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Tools to Bring Peace Every Day

We often feel that peace is something outside of ourselves that we can only feel while on vacation or when surrounded by monks at a monastery. The only sustainable peace in our modern world is the kind that we create within ourselves, daily. What follows are 12 tools that can help to bring peace every day:


Tool # 1: Meditate.

Meditation is a great tool for shutting out worry and distractions. By focusing on a mantra or the breath, you can return to a state of inner peace and hear the still voice of your Spirit.


Tool # 2: Bathe in Unconditional Love & Peace.

Although the term bathe is a metaphor, a tool called sacred baths allows you to bathe in peace and unconditional love from your home bath. In The Book of Sacred Baths, people learn how to use visualization, meditation and affirmations to attract their dreams and to shift into a state of peace while bathing in this energy. But you can also learn to bathe in unconditional peace anywhere by doing a meditation where you imagine all the ways that you give and receive peace and love.


Tool # 3: Be Present.

Most worries are about the past or potential futures. We feel peaceful when we entertain thoughts about the present moment, which is the only thing that we can do something about anyway.


Tool # 4: Practice Soothing Self-Talk.

You are with yourself 24/7 so you can create your own peace or disturb it with how you speak to yourself. Practice being your own cheerleader, learning to soothe yourself and speak lovingly to yourself, no matter what is happening.


Tool # 5: Stop Caring What Others Think About You.

It is enough to manage your own thoughts and feelings but it is not your job to imagine what others think of you. The only thing you can control is you. So, the next time that you begin to wonder what others think of your hair or job, catch yourself and say, ‘That’s none of my business. Let me choose a positive thought about that instead.’

Tool # 6: Set Boundaries.

Learn to say no, so that we can say yes to the things that really matter. We all only have a certain amount of time and energy so we can make choices that serve our highest good. Many people feel restless because they aren’t living the lives they want. Say no to things that drain your energy and that don’t align with your Spirit. This enables you to say Yes to the things that do bring peace to you.


Tool #7: Check that your Values & Lifestyles Match.

You may feel troubled in your life when your inner and outer visions don’t match and you feel your life has little meaning or passion. So, if you value creativity or helping people, make sure you are at least doing hobbies in those areas or volunteering.


Tool #8: Practice Forgiveness.

Carrying around anger from your past is draining and can cause you to feel sad, or wounded. When you’re able to forgive, it brings a state of peace and wholeness. This can mean forgiving another person or yourself so that you can walk through your life with lightness.


Tool #9: Let-Go & Laugh Often.

It is hard to feel peaceful when you are attached to a particular outcome. It is important that you take time to surrender your desires to spirit. Ask for what you want or something better, for the highest good of all. You cannot allow your peace to be dependent on anything outside yourself so be willing to surrender those desires. Laughter is also a terrific stress relief as it fills your body with joy and peace.


Tool #10: Embrace Imperfection.

Being perfect is impossible and it keeps you focused on what is not working. It is hard to feel peaceful when you are looking at what you need to fix. When you accept that it’s okay to be imperfect, you can be peaceful even when mistakes occur or when you have a learning opportunity.

Tool #11: Count Your Blessings.

What you focus on expands. You will feel peaceful when you are in a state of gratitude. So, take an inventory of all that you love about your life and life in general. Journal about things you are grateful for and bring peace daily.


Tool #12: Choose Love over Fear.

You can choose love or fear in every moment. Fear leads to a state of constriction and dis-ease. Love allows us to feel open, trusting and at peace. The next time you are faced with a challenge, ask yourself how to view it through a state of love and peace and act on that guidance.


About the Author

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, life coach, Relationship expert & author of The Book of Sacred Baths, published by Llewellyn, and Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books. She has written 21 books, translated into five languages. She has a private practice in NYC and does international phone coaching. Her websites are www.sacredbathing.com and www.DrPauletteSherman.com.

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