is far from the truth. When instant miracles happen, it may be a result of a long time silent, or subconscious prayer of a person to the universe or spirit. Then, when that being verbalizes the need, the answer has been provided long in response to the subconscious wish or intent before the verbal request is made. So yes, there are a lot of parts to something happening. Right now, as the energy builds on earth for the RV, it shows right now on the screen of energies that the RV could, and let me be clear, that it could happen between January 25th and February 20th, 2017. These dates are not ground in stone due to the free will actions of those involved. However, right now the energy is showing strong potential. There is a focus of energies, which starts to grow in momentum for their announcement between the dates given. One thing that is clear is that the RV will happen at some point.
The NESARA and the disclosure is still being prepared to be announced in due time. It will happen, but again it is about the readiness of humanity. It also will coordinate with the RV as well as other events that will stir the people into action calling openly for the disclosure to take place. People will be fed up with all their governments and will demand precise actions concerning the openness of the disclosure and NESARA.
As I said, there is also great disappointment in the fact that the proposed free will suspension did not happen, and there seem to be so many empty promises made by many beings. First of all Creator has never called itself Prime Creator. Creator has said that the name Prime Creator is something that was brought up by people to try and make a distinction between God and Creator and other beings of high accord. Creator said that I am called Creator, however it does not matter to me if someone chooses to call me Prime Creator for their own reasoning. The being Ohmnipure spoke about free will:
“As you can still see on your news, and see around you, people are doing what they want to do and what pleases them especially in doing negative work or bad things.
It is interesting to note that the date of January 14, 2017 was the given date that supposedly “Prime” Creator was to suspend the free will on earth. It did not happen. Instead of accepting that, people kept changing the date in hopes that it would take place.
However, when the vibration of the population becomes very high, there is a term that is sometimes used called Zero Point that can be used to explain the idea that is being conveyed through the suspension of the free will idea. When the Earth as a whole and its population will attain Zero Point vibration, people will become suddenly awakened to loving everybody, and people will stop being attracted to thinking, enjoying and doing evil.”
Creator why are people calling you Prime Creator?
“In various languages utilized on earth, the word creator is synonymous to manufacturer, inventor, maker, builder, constructor, fabricator and so forth. Recently, when many light-workers realized that when they want to talk about the Creator of this Universe, using the simple term Creator, minds of people who are not well versed in semantics would misrepresent in their language or communications the meaning of Creator, thus the new term The Prime Creator was fashioned.
While this term describes my job, it does not offend me or misrepresent me. So I tolerate it, although I would like to be referred to as Creator. With time and good teachings all will come to that simple truth that I am Creator without other attachments to my title.”
In closing I want to make it clear once again, there is no fault, or blame on anyone for this event being predicted, or that it did not take place. Please do not blame the messenger, and do not blame Zorra. I see that there have been a lot of negative comments about Zorra. Zorra is a highly evolved being and a very wonderful loving being. He is known throughout the universe for his wisdom and his service to Creator. One day people will get to know the real true Zorra and not be misled by such negative talk.
My intention today was to share with you some of what is taking place in hopes that it can bring some peace to all of you that read this message.
In Loving Service,

10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Learn To Enjoy Being Alone By Tony Robinson


10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Learn To Enjoy Being Alone By Tony Robinson

Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

Some people think of “being alone” as a bad thing. It either means you’re anti-social, or unwanted, neither of which are a good position to be in.

But actually, being alone isn’t’ necessarily a bad thing, as there are a handful of benefits that emerge once you learn to embrace solitude.

I’m not advocating you go all Tom Hanks in Cast Away, because no one can argue the benefits, and the joys, that come along with fulfilling relationships with other people.

But I am saying that once you learn to enjoy being alone, you’re going to grow as a person.

Below are ten amazing things that will happen in your life when you start to enjoy being alone.

1. You’ll get to recharge.

Often times when we’re surrounded by other people, we’re expending a lot of energy. Trying to keep others happy, make them laugh, soothe their egos, read their emotions, and all of the other rigors that come along with regular interaction.

It can be mentally draining if you’re constantly connected to other people. A little alone time lets you recharge and take a break from the emotionally and mentally taxing job of constant interaction.

2. You’ll reflect more often.

Your life is always moving at a crazy fast pace. So fast in fact, that it’s probably rare when you have a moment alone to sit and reflect on your life.

Being alone gives you the perfect opportunity for a little self reflection. Since you aren’t spending so much time processing the thoughts and feelings of others, it’s the best time to turn your focus inwards.

Solitude provides the perfect environment for reflection.

3. You’ll get in touch with your own emotions.

Again, when you’re surrounded by other people all the time, you’re constantly trying to read, and cater to, the other persons’s emotions. So much so, that you could end up losing touch with your own.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll gain a greater perspective for your own emotions. You’ll create a deeper understanding of what makes you happy, what upsets you, and what saddens you.

With that knowledge, it’s then easier to regulate your emotions. But it all starts with understanding how you feel, and that comes from a little bit of solitude.

4. You’ll start doing things you actually enjoy.

When you’re constantly in the company of other people, you’re always making compromises in order to find solutions that the entire group can enjoy. And unfortunately, the things you want most, may not always line up with what the group wants.

So it’s easy to enjoy being alone once you realize that doing so gives you more freedom to do the things you actually want to do.

5. You’ll become more productive.

Being in the company of other people can be fun and entertaining, but it can also seriously affect your productivity. There are times when the company of other people acts as nothing more than a distraction from getting your work done.

Time spent alone can be some of the most productive time in your life—mostly because there are less distractions, and you can just put your head down and get to work.

6. You’ll enjoy your relationships even more.

When you spend time alone on a regular basis, and eventually start to enjoy being alone, you’ll come to find that you also enjoy your relationships with other people even more.

And that’s because the time spent alone gives you a greater appreciation for yourself.

But it also let’s you appreciate all the great things that come from your relationships with other people, most of which you were oblivious to before.

7. You’ll feel more independent.

Once you enjoy being alone, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone. And that naturally leads to you feeling more independent.

You’ll no longer feel that anxiety, or burning desire for company, once you learn to enjoy being alone. You won’t feel the need for constant interaction with other people, or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but yourself.

8. You’ll get a break from constantly trying to keep other people happy.

Life is filled with relationships, and most relationships only last when both people are kept happy. And that can turn into a draining job depending who that relationship is with. Now, this doesn’t only apply to personal relationships, but every kind of relationship.

Once you’re alone, the only person’s happiness you have to worry about in that moment, is your own. You can treat yourself to thing that makes you happy, but may have upset someone else.

9. You won’t have to apologize for anything.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll quickly see that solitude means you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you’ve done. So often, we do things that end up upsetting other people, or hurting someone else’s feelings, and then have to quickly apologize for it.

But when you’re alone, you don’t have to apologize for anything. And that takes a lot of pressure out of most situations. You get to stop second guessing everything you say, or every move you make because you’re afraid someone is going to be offended, or saddened, and angered.

10. You’ll stop looking for validation.

So often we feel we the need to get the “OK” from our friends and family before we take action. We constantly look to other people for advice on what we should do next.

Of course, there are times where it’s not only perfectly acceptable to ask for advice, but downright necessary. But there are also times where we’re perfectly capable of acting on our own, be we instead of looking to others for an answer.

When you start to spend more time alone, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without any third party validation.

Release all your doubts, and REJOICE! by John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday January 24th

As you have been told so many times by so many in the spiritual realms “There is no separation, there is only the One.”  Now your scientists have found it to be true, and that everything is connected inseparably to everything else that they are capable of measuring.  They are still having difficulty with the concept that there may be “stuff,” “material,” “consciousness” in the observed universe that exists but which they cannot be aware of through their five senses and which, therefore, they cannot measure with their instruments.  And many of them still believe that even the thought that there could be a 6th sense is but an insane chemical aberration within the brain!

But some have moved forward beyond that severely limiting concept and are accepting that Reality is far, far vaster than they ever thought possible.  The best and the brightest of them are wise, humble, and open to new concepts which mainstream scientists still refuse to acknowledge, let alone investigate.  However, much progress has been made in the last three or four hundred years because science refused to accept religious dogma.  But now they have their own scientific dogma to replace it, although it is now being actively dismantled.

As humanity’s spiritual awakening continues to advance, more and more of you are becoming open to Love and to the enormous field of knowledge that It contains.  Your planetary damage issues, that seem insoluble, can and will be very easily resolved when minds open to Love and then allow their individual fields of knowledge to accept and investigate new concepts freely instead of refusing to admit that such seemingly preposterous ideas could perhaps have have merit and be worthy of further investigation.

You have all you need to heal yourselves and the planet that you have damaged so badly.  You are Love.  There is only Love.  As humans you have chosen to live lives of limitation and fear.  The human condition is illusory, that is, it is temporary.  Reality, Love, God, is eternal, everlasting, unchanging, profoundly creative, and utterly and unconditionally accepting of all life forms – and there are many – way more than you can possibly imagine.

Your science fiction books and movies give you only the conceptual possibility that there could be myriad life forms other than the ones on Earth of which you are aware.  That this concept is mainly accepted now is good, because it has prepared you for your inevitable meeting with races from elsewhere in the universe, even though in doing so it has suggested to you that they may be a threat to your existence.  They are not.  Any who visit you on Earth come in Love.  Remember that there is only Love.

So allow the concepts that science fiction has provided, to assist you to open your minds to the realization that of course you, humanity, are not the only intelligent beings in the universe/multiverse, and then open your minds and hearts to allow loving interaction to occur between you.  You are not alone, creation is abundant and fully alive.  The illusion you constructed all those eons ago was to limit your awareness, your intelligence, and your willingness to see that it was but an illusion.  Now it is time for you to awaken and meet your nearest galactic neighbors and experience the Love that they have for you.

There is nothing to fear from your brothers and sisters who inhabit different parts of the universe.  They have always known of you because they did not choose such an intense sense of limitation and separation in which to experience life removed from Source.  They know that they are inseparable from Source, while still choosing to experience a life of limited separation for the lessons they have chosen to learn and, being aware of humans and the pain and suffering that the illusory state they have chosen to undergo provides, are deeply committed to assist you to awaken.  Your well-being is important to them because they have not forgotten, and could not forget that Love is the only Reality.  They are aware that they are Love, and they desire only to help you to see once more that so are you.  Love always embraces Itself.

Love seeks to awaken any parts of Itself that appear to be asleep or unaware.  Humanity is one of those parts, and it is awakening.  Many of you have become aware as 2016 has moved into 2017 that great changes are in progress, changes of enormous importance for humanity and planet Earth, changes that will completely alter the way you relate to one another and to the Earth, Gaia herself.  This is no accident, this has been planned for eons in the knowing that it would take eons, and that planned moment is now here.

You are waking up.  All of you reading this, and all the many other beautiful channeled messages that are out there for all to see, are aware that something momentous is occurring.  Don’t doubt that sense of awareness, don’t be distracted by the news the mainstream media blasts across the airwaves day and night, humanity is awakening, RIGHT NOW!  Your intuitive sense that this is happening is the only meaningful feeling that you are experiencing in these early days of 2017.

Go within daily, frequently during the day if you can, and reconnect with the field of divine Love that burns brightly within you all, and KNOW that God’s Love for you is utterly irresistible and that you can no longer block It out or hide from It.  It is there for you, lovingly embracing you in every moment, because It is you.  So allow yourselves to feel It, then release all your doubts, and REJOICE!


With so very much love, Saul.

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