NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for January 16 to 22, 2017 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

By Pam Younghans
Highlighted Aspects
MON: Mars conjunct Chiron
TUE: Jupiter opposite Eris, Sun opposite Vesta, Mars quincunx Jupiter
THU: Mars square Saturn, Sun enters Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon 2:13pm PST (10:13pm GMT)
FRI: Venus sextile Pluto
SUN: Mercury sextile Neptune


OUR TELECLASS IS THIS WEEK! This is my twice-yearly preview of the planetary influences for the next six months — a bit like an extended NorthPoint Journal! The full class description is once again at the end of today’s journal — but if you’re ready to sign up, here’s a quick link:
I hope you can join us — either live or via the recording!

WE START THE WEEK feeling very aware of the need for healing in the world, but may feel unsure about how — or even if — any of our efforts could possibly make a difference. The Mars-Chiron alignment on Monday exposes the fears that hold us back from asserting ourselves, but also provides a starting point for healing those insecurities, through having compassion for ourselves and the courage to live by faith.

Mars then moves on to square Saturn on Thursday, an aspect that challenges us to take another look at our goals and how we go about achieving them. It may be time to eliminate excess so that we can focus our efforts on something we truly believe in.

THROUGHOUT THE WEEK, the Mars is activating the influence of the longer-term Saturn-Chiron square we’ve recently talked about. This means that beyond these challenges already mentioned, we are each grappling with some even larger personal and philosophical questions at this time, such as:

How can I move beyond the places where I am intolerant, and become a better example of the compassion and oneness I aspire to embody?


How can I heal where I have a lack of faith, and strengthen my commitment to living a life guided by my spiritual values?

COMPLICATING our answers to these questions, a reactive Jupiter-Eris opposition occurs Tuesday morning. With Jupiter in Libra, we want to believe that harmony and equality will ultimately prevail; on the other hand, Eris in Aries is fighting mad and ready to do battle, if needed, to force things to go in the “right” direction.

The tug-of-war between these two planets may have us unsure of the best way to proceed. With all oppositions, however, we are advised to find the “middle way,” the balance point between the two extremes. The answer is not in Pollyanna-like optimism nor in going to war to ensure peace, but in taking an alternate path, a third way, that enables us to maintain inner harmony while still standing strong.

THE SUN enters Aquarius at 1:23 pm PST on Thursday to begin its month-long journey through the forward-thinking sign. But within the hour, the Moon steps into Scorpio and forms a confrontational square aspect with the Sun.

This is the Last Quarter Moon, one of the final phases of the current lunar cycle. As the waning Moon squares the Sun, we are challenged to rethink our attitudes, face our fears, and move beyond our resistance so that we can more clearly see our next steps. The more we can participate in this release process now, the more effective we can be when we begin the new lunar cycle on January 27.

Speaking of which, that New Moon on the 27th is worth preparing for, since it starts us on the road to the first eclipse of 2017 — a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10. 


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You will have many choices of direction this year, which will cause you to look carefully at what you really want. It may be time to consolidate your efforts, to trim the excesses from your life, so that you have the energy and attention needed to focus on what is most important to you. If you can maintain inner balance, this can be a very productive year, where you find the courage to take risks and express yourself in ways you’ve not experienced before.

Copyright Pam Younghans 2017. All rights reserved.


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