Keeping it Real… ~ a message from Ann Albers

Keeping it Real…

Ann Albers

a message from Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate! There is great movement upon your planet earth. You are finding your hearts, your voice, your dreams, and desires. Just as the sun thaws the ice of winter, so too Divine love is thawing those energies frozen in human hearts. It is nearly impossible anymore to “stuff” or “hide” your feelings. It is very difficult to deny your dearest dreams.


This is a time on earth where it is imperative to keep the energies within you in motion. It is as if waves of love are washing over you, trying to move the heavy energies through you, trying to wash more love into your lives, and move you towards you dreams. You can allow this energy to create movement within you, or you can resist it. Resisting it, however, is becoming increasingly painful. You could no longer hold back the movement of the ocean, than you can hold back thelove seeking to wash into your life. If you try, it is exhausting.

Start with the simplest act. Admit to yourself how you really feel, right here, right now. If you are upset, stop trying to pretend you are not. If you are sad, stop trying to “get over it” and make peace with this moment’s sadness. If you have a dream that you don’t know how to achieve, admit that you want something in your life that seems unreachable. If you are tired, admit you want rest and an easier life. If you are lonely, admit you want companionship.Admit your feelings of fear, resignation, frustration, and hope. If you are happy, admit that you want the goodness in your life to keep on growing and going. Stop judging your feelings dear ones, and simply acknowledge them.

When you judge yourself you push love away. When you accept yourself, exactly as you are, you allow love to move you.


Then, breathe. Imagine you can give us your denser feelings for “recycling.” Imagine you can share your joy with us to help light up the earth. Imagine you can give us your dearest dreams and allow us to assist. After all, all these feelings and dreams are energies. Together, we can breathe love into the denser ones and turn them to light. We can share the lighter ones with all of humanity. We can broadcast your dreams to the universe to aid in their fulfillment!

By giving loving expression to the feelings and dreams within you, through the simple act of acknowledgment, you keep these energies in motion. You make room for transformation. You avoid becoming stagnant and stuck. You open up to receive assistance.

While we know it is always wonderful to have a human being understand your feelings, if you can’t find one you trust, tell us! We are with you dear ones. We love you. We hold sacred space for ALL that arises within you and want to help you transform the dense energies, celebrate the energies of light, and assist in making all your dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

— The Angels

Message From Ann 

Have you ever seen someone struggling
, for example, to open a door with an armful of groceries, and when you offer to help they say, “No, I’m fine.” Or has someone ever asked you if you wanted help, when you were struggling and you politely turned them down… even if you really wanted help?

If you’ve been in either scenario, you know there’s very little movement, no assistance allowed, and just the same old unnecessary struggle going on. It comes from a very human notion that we have to “be strong,” “handle things ourselves,” and that we’re not perfect exactly as we are in any given moment of time.

The problem with that thinking is that it is flawed. While being strong is good, accepting help doesn’t indicate weakness. While handling things ourselves can be fun if we like what we’re doing, there are times we don’t. God knows too, quite literally, that we are perfect as we are – expressions of Divine love no matter what is going on at the surface of our minds and lives – and there is never, ever a need to be ashamed of our own humanity.

We pray for love and yet, we push it away when we are unwilling to acknowledge our own feelings to ourselves and trusted others… or at least to the angels.

I used to come to the angels trying to be perfect. They helped me to a degree, but they also told me I was blocking them. “But I’m not supposed to be angry!” I’d say angrily. “You are,” they reminded me. “We can’t help you if you are ashamed and afraid to ask for help.” “I don’t want to be sad,” I’d cry. “You are, why don’t you admit it and ask for comfort?” “I feel stupid asking the angels for help fixing mydishwasher!” “Well ok, but if you were to ask, we can help you.” The list goes on! Over the years the angels taught me not to be “perfect” according to some arbitrary human standard, but rather to be real.

It in acknowledging our feelings that we receive help and healing.

Years ago I had a twisted ileocecal valve. I had ballooned out to twice my size and was in wracking pain with contractions and spasms that felt as if I was trying to give birth but a baby wasn’t moving. It was horrific. I got an emergency appointment with Summer Bacon, a dear friend who channels in in deep trance.

I started the conversation with, what I call, “sugar coated drivel.” “I know I caused this. I know I blocked my feelings. I’m trying to be positive.” The angel interrupted me. “Would you stop it please and be real with us.” I got mad. I was supposed to be positive! I was a spiritual teacher! You want real? Ok, here it comes!

“F-IT! I hurt! I want help. I don’t give a #!*% how I created this. Just help me! Please.” I broke down into tears. Suddenly I felt waves of warm energy, love, and compassion, and actual relief in my body. Now the angels were able to help me. My shame and embarrassment for getting myself in this predicament had been energetically blocking their desire to help.

Since then, I’m very real with heaven. If I’m frustrated I ask them to recycle my upset and turn the dense energy to light. If I’m sad, I sit still and ask for a hug. If I’m joyous, I sing God’s praises and ask them to amplify the joy. If I need help I ask for it.

Just last weekend my gazing livestreams were challenging, so during my lunch break, I told the angels I was frustrated and needed a tech angel to help me. I got some suggestions and the streams worked much better in the afternoon! People received spontaneous feelings and reported swirling with divine love.

There is nothing heaven can’t help us with… if we are willing to set aside being ashamed of being human, and just be real.


Here are a few tips to open up to heaven’s help this week…

1. When you first wake up, admit how you feel to your angels.

Just admit, “I’m happy, sad, frustrated, not sure if I can achieve what I want to,” or whatever it is you honestly feel. The censor hasn’t kicked in yet so its easier to “be real” first thing in the morning! If you don’t like speaking out loud, or telepathically, write in a journal. There’s no need for eloquence here. Be as you are.

2. Next, Admit what you’d like help with that day.

You should hear the “honey-do”list I give my angels every morning! I sound like I’m talking to a personal assistant! I need help making sure my readings are loving and beneficial to my clients. Help me remember to check the sprinklers, fold the wash, call so and so, get the emails done, remember the Facebook posts, wish a friend happy birthday, and oh yes, please help me find time to eat too… and on it goes!

Don’t sort through your needs to see which ones are “worthy” of heaven’s help. Ask for help with everything!

3. Remind yourself you are perfect as you are… even as you expand into more

There is never a time when you need to hang your head in shame and feel you’ve failed God or the angels. You may have not lived up to your own or someone else’s human expectations, but no use wallowing or beating yourself up. Resolve to do better, ask for help, and remind yourself of all the things you’ve done right!

Have a blessed and beautiful week… Remember to “keep it real!”

Love you all!

Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
This message was originally posted here

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