Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: From your Hostess of Light | THE QUANTUM AWAKENING NEWSLETTER

From your Hostess of Light (as seen in Sedona journal)
As I look deep into the very lengthy hallways of 2017 my heart quickens with both anticipation and caution. The doorways of 2017 are great and full of expectations. Like a very immense Egyptian God of old, our human door of expectation is so much smaller in comparison to what 2017 asks of us. We all stand side-by-side, antechamber to vestibule, arm in arm. We think about the panorama of 2016 that showed our weakness and shadow in ‘fool Technicolor’. All that we could have been laced with all that we once were, and divided by all that we are destined to be. This powerful year comes in full regalia and ceremony to give us our new year’s orders.
2017 will unfold its beautiful wings, into a year of enchantment, 365 days filled with adventure, and unexpected inexplicable serendipitous overlays, disguised as every day events. Like all ‘new’ years, 2017 is a living breathing entity, a life form birthed from Source. Every ‘New’ Year is actually a living radiance that has wrapped itself around earth’s hologram of dates and times, wants and needs. Every year has a different taste, a different truth, a different memory attached and a different teaching.
This year will bring Earth into a place circumventing its self, creating an invisible Fibonacci bridge to the future. Like a merry-go- round humanity will pick which water colored horse it will ride. The sky and Earth will be unveiled and filled with celestial messages. Eyes will be forced opened, as all see what unfurls its many wings into a pattern of new flight. Everything that scientists once knew as solid truth will now be discharged, like a student in the vice principal’s office on the first day of school. Ancient Stellar truths demonstrate themselves newsworthy without any scientific voice or proof. All is heard loud and clear, in the halls of records, as molecules shift; beliefs turn upside down, life is hardened by old sticky truths.
2017 will ask you to move through the nuances, the hidden levels, and instructions of what is invisible to the human spectrum, like a stealth warrior in the dark of night. Gathering much data, this Light seeks to know itself as a parent that has been absent for eons of time. Without expectations, without anchors, without regrets or even questions, a smoothness of alignment occurs. Like two oceans from opposite poles, meeting each other for the first time, blending swirling, becoming one again. In this time of extreme precision and acute mirroring of every thought, one is able to create a fine mix of compromise laced with compassion.
2017 moves the awareness into a Holy Sector of the human biology. It is in this place of filled emptiness that many will find exactly what and who pulls the strings of so many lights. In the plethora everything is turning and swirling, dying and birthing itself simultaneously, nothing is stagnant, nothing is still, all is constantly in movement, as it should be!
It is this place of Holiness that humanity will enter in 2017.The many Mansions of what is divinely holy will reign as each creates their own mysterium. Time shifts in accordance with its own needs not looking at the little human picture. Completion of person plan and plot occurred last year. Leaving an empty spot, that is open for creation. A holy place that is yours to decorate with wishes come true and dreams made manifest. After the completion of 999, all that once was changed clothes in the see-saw dressing room of the cosmos. The roles have shifted, the eyes have opened. People look in the mirror and do not recognize their reflection. Blueprints of old have been disposed of and DNA placed away for safekeeping.
As Earth moves into more tidal waves of light in 2017 they will penetrate the cell membranes and DNA, bringing forth an ancient revival in a modern biological tent. These deep space particles are living photons of light, they are ancient stardust. They come forth as cosmic rays with no heavenly barricades of any kind, dispersing their molecular intent into all areas of our life, from moods to health to weather. They are aggressive and demanding, making you look at what you do not want to see. Like a Personal trainer they demand more of you than you think you are capable of giving. As the heart is penetrated with these cosmic rays, electrical pulses will activate parts of the brain and memory that have been veiled.
You are a biological unit of light; you are a holy ambassador of love in human form. Don’t try so hard dear ones but allow the softness of the incoming light to penetrate your heart opening the door to a planetary healing. Allow this energy to transform you into a place of peace, not outside yourself but within yourself. It is a Time of cleansing and cleaning the house of your soul. It is a time to forgive yourself for past transgressions in actions and thoughts and deed’s
Thru out 2017 the feeling of movement will be felt within the cells of humanity as earth will dimensionally float like an island that moves ever so slightly with the changing tides and moody seas. We are no longer attached to any outcomes. Like a homing pigeon we know where we belong but the winds of change are powerful and push us in a direction we would not choose to follow of our own accord.
Like a dazzling autumn leaf, we allow that ‘which is’, to buffer our shift. Stargates open and close on many levels issuing decrees in ancient words. Liquid solutions to the ice heaves are not as available as one would think. Learning to float is ‘a must’. The codes of light you asked for come forth as you walk gently with a big heart to the end of your rainbow. Each hologram serves the truth of the matter. Shifting holograms is as easy as walking from the kitchen to the bathroom in your own home; it is a matter of perception. Like a carpenter bee you will learn to skate the highways and byways of dimensional conversion as all of Earth enters a new hologram. This ‘mother of all holograms’ will support the billions of smaller projections within her own body like a great fish before it gives birth to millions of eggs.
Imagine your life filled with open doorways and unlimited possibilities. Will you become a verb or will you stay a boring pronoun? Will you fill in the blanks of your hearts desires or will you allow others to paint the pictures of your future? Like one who misinterprets cave paintings, every school of thought has many teacher and many students. Each observing from a different angle of light. It is the angles them selves that create shadow, it is in the shadows that we meet our most powerful teachers.
Everyone will unwrap themselves to see the true diamond light that lives inside. Reflections of certainty shine as a timeless and eternal flame. Human faces show the map of worry as lines are crossed and new roads explored. We are all under reconstruction. Sometimes a road once traveled ends; sometimes barriers are built as fortification. The water lines of change will soon be seen forever as memories are etched through the sands of time. Let the guiding star that lives in you, ‘Shepard your dreams’. Smiles come to the face of the old ones that know… frowns come to the face of the young ones that think they know…Verification codes of authenticity are revealed in a timeless sequence of serendipitous events.
Timeless truths are exactly that! Petrified learning’s have shown their rusty caustic self to all who will look in their direction. Singing a sirens song they hypnotize those who talk too much to really listen. Everything serves the Light and one should have no regrets on any level. Words now have much more punch and you who have beckoned those energies with your mutterings will see the results. Like toxic clouds after a volcanic eruption the ash will cover what once was, allowing a new sheath to envelop the land. We, who wear the Codes of Light, do so throughout time, never ceasing to trust what lives in our divine blueprint. We have been cut from a blessed cloth and sewn into a holy vessel that can sail the sea thru any storm, earthly or otherwise.
Each one of us is aligned with a different frequency of light,
A different star system, a different flavor of life.
As we move our awareness fully into this dimensional shift we come to a Crossroads in which we stand facing all directions simultaneously. In this place we are asked to enter into the fullness of our self, our soul and our mission. Each one of us is aligned with a different frequency of light, a different star system, a different flavor of life. All together we form a unit of living God. Even though this unit often disagrees with itself about itself, it houses the opportunity to become a common denominator in a fractured aspect of all that seeks to heal itself at the core point of light.
These incoming cosmic bursts will take you out of your comfort zone, making you look at all categories and genres, that you never thought you would address. They will bring forth deep cellular memories that seek the light of day. Humans waste so much time being afraid and mad at everything and everyone around them. Pointing fingers at parents, presidents, and past lives, not taking responsibility for any of their creations.
The Ennead ‘Council of 9” was birthed on the 999 last year, a Council of Nine ‘little and big G gods’. Like a godly wind chime a clarion trumpet sounded silently lifting earth out of an upcoming pitfall that was dark, and risky. The Ennead bring Sparks of Truth on a Trail of Starlight. There are very few pure bloods left in the Heavenly Kingdom except for those that stand close to the Source. Messages from deep space abound planet Earth, opening the eyes of even those in a deep sleep.
Earth will lighten her load restructuring molecules into something that is more fitting for upcoming shifts. The cosmic rays from deep space will propel forward Into the Heart of every living thing. It is this heart connection that will reinstall a trait that humanity has somehow dissolved in the development of the species. Like one that enters a transporter where the molecules and atoms rearranged in order to be transported to another location, we are dimensionally strung about.
The matter of Earth becomes fluid in nature flitting about like a small kitten on a windy spring day. No matter how the human body grows and ages the soul within retains the same numerical vibration of ‘young at heart!’ Ageless and timeless is a universal decree and pastime. This particular year will offer a multitude of choices and opportunities that have not been available in the past. Many of the closets of our soul and life were cleaned out last year leaving empty places, available for construction with intention for a purpose. When one finally has the money, the time, the intention, one will sometimes hesitate and pause to reconstruct thoughts and wants.
2017 is a ten year. It is the point of conversion as one enters the sacred circle of self. The number 10 is formed by a pillar within a circle, it is masculine and feminine, representing the healing codes of Isis and Osiris. In tarot the number 10 is the wheel of fortune; In the kabbahla 10 symbolizes the ‘tree of life’.
2017 is a year of conversion. Last year asked you to empty out incompleteness to pull out the length of your Cosmic pockets and just let go completely. It was a year of trusting in what could not be seen it was a year of believing in what could not be felt.. The vibration of conversion is standing as a pillar of light in the center of the circle of your creations and like a ringmaster asking it to change form to jump through hoops to become magical and different in appearance.Calling into the center ring all the soul once desired.
Humanity has held dreams in their heart for eons of time, generations gone past. Living on the same land for hundreds of years, seeing the same effects of the same consciousness. In 2017 the energies will become freeform in personality. They look to become as winged trapeze artists flying high without delays or obstacles. What the human heart now desires is a new direction, new fuel for dreams that have not unfolded their wings yet. Like a sailboat that no longer tacks on the shores of the old self, this year will supply new winds, new adventures and paths that will fill the soul. In 2017 allow your inner child to take the reins of your magical unicorn on its way to finding its Pegasus wings while simultaneously swinging on the string theory that is about to be revamped.
This coming year will give you the choice of how you spend your time, your money, your energies and your intentions. You’ll become a smarter consumer, a smarter human, looking at your own private mysterium as a place of sacredness a Temple that houses your love’s, your truths, your life intentions.
The actual 17 vibration of this year demonstrates how one stands alone in their life as a pillar, as a towering obelisk, as a prime number. The Lighthouse knows it must stand strong through all weather, all storms, Eternally guiding others to a point of safety. This year the lighthouse does the dance of the seven veils, activating the seven chakras into the Seven Points of Living Light. One pillar of light moving onward into 7 layers of distinct radiance and rainbow prism effects,
Seventeen is a powerfully divine and giving number. It will fulfill its destiny with or without you! Sometimes running on automatic pilot, sometimes flying with no pilot, 2017 will lead us to a place we have not been before; within ourselves, within our thinking, as we know it. Everything has a new zest. a new reverberation, a new resonance.
In 2017 we are given an opportunity as a planet, as a species, as points of light in physical form, to go beyond what we expect of each other. We finally soar to a place where the heart fills with gleeful expectations. For too long now Humanity in all her divisions, has been afraid to hope for something better, for someone better, for a universal sign that shows that love still lives deep in the heart of the Cosmos.
For too long now Earth has been afraid to embrace her true self, afraid to take her attention off of what is vital for her inhabitants. For too long now Earth has been afraid to focus outside of her self, like a mother consumed with her boisterous children’s needs, she cannot and does not see the bigger picture. Earth as the planet of freewill demands exactly that. This year however the wings of free-will and the wings of fate will in-deed be One!
2016 left us in a dimensional hollow
As we move forward into 2017 every inch of us seems confused, are we coming or going, shifting or staying? 2016 left us in a dimensional hollow. We have sought deeply within and without to perceive the truth of it all. Are we here or there? Did we shift? Is this what it feels like? Did we do good? The human perception is cloudy with a chance of rain. A great grey befalls the kingdom as black and white blur into a deep abyss.
Seen or unseen, everything is felt. This powerful year escorts humanity – into doorways of thinking beyond the present perception of time. Your essence has never been limited or linear, your spirit belongs to all worlds, to all universes. The light is your brethren, the asteroids your distant cousins. Everything of this existence was cooked in the same cosmic crock-pot. You came from the same cosmic primordial soup with the same celestial ingredients. Because many did not fulfill the contract of complete in 2016 the Universe is asking all of life, to finish what is undone, unseen in deed and thought. The light of Completeness allows all captured life forms to be set free. Like a breath of fresh air after a long winter’s nap, life is breathed back into life.
Within each uncompleted situation lives a powerful pulsating life force. That life force has taken the shape of all that needs to be finished whether animate or inanimate. Whether thought or deed. Your passions for life are stuck and need lubricating, your celestial pizzazz has dulled. Life quickens at your command, buckle up and hold on for dear life.

Most People have a lot more energy than they are showing in their cosmic profiles. Their Life force is tied up in dreams and excuses. how much life force do you hold captive in non-action? Decree aloud, the wrapping up of all that is unfinished in your life. Give your dreams permission to birth in 2017. Visualize the life force within filling you with a powerful prominent light that stretches thru eternity!

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