A message from Mystic Warrior Re: Trump Inauguration + Cobra Comments Re: Trump

A message from Mystic Warrior  
Re: Trump Inauguration

This Thursday evening, 8:30pm EDT/5:30pm PDT,
we’ll have a group call in which we’ll all tap into our
own Higher Selves to bring in light and positive energy
to help diffuse any negativity prior to the Inauguration
of the incoming administration on Friday.

During our call, we will ask for the highest and best
good for the incoming administration. As Light
Carriers, we are in position to share our love and
wisdom and encourage the incoming administration
to act in the best interests of our country and the world.

Here are the details:
Thursday, January 19th 8:30pm EDT/7:30pm CDT/5:30pm PDT
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
Participant access code: 116321

Dial the number and punch in your access code, followed by the # sign.

See you on the call,

Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of the award-winning
visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior and the developer of
Energy Center Clearing and Higher Self Integration.
Higher Dimensions Publishing, 2555 Rim Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34609, USA


Taken from September Prepare For Change Cobra Interview

“Richard – Cobra, you have said Trump is a Jesuit agent. (Yes) If Trump is a Jesuit agent, what part of the Cabal does he work for and why does the Cabal seem to be against him?

COBRAHe works for the Jesuits. Actually the Jesuits are creating . . . the game as usual that they are presenting him, for him to appear that he is against the establishment, against the Cabal when in reality he is just part of the other faction of the Cabal that is working not so publicly and is working behind the scenes. (got it).

Richard – If Trump is a Jesuit agent and Hillary represents the Bush-Rockefeller-Clinton faction, then, are we actually watching a battle between two factions?

COBRA There is a certain amount of conflict between both factions but for, from Jesuit perspective, it doesn’t matter who wins. One way or the other they can further their agenda. (got cha, thank you)

Lynn – The United States public is basically in a no-win situation for the 2016 election because of the lack of good Presidential candidates. Well, it has been like this for a half a century since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Trump has said recently that if he was elected he would give his full support to Israel and that he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is obviously an outspoken Zionist and therefore just another Rothschild puppet. Is he going to be allowed by the Light Forces to become President of the U.S. if he wins the November 2016 presidential elections?

COBRA I’ll say, as I’ve said before, it does not matter who gets elected because this is just the public puppet for the Cabal. What is important is the whole situation needs to be . . . there needs to be a breakthrough in the form of The Event then it doesn’t matter who is president. Before The Event whoever is president will be the puppet of the Cabal. Obama now, Bush before or the new one that is coming in November. It does not matter.”


Victory of the Light!


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