NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for January 30 to ​February 5, 2017 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

Your guide to planetary energies for
January 30 to February 5, 2017 
By Pam Younghans


Photo: In honor of the eagle energies we are working with this lunar cycle, an “eagle aurora” captured over Grotfjord, Norway, in 2012 (photo by Bjørn Jørgensen, posted as NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day)

Highlighted Aspects
TUE: Mercury square Uranus
WED: Neptune conjunct Pallas, Mercury sextile Chiron, Mercury square Eris
THU: Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury opposite Vesta
FRI: Sun semisquare Venus, Venus enters Aries, First Quarter Moon 8:18pm PST (4:18am GMT on Saturday)
SAT: Mercury semisquare Neptune
SUN: Jupiter goes retrograde


WORDS FLY fast and furious this week. Mercury, the planetary ruler of communications and logistics, is involved in challenging aspects almost every day, and is activating a cardinal grand cross that compels us to “be the change we want to see.” The greatest impact appears to be in the days leading up to the First Quarter Moon on Friday.
We start off with a Mercury-Uranus square on Tuesday that indicates disruptions and rebellions against outdated forms of thought. This can be a very insightful day, with new ideas coming forward, but it is not very stable energy, so can feel rather chaotic.
Similar themes continue on Wednesday, when Mercury is exactly square Eris, the goddess of discord. We are imaging a better future, but tend to be more argumentative than cooperative. This aspect also raises the voice of women, especially those who have felt unheard and disrespected.

ON THURSDAY, Mercury squares Jupiter and opposes the asteroid Vesta, bringing the influence of the cardinal grand cross to bear. Impatience must be tempered by discipline for us to make long-lasting change. It can be easy to go overboard, so get very grounded and calm before making long-term decisions or commitments.

Behind the scenes, a lovely Neptune-Pallas alignment (exact on Wednesday) is helping us imagine a better future. This influence, while subtle, helps us access the wisdom of compassion, as we are aware of those who are in pain and want to do what we can to ease that suffering.

In spite of all the turmoil we’re experiencing, this alignment in Pisces encourages nonviolent resistance rather than face-to-face combat, and also helps us tap into higher guidance. The one caution is to be very aware of how visual images can be used to create illusion and to affect mass consciousness. 

THE FIRST QUARTER MOON occurs in Taurus on Friday. This is an important phase in the lunar cycle, especially since our Full Moon on February 10 will also be a Lunar Eclipse.

This First Quarter Moon challenges us to bring into form the ideas that were initiated with the Aquarius New Moon last Friday. In this visionary time, we must do something practical and concrete to support a new future.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the position of the First Quarter Moon encourages us to think in new ways about where we go from here:

“An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge: The inadequacy of past knowledge in time of crisis.”

Here are excerpts from astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbolic image:

“The emergence of new developments is emphasized. Traditional concepts are not adequate to confirm the new conditions of existence. This symbol indicates that even the most consecrated tradition does not have the real answer to the problem. We might speak here of the principle of CREATIVE FRUSTRATION.”

JUPITER’S INFLUENCE is heightened this week; the massive planet is moving very slowly in preparation for the start of its retrograde (backward) phase next Sunday. As the largest known planet in our solar system, Jupiter is a bit like one of those magic mirrors that makes everything it reflects look bigger. With Jupiter involved in the grand cross energies this week, we will continue to feel that the challenges before us are magnificent in scope.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that while Jupiter is retrograde (until June 9):

“It is a marvelous time for gaining deeper insights into spiritual or philosophical matters, as wisdom can flow easier from the superconscious and make contact with the conscious self. It urges the individual to seek out the underlying truth concerning current matters.”

What a fortuitous time for us to have help in seeking out underlying truths and accessing higher wisdom!

TELECLASS REPLAY: If you missed my recent class on the first six months of 2017, no worries! You can still purchase the recording, calendars, and slideshow. Just send an email to with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line. I’ll reply with payment options and instructions.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: As the world around you changes, you are compelled to think in new ways, to explore what you really believe in, and to take action to bring your ideals into form. Pay close attention to the insights you receive and mine the gold from them, while making sure the sludge is washed away. As you do this, you are emboldened to take action, supported by your higher spiritual wisdom.

In peace,


Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2017. All rights reserved.

Reeducation of Human Values by Lisa Rene | Energetic Synthesis

In ES community, we describe the higher concept for defining new thoughts and behaviors as based upon practicing the basic principles of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. This is because these are the Universal Natural Laws, which define and govern the highest expression of love that is the source of our divinity and inner spirit, the source made possible through the ultimate expression and embodiment of the Krystal Consciousness. When we practice the Law of One guidelines, we automatically access Unity Consciousness, which connects us to Krystal consciousness thus, we become increasingly coherent in all of our systems of energy. Spiritual Ascension is the process of spiritual initiation, where we undergo tests of personal mastery in order to demonstrate our competency level, before we can move on to the next frequency, dimension or consciousness expansion experience. On the Ascension path, we are given a series of life experiences based upon our personal Blueprint, designed for higher learning to support reaching our ultimate expression or heroic probability. In the course of our lifetime, our competency level is being tested in order to determine if we are ready to spiritually progress to the next frequency and consciousness level. This is purely an energetic Resonance process, devoid of intellect or judgment. We must embody the higher frequencies of aligned resonances, and we can be harmed if exposed too quickly. If we hold unhealed Inner Violence while we are being exposed to high frequencies in our Lightbody, whatever is hidden in the unconscious will explode to the surface, potentially creating more confusion and trauma for that person who is not prepared for what is occurring.

Comprehending new ways of thinking about our life as a consciousness experience lesson on earth during the Ascension Cycle helps us to assess and recognize that we must have Accountability to all of our thoughts, behaviors and life choices. If we are committed to the reeducation process that is required to expand into our highest spiritual consciousness, this path will create important learning opportunities that help us to gain major improvement in our competency levels. As we become more competent and confident in dealing with any kind of life situation, positive or negative, we increase our energetic Coherence, which directly impacts our level of access to higher consciousness.

When we are a part of a spiritual community or group consciousness based upon the Law of One, it generally raises the bar for adopting more rigorous ethical standards that help us to gain quicker access to personal spiritual learning that is helpful in the development of the self-mastery process. These rigorous ethical standards are reflected in the needed strengthening of one’s moral character, finding personal Accountability towards behavior or actions within that group, contemplating the nature of personal ethics, which all describe Personal Competency levels. We must decide if the inner resonance is there to commit to the spiritual ascension process, as it will challenge us to develop increased Coherence in every interaction we have at every level of our life. This is for our highest good with spiritual evolution in mind, yet it may bring us great challenges so that we can master our fears.

This is where the decision framework comes in for each person. Some people do not value a spiritual platform where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and peace are the set goals for achieving Coherence, while practicing higher standards of ethical behavior with others. Instead, they may believe that these are the qualities and attributes of weak and ignorant people. Each person must decide if they are willing to be aligned to their purposes of spiritual growth, by accepting the challenges they face which help them to build increasing competencies within themselves. If we refuse to recognize life challenges as lessons and opportunities for spiritual growth, we are missing the most important message. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making decisions in our life or within our spiritual development, it is merely reflected by the state of consciousness we have achieved in that moment. However if we refuse to change, our spiritual growth can be easily stunted and we return back to repeating old and limiting patterns of behavior. Our personal energetic influences will give shape to our motivations, our motivations influence our perceptions, our perceptions influence our belief systems, and these beliefs will influence our actions and choices in life. Thus, this is the time to reflect deeply on knowing our authentic motivations, both hidden and on the surface. As we more deeply reflect on our personal goals and priorities in life, we must find the goals relative to us, and hopefully seek to improve upon them, which is the natural process of consciousness evolution.

Unified Cooperation


To participate effectively in building Coherence within any kind of system, such as in our personal Lightbody layers or in the state of Group Consciousness, there must be elements of willingness and Unified Cooperation. We will hit the block wall of our own making, when we refuse to give up Ego Defense Mechanisms and continue to spar with others in meaningless circular debates in order to defend belief systems. Unified Cooperation is recognizing the interdependence between all living things with the desire to engender cooperation between groups of all living systems. In coherent systems, Unified Cooperation is valued in order to unify the whole in energetically beneficial exchanges for creating healthy holistic systems. Cooperation becomes the natural behavior to align coherent groups synchronistically in a naturally self-organizing system that is arranged upon a core spiritual mission or humanitarian philosophyUnified Cooperation is only successful in environments of honesty, transparency, and heart, where self-interest is sublimated to caring about the larger group interest. In commitment to heart based Transparency and non-judgment, with the ability to let go of petty differences, group trust can be formed and bonded to be supportive of larger objectives.

GSF Behavior


When we are in Energetic Balance with ourselves, we are in balance with our spiritual self, our heart and we cease to have great personal turmoil or suffering. This is how we become increasingly healthy and peaceful. When we are emotionally healthy and peaceful we are able to access our spiritual self and heart intelligence easily. So this is to comprehend our natural spiritual-energetic state of being is one of emotional balance, inner peace, health and connection with Life. This state is not dependent on the external outcomes and can be experienced even when others around you and the world are undergoing great turmoil. To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we may require attitudinal behavior guidelines which help us to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception Strategy and their anti-life forces which abuse its mechanism.

To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, let’s review both sides of spiritually healthy behaviors (GSF) and spiritually abusive behaviors (AD). Spiritually healthy behaviors naturally connect one with God Source and Christ and are God-Sovereign-Free or GSF behaviors based on the Law of One. Spiritually abusive behaviors disconnect you from God and Christ and are promoted in the Archontic Deception Behavior or AD Behaviors.(See GSF Behavior)

World Humanism


Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and capacity of human beings to be able to act independently and to feel benevolence toward one’s fellow humans through practicing humanitarian values imparted by humane learning and in our interpretation, Consciousness development.

Humanism is based in the re-education of human value which emphasize the importance of shifting anti-human ideological beliefs into humanist based ethics and related philosophical and egalitarian principles. All human beings deserve humane treatment in order to live upon the planet with dignity through having basic access to supply fundamental human needs. Our goal is to apply humanistic ethical philosophy blended with the spiritual egalitarian principles of the Law of One to expand consciousness which inspires direct knowledge or “Gnosis” of direct Consciousness experiences.

Main stream Humanism defines itself distinctly as the disconnection of the human being from its inherent spiritual-energetic intelligence or Soul in an attempt to remove the concept of Humanism away from the learned bias and practices of Religion. There is no way to separate humanity from its soul, and practice Humanism. Once direct knowledge of the Soul is known as a reality, this fact is experienced without need to control religious bias, nor conform to religious rhetoric or scientific judgments.

Ascension essentially encompasses an Universal perspective towards the compassionate practice of World Humanism and includes the entire spectrum of life, of all inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed, to be equally deserving of benevolence and Compassion.

The Value of Money vs. The Value of Life


To become transparent to view plainly the corruption running in all Controller systems (and blindly allowing it to continue to infect our lives) we must change the weighted average of valuing money (finite) over valuing life force (infinite). In order to transform how we arrived at this current human station of materialism, spiritual disconnection, and emotional torment, it will require we take a deep dark look into the crevices of our Shadow Self. Many humans have allowed their shadow self to be manipulated by an anti human sentiment through the anti human controller agenda set forth by the NAA. This agenda now has the stronghold on the mass population Consciousness based upon all that we have fed it through giving our resources, time, energy, money towards forming anti-human societal values, consumptive modeling and therefore handing over our human Consciousness power to enslavement.

The Value of Money, and the Value of Currency has taken precedent over protecting any value for promoting and supporting human life, humanitarianism or protecting or preserving any other living thing. Investment in the finite worlds of money and materialism have taken priority in most humans desire, rather than invest the time or effort in growing the infinite nature of their consciousness. There are serious energetic consequences to that ignorance. The Reptilian Contingent and its small percentage of human puppeteers have created the corporate conglomerate organizations that became the corrupted priesthood that humans now worship on the altar of materialism. As they consume our planetary resources and steal human wealth and well being, it is making us sicker and more distorted through social and genetic engineering. They have no remorse and laugh at how stupid we are. They could care less about human beings creative potential or respecting Human Rights to live on this planet with a sense of well being and human based values, with clear air, clean water, food and shelter. They enjoy and feed on human terror and human pain, and therefore have set up self-enforcing Mind Control systems that ensure that happens on the earth continually through enemy patterning and war programming. How do we continue to allow Sociopaths and their psychosis to be the rulers and decision makers of our human kingdom on the earth? These people have turned our planet into a toxic wasteland for massive personal profits, and the evidence of the vanishing and obliteration of many earth species is happening now at an alarming rate.

As we in the mass human population continue to place value upon materialism and consumerism, and accepting what the criminal Sociopaths feed us in deception and lies, it is their centralized power center that continues to carry out the Negative Alien Agenda through multiple subsidiaries and syndicates. Ultimately at the top of the food chain it is the Negative Alien Agenda that is behind the manipulated control of our World currencies and their markets, which incredible resources are siphoned off planet. Money, resources and unchecked power is the controller group tool of manipulation that is given to the corrupted human Power Elite used to carry out these agendas based on wars, economic terrorism and genocide. These mafia thug syndicates are cabal groups that have been given the power from our misaligned values that shape social control structures, to ultimately decide who has resources or not, who lives and dies, who gets to eat or starve, who gets an education and who dies of cancer or can be healed. As long as we allow these cabal groups to assign and control human value and life, as long as we buy their assembly line of consumer goods while we allow them to profit on human sufferng and the destruction of the earth, humans are not free.

Surrender without Submission to Manipulation


The Golden Rule to remember with surrendering to our highest expression in spirit is: Do not manipulate and tell the truth. For those resisting these radical life changes from the fear of the unknown, it can be a brutal time. In these chaotic times, it is important to stay alert and awake and walk through the Dark Night of the Soul without impulsive behaviors causing reactions in the mind to manipulate control over others. The anti life force primary tool to harvest and siphon energy is control plus manipulation. If you emotionally manipulate others or manipulate circumstances from your own fear and anxiety, you just allowed them a big weak spot to exploit that darkness in your life. If you are a Lightworker or Starseed the impact of unchecked behaviors like Emotional Manipulation is a thousand times greater to impede your greater spiritual mission, and this will submit your service work to negativity. We must discipline and heal our emotions and Negative Ego.

The acceleration from recent planetary shifts is impacting people at all levels of spiritual development and who are experiencing a forced submission into surrendering to What IS the actual state of reality in this moment. The state of what is, or the accurate assessment of current conditions, is very different than the story that most people believe and have been telling themselves as the nature of reality. The more you think you are in control of your life from the ego by manipulating what is present in the moment, the worse the accumulated onslaught of negativity that will return to you as the consequence of that behavior. In this new unity architecture, if you have begun the process of spiritual Ascension, any forms of control or manipulation is amplified as a heavy external price to pay for your rapid learning for preparing for the next dimensional levels of frequency.

To be peacefully initiated into the world of a changing paradigm this time period requires Energetic Balance and calm neutrality be attained even when panic or anxiety ensues. For those of us who have been involved in our personal evolutionary work on the road to Self-Responsibility and energetic Accountability, this is par for the course. We saw this coming as the global macrocosm movement that has led the way to the same patterns to manifest at the microcosm levels of our own every day personal experiences. We must learn to [[Commanding Personal Space|command our personal space in Gods sovereignty to achieve inner peace and energetic Coherence. Some of these ascending groups are blessed to finally reach the energetic support and are the first waves that experience living in alignment with the natural laws, as the ascended human prototypes.

The old energy foundation of 3D materialism has shifted and is no longer there at the same level for ascending humans, and they have found their personal creations from that old identity crumbling away as the entire foundation collapses. Those standing at the crossroads of human evolution, with or without an understanding of the planetary Ascension changes, are being squarely directed to face the horrifying truth found in the pile of lies that had been covering up what is made of Real Value.

In the globalscape, the horrifying truth of uncovering deception is unraveling in front of every public touchstone of media. Republican-Democrat, Trump-Hillary they are all interchangeable images projecting the lie of the Hero-Enemy that the public has wanted to hear in a lullaby to stay asleep. It is all a game of deception and manipulation to gain control over planetary resources of energy. Increased transparency and Accountability for disclosure to the public is the only guarantee as the systems collapse. What many human beings have invested in as a stable reality in materialism is crumbling, as it was built and formed upon a deteriorating foundation of lies. All lies create webs of deception and deceit, and many of those lies told to the masses are being unraveled through a decrepit and broken system. A system built on Archontic Deception Strategy and manipulation in order to herd the cattle of the sleeping masses straight into the slaughterhouse. To stop being herded by the psychological and emotional manipulation of Mind Control we must be awakened, even if what we see is painful. Illusions and deceptions are shattering everywhere.

In 2017, we will truly need to consider our life choices of where we place our time, effort and attention. Ask yourself who do you serve and what is your authority? Where do you spend most of your time, energy, consciousness and love? Has the pursuit of money and materialism taken over your life?

Finding your bliss and covering your eyes to the plight of the world is not the answer. Live your purpose, seek the truth of what is going on around you, no matter how painful and ugly it may appear, and follow your spirit without hesitation. How many times I have heard over the years from conditional based lightworkers, “I don’t do Aliens”. We cannot afford to live in denial anymore. The planet and humanity need more awake, aware and empathic people.

(Ascension Glossary – Reeducation of Human Values)

Energy Update Real-Time – We Have Just Passed Through The ‘Eye Of The Needle’ | In5D


Energy Update Real-Time –
We Have Just Passed Through The ‘Eye Of The Needle’

January 29, 2017 Spiritual Awakening


by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

Such a huge relief this morning after around 3 days and nights of our recent upgrade and recalibration.

A corner has been turned now and while many still feeling ‘exhausted…it is in a ‘good way’…of coming through the ‘other side’ of a raise in our frequency vibration.

Many can feel the definite passing through the ‘eye of the needle’ has occurred – such relief.

Yet, we all ‘pass through’ when we have each have completed what we have needed to.

This is oh so very big for many souls with those close to them.

As it is a gradual blending and integrating of the new for some.

This is you getting to the real YOU.

A sense of release and relief will be felt when one has accepted/shifted through to where they are at now in this new energy frequency.

For others this may not be felt this way, again depending on what they are needing to release from deep within, especially those who have suffered trauma and particularly in earlier childhood years.

It can take time and a balancing of not being in an ‘older’ space we were once in, especially if we are close to others who are going through releasing or facing past trauma/hurt.

Of finding a very new way of being or managing of where they are now at, as to where others are at.

This is bringing many to the real YOU within….the Inner Strength that is coming out in 2017, in a way that is so core deep.

In a way that is so much easier, as to be the real YOU is effortless.

Yet many have ‘lost this along the way’ due to so many ‘things’, situations and experiences throughout their life.

I can assure you, that you are stronger!

That the very real YOU is so wanting to come up and out, shining through.

In a way, like never before.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia-Blue Beyond
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit of 6D and 8D -through our Emotions of the Divine – sharing from experiencing energies herself and feeling the energies through her two souls (human 6D and spirit 8D) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source through the ‘abyss’ – in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleiadian. *Divine 1:1 healings are available, please email: for further information or read pinned post* Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety. All Rights Reserved – 2017 Anastacia

Making our way through the energy waves by Jenny Schiltz

There is so much wisdom here about what is transpiring on the planet right now…Jenny offers tips on how to understand and utilize the energies, personal choice, and timelines, to transcend the Illusion of Separation and Co-Create a better reality. ~PB



Making our way through the energy waves by


This is an update on the energy wave that is blanketing the earth. Physical symptoms may be in overdrive for many. We are also seeing that this energy is bringing about the healing of the Divine Feminine . This can be very uncomfortable as we examine how it has been distorted and degraded throughout the last 25,000 year cycle.  The update also talks about the Atlantean and other civilization memories that are arising for healing and validation. Memories of these times are coming forth so that we can tap into the potentials and open back up. In this update the timelines and our impact on our world today is also discussed.

Thank you to all who share this work. Your contribution is so very important and appreciated. I hope that this message finds you surfing the energies and not caught in the rip tide. Sending you all love. ❤



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Image credit: unknown

Copyright 2017, Jenny Schiltz

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Ode to the Rooster January 29, 2017 | The Druid’s Garden

Painting of Anasazi Rooster
Painting of Anasazi Rooster

Ode to the Rooster January 29, 2017  | The Druid’s Garden

Posted by — Dana @ 10:19 am

The Chinese New Year is now being celebrated, and it is once again the Year of the Rooster. I see this as a tremendously positive and powerful sign–a message of light and hope in this time of darkness. In honor of the rooster, I offer two stories that demonstrate how powerful and protective the rooster is–and how the rooster’s energy this year can lend us power and strength to drive back the dark. So now, pull up a chair by the fire, and hear two stories of roosters and their magic….

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A Message to Lightworkers – January 27, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – January 27, 2017


The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

Our writer has a few questions for us today, and so, we welcome you to our discussion:

COR: What can we do about the fact that so many people are feeling angry and disempowered now? There is also a ton of divisiveness happening in the US. Social media is full of vitriol against one president or another.

What is happening energetically, and how can we help to raise these energies to a higher level?


The Collective:


What is happening energetically, dear one, is nothing less than an earthquake within human consciousness.

Much of this has to do with the shifts being felt astrologically at present. But as well, there are new Light codes, and new informational Light data, coming to Earth from various places in the Universe, via the Great Central Sun.

And Earth Herself has entered a new era, a new reality.

And so you see the old regime striking out as vehemently as they can, using both mind-control technologies and the old fear-inducing measures of speaking of war, plunder, mindless destruction, loss of healthcare for millions—for the sake of chaos itself.

You see the false bravado and the claims of power that are baseless or empty, and they are recognized as such by many around the world.

And within the United States itself, there is great worry, from those who are feeling the effects of both word energies and the technology that broadcasts dense energies, as well as images of power misused.

Not so many there are seeing through the process in a complete way, seeing through the deceptions, let alone attempting to rescue higher meaning from the swirl of emotional reaction.

Now, if you were to step back a bit, and look at things from the perspective that this is old toxicity, coming up to the surface, and realize that it must come up—things must appear to be getting worse, before they can improve—this puts a different face on things.

We do not wish to diminutize the experience of the many millions who fear mass deportations, environmental ruin, further risk of climate change, human rights abuses, misuse of national budget, the normalization of bullying, and many other concerns.


These are significant issues, and it is understandable that those who feel the urgency of the moment would be up in arms just now.

But understand that, as we noted in our last Message, this is not all that is occurring.

And it is possible, regardless of which side of the political fence you sit on (and the time has come to dissolve that fence)—it is possible to establish a place within yourself of peace and calm.

To rise above the noise and confusion, and to decide:

“I will act. I will do all I can outwardly. But I will also use my visualizations and active ability to send Light and higher Love to every corner of this globe.

“I will daily meditate—and this is not a passive act!—to evoke energy patterns that move the masses and the events of the day into Peace and prosperity, into equal rights for all. Into the end of discrimination and misuse of power, war, division between groups, and belief in loss and scarcity.

“We are not alone, and I will carry the presence of so many higher beings, particularly the power of the Divine Feminine, forward with me, and spread that beautiful realization and presence through my own presence—spread it all over this Earth.”

This is what the indigenous elders—and often, an entire tribe—would do, for many thousands of years, to handle problems such as the possibility of war, environmental disaster, illness, extreme weather, or other difficulties that could bring down the vibration of their entire tribe.

They would gather and decide which of the Universal powers they needed to call upon—which gods or goddesses, which energy factors, and which patterns of higher Light, to address a particular problem.

Then they would enact either a known ritual or create a new one.

And this ritual was not merely to raise the spirits and outlook of their own inner selves, or that of the tribe.

These were sacred moments of active co-Creation.


In these moments of chanting, song, dance, or prophecy, vibrations were enacted that shifted the outer reality of the tribe, so that they were actively and consciously moving into another reality—another timeline, or a new manifestation that was so profound, they were in some ways moving to another, higher vibrational timeline.

They would not have dreamt of sitting and complaining, let alone spent hours or days writing out or speaking their frustrations with others, arguing their case against another, as if that sort of back-and-forth clash of ideas solves the problem at hand, for it does not.

They took active co-Creative measures to ensure that they were not abandoning their community, which included children and elderly whose vulnerability needed to be protected, to the crisis they were facing.

They took full responsibility for shifting from one reality into another—one of their own creation.


A reality that they knew the loving forces of this Universe not only supported, but expected them to enact.

That is what is needed here, dear one. Not more posturing, anger, or debate.

The women and their friends who marched last Saturday took up just this active, co-Creative stance, some without realizing fully the power and importance of the ritual they were enacting.

For with every sign, every declaration of what they would or would not live in, they were in their own way declaring to the Universe which reality they would live in. Shifting the frequencies up to a new and higher level.

And so, is this the last word in changing the world?

It cannot be, for though powerful, these gatherings are limited in certain respects. Those in power notice them, but tend to wait until they subside.

And yet—much change was enacted, not merely by the gathering of human selves, but by the outpouring and concentration into a singular cause—human rights, and with it, planetary rights—and this, dear ones—this actively shifted the direction that the human race is headed in.

There is still work to be done, to directly write and steer public policy and laws into a closer resonance with what NESARA brings once fully unfolded.

Yet this one day, in which marches and speeches, songs and chants and declarations, occurred at the same times, and with the same intention, all over the planet, has created a powerful wave of Light and higher Love that is still reverberating through your reality, shifting not only thoughtforms but outer forms as well.

Its influence will be felt for many years to come, as other similar streams of thought pour into that singular stream of Light, and Love for all Life, strengthening it many times over, and establishing with that impetus a new higher vibration in human affairs.

COR: And is this all connected to NESARA?


The Collective:


That is the most beautiful part of the equation, as you would say.

This is the very spirit of NESARA itself, come home to take up its vibrational realness in your very own backyard—not only in the United States, but planet Earth, in general.

COR: And yet, I feel a tendency in myself and many Lightworkers, to treat NESARA as an ephemeral dream.


Even while we’re telling people about it and handing out flyers, and asking people to sign the NESARA petition, we’re trying to protect ourselves against the disappointment of not seeing it enacted yet.

It’s a strange dichotomy. Because I try to spend time feeling the reality of NESARA happening now, being here now, but I feel like I’m trying to avoid feeling disappointment that it’s not fully here yet, at the same time.


The Collective:


And yet we have said many times, dear one, it is being enacted—that is a process, not a single moment.

And days such as were seen on the 21st of this month of January was one of those moments—an empowering and beautiful sign of human sovereignty, coming to the fore.

Do you imagine that NESARA could be enacted, before human beings demanded to be free? Before they required that all government come up to the level of Divine Government?
That would be equal to wanting to create something in a laboratory, without the chemicals and elements needed to create that particular outcome.

Any good scientist would ask how far you expected to get, without all the ingredients needed to create your intended outcome!


This is why we say, even if it appears that much ground has been lost, consider that some ground is temporarily lost, for the very great outcome of ALL of it being gained.

The current run of events has spurred on the population of this planet to sit up, realize what is happening, and to wake up, thoroughly—some perhaps, for the first time in many years, or the first time in their lives.

Nothing less than the awakening of an entire planet is occurring now, dear ones!


And so, do we weep for you?

No! We cannot, for we see the depths and the heights of your dreams of a fifth dimensional Earth life, and your active declarations and expectations that this is so now—the very stuff of manifestation power.

For this is a moment you have created, to spur on not merely a disturbance in the Force (the stars and planets have brought you that already), but a Great Awakening, spread across your Earth, whom you are protecting with every fiber of your being, every bit of heart-power you possess.

And we would say, the beauty of this is immense, dear Light Bearers. And astounding to behold.

Namaste, friends!

We honor your path! You are never alone.


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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New Moon in Aquarius Jan./Feb. 2017 — Changing Group Consciousness | Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis:

 Sonja shares her highly detailed perspectives, which are a great tool for daily insight. -PB

New Moon in Aquarius Jan./Feb. 2017 — Changing Group Consciousness

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* Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is currently in Aries, squares Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn; opposes Jupiter in Libra; and trines Saturn in Sagittarius 
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Chinese Astrology for 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

Chinese Astrology for 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster~ | Mystic Mama

“Year of the Fire Rooster comes a crowing saying, Wake up!
His crow alerts us that a new day is dawning, but we must rise and mobilize into action as we come together for the wellbeing of our roost/planet.
Here’s the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights on 2017 Chinese and Tibetan Year of Fire Rooster….. ”

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Source: Chinese Astrology for 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, January 27, 2017

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, January 27, 2017


You are involved in making mammoth changes, that when you look back will be seen as the turning point in the history of the Earth. They are necessary to sweep away that which would have held you back, and make way for changes that will set the scene for the New Age to commence. The dark Ones no longer have sufficient control to dictate the way in which the future progresses. They are also going to feel the consequences of losing access to unlimited funding for their black projects. They are also finding it impossible to tightly control operations on Earth, and people who have been reluctant to come out with what they know, are now feeling the courage to do so. It all adds up to a shift in the powers upon Earth, and those working for the Light no longer feel so restricted. President Trump has a list of important changes he wishes to make and will lose no time in putting them into place.

Because most people do not know what has been taking place on Earth, they cannot understand what is happening, or the reasons behind the changes. However, in the course of time it will become quite clear, particularly with the coming official announcement of the new Republic of the United States. Events are due to happen quite quickly and you can be sure that those carrying out positive actions are protected by the higher Forces of Light. Your destiny and that of the Earth is to ascend, and the changes will continue in preparation for such a momentous event. So try to understand that the changes are necessary even if they cause some discomfort. One day you will look back and see that everything that occurred was directed towards fulfilling the prophesies in connection with the New Age.

News of events is very much controlled and the dark Ones still have sufficient power to restrict what you read. Consequently you will be unable to read of the true nature of what is occurring, but with discretion can find sufficient information on the Internet to get a general understanding. As the changes increase more sources will open up that are prepared to give out the truth. What is happening in the skies above you is again not reported, and has reached a point where craft from many sources including those from off Earth are engaged in a battle for supremacy. However, there is a protective shield around the Earth that is keeping out unwanted intruders.

The Cabal is losing its grip of the events taking place on the Earth, and that could lead to the downfall of the Hierarchy. Be assured however that your destiny has already been decided and you will end up victorious as you continue your way to Ascension. It has been decreed by those who are in control of events upon Earth, so no matter if things should appear otherwise, you cannot lose the battle as you will eventually see. Matters do normally proceed quite slowly but you are in a period when they will speed up quite a bit, and make up for lost time. You have been very patient and we recommend keeping calm regardless of the provocation, as it is so important that you keep your vibrations as high as possible. Otherwise the dark Ones will benefit from it, which is why they deliberately cause as much trouble, fear and confusion as possible.

For those who desire to tell others, be sure that they are ready for such information. Too much can sometimes have a frightening effect and achieve the opposite to what was intended. Ensure people realise that the cleansing is for the good of all souls, and is part of the plan to bring the New Age into being. The timing of changes is difficult to forecast as the situation has to be at a certain stage for them to take place. Of prime concern is the safety of those involved, so action will not be taken that may endanger their lives. There are a whole sequence of events lined up that will carry you forward with all speed, and it is important that they are not interrupted or stalled for any reason. Be assured that the plan for disclosure has been well thought out, and allowances have been made for a change of direction should it be necessary.

The time is approaching when you shall see the Inner Earth Beings come to the surface. They will naturally wait for a suitable time when any likely threat to them has been removed. Having evolved much further than Humans, they will have a lot to offer that will help you to go speeding ahead with changes that will propel into the New Age. There are also other civilisations that will help you and do so in the spirit of mutual friendship. It will be a new experience for many of you and very uplifting after all of the negativity you have encountered.

With the coming of revelations about your experiences upon Earth, you will be well tested as to your ability to hold back from seeking revenge upon those who are guilty of crimes against Humanity. However, you must not allow yourselves to seek it as justice will be carried out by those best suited to deal with such crimes. They come from the higher realms and are very experienced in dealing with such matters. They are totally of the Light and will seek to lift up the guilty ones to the higher vibrations, so as to give them an opportunity to rise up again. No one is considered as a lost soul without every effort being made to return them to the Light.

It is only in recent times that you have begun to realise that you have been living in a dream world that has little to do with your true reality. You have often been working your way through a jungle of lies and deceit, not that your experiences have been wasted, far from it as they have given you immense strength with which to be a mentor to others facing the lower dimensions. You have successfully battled your way through whatever challenges have confronted you. You now stand as one who can confidently face the Beings who believe that might is right, and have no love or understanding for other races that have evolved beyond such beliefs.

You might believe that those who are the dark Ones should be left to their own fate, and certainly they are allowed to experience as they chose. However, all their actions carry responsibility for the outcome, and will not be overcome until they realise the truth. God does not wish to see souls permanently consigned to the darkness and encourages those of the Light to help them out of their false beliefs. Time is the healer but some souls are so embedded in them that they cannot comprehend a better way of life. Each soul that turns to the Light will be welcomed with open arms and given every help to lift themselves up again.

I know that outwardly great confusion exists upon Earth, but as things become clearer it will be seen that there is a positive purpose in what is happening. So I will leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Please send any questions and/or comments to Mike at