NorthPoint Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for January 23 to 29, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects
MON: Mercury sextile Neptune
TUE: Venus conjunct Chiron
THU: Sun semisquare Chiron
FRI: Venus square Saturn, Mars quintile Pluto, New Moon in Aquarius 4:06pm PST (12:06am GMT on Saturday), Mars enters Aries
SAT: Sun semisquare Saturn
SUN: Mercury conjunct Pluto
OUR INTENTIONS are in the right place as we begin our new week. A Mercury-Neptune aspect on Monday encourages us to do our best positive thinking, and to see through the eyes of our soul instead of our ego’s lens.
We will want to use this subtle — and short-term — influence with great intention, for the more we can access the higher perspective now, the more it will be there to support us going forward.
DISCOMFORTING situations arise on Tuesday, when Venus aligns with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Our vulnerability and sensitivity are increased, and old feelings of helplessness come to the surface.
Most of the time, our awareness of this Venus-Chiron aspect would be fairly short-term, confined to just a day or so. But this week, Venus is activating the effects of a longer-term influence, the challenging Saturn-Chiron square. This means that whatever comes forward this week is most likely integral to much larger issues. These include the need to heal our ability to trust the universe, to have faith when outcomes and higher purposes are unknown, and to remain compassionate and open-hearted in the face of challenging people and circumstances.
VENUS moves on to square Saturn on Friday, an aspect that can make it difficult to stay positive. Saturn is known as the Lesson-Bringer; when in aspect to Venus, Saturn teaches us the importance of clearly defining and standing by our core values.
The Sun adds its light to the proceedings, being at the sensitive midway point (called the midpoint) between Saturn and Chiron throughout the week. This makes it hard to ignore or avoid the larger issues that are being raised now.
THIS MEANS that Friday’s New Moon in Aquarius is also at that midpoint between Saturn and Chiron. Accordingly, our new lunar cycle looks to play a very important role in bringing forward the main themes of 2017 — and reveals how important it is for us to make new choices in how we hold our vibration and intentions.
The Sabian symbol for the location of the New Moon puts it very succinctly:
“A flag is seen turning into an eagle: The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.”
Astrologer Dane Rudyhar’s interpretation of this symbol tells us:
“What is implied here is the vitalization of a powerful symbol, its embodiment in a living reality. The archetype is given living substance and wings. The seer must become the doer. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision.”
IT IS AMAZING how closely this image and its interpretation correspond with what we perceive as the higher intention of these times, that we will see reinforced in many ways throughout 2017.
The New Moon on Friday is also important because it begins the lunar cycle that leads us to our first eclipse of the year — a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10. In essence, we begin eclipse season this Friday; this six-week period (February 10 through March 27) has the potential not only to bring about significant changes, but also to enable each of us to realign our energy fields and choose a higher evolutionary path.
WE FINISH the week with some very empowering planetary aspects; Mars is quintile Pluto on Friday, an aspect that awakens our passions and our courage. This aspect also supports our finding creative solutions to the issues we are dealing with.
And, on Sunday, Mercury aligns with Pluto, increasing the power of our thoughts and our words. Ideas that come forward now have the potential to transform — and with help from Mars (which is quintile Mercury next Tuesday), we are also inspired to take the action needed to make change happen.
MANY THANKS to everyone who attended my teleclass last Thursday! I hope you found it helpful to learn about the planetary influences we’ll be working with over the next six months, and that you are able to use the insights to guide you successfully through the weeks to come.
If you missed the class and want to purchase the recording and slideshow, please let me know! Email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line. I’ll reply with payment options and instructions. Thanks!
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Situations that arise this year will bring out the strength of your convictions and evoke your compassion. Your challenge will be to use your energy to make a positive difference, in ways that are aligned with your spiritual values. You will have creative new ideas and the power to turn them into reality, so it is very important that your energy is of the highest possible vibration.
In peace,



Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2017. All rights reserved.

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