Weekly Forecast for January 2-8, 2017 Welcome to 2017 ~Contributed by Hillory Skott

From Karen and Selma’s newsletter:

Consider 2017 as a new page in the book of life.

All the Blank pages to be filled with only that which
your heart desires.

Take lessons from past challenges and transform
them with your new found clarity.

Set new intentions and fulfil even the smallest of
your dreams and desires.

Rejoice in even the most miniscule evidence showing
up that says you are on the right path for yourself.

Spend time visualizing your end results, including how
you will feel when your dream shows up and all the
details surrounding that…but only 3 minutes a day…
that’s all it takes.


Wishing you the Happiest New Year ever!


~scroll down for this week’s forecast ~



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Weekly Forecast for January 2-8, 2017 Welcome to 2017

~Contributed by Hillory Skott


Venus, ruler of what we value moves into otherworldly Pisces.
Mercury, still in retrograde, heads back into honest Sagittarius.
The Sun will fuse with potent Pluto in secretly spiritual Capricorn.
The week ends with Mercury heading forward again. A lot of
changes for the first week of the year.


You will feel the changes on Monday PST when Venus makes
the move from detached Aquarius, to uber sensitive Pisces.
Be extra vigilant with your grounding practices. Be sure to clear
your energy frequently. If you are at all sensitive, you will notice
an increase in your perception of everything.  Sights, smells, sounds.
Pisces has one foot in other realms, which is why they provide the
world with the most moving of artistic expression and altruistic assistance.


Use this Venus in Pisces to strengthen your connection to your own
spirit guides and guardian Angels. Tap into your unique perspective
of reality and express that business.  Sing it from the roof tops, share
it with the whole wide world.  And in true Pisces fashion, all that is
beyond this realm we are currently traversing.


Mercury is retro grading right back into Sagittarius after back tracking
in Capricorn.  You have a chance to redo something big. Maybe you
should have been super honest, Sadges speciality, and now you get
another opportunity- don’t miss it.


This Mercury retrograde has been a doozy for many people. I have
heard all kinds of stories about travel plans being turned upside down.
I am travelling the West Coast now with my Hubby and the dogs
heading to Mexico for three months to escape the rain.  It has
been one mix up after another. At one point we ended up lost
on a mountain pass with treacherous roads, and we were
run ning out of gas. Good times.  All but one motel room
along the way, has smelled awful. More good times.


Capricorn likes it hard and Mercury has been in Capricorn
making it hard I tell you. Boo!  I say! Boo! There is a reason
the concept of Mercury retrograde has moved into popular
culture. If you pay attention – you just can’t miss the hassles
it can create.  I would love to hear any Mercury retrograde
stories you might have.  All the examples of trickster Mercury
in actio n are entertaining and helpful.


Friday, Pluto and the Sun share the exact same degree in the sky.
If you have Cardinal planets in the mid degrees you will feel this
for certain. Pluto is all about power. Fused with the Sun in Capricorn-
the power available is plenty. Take command of your life.

Here are the Declarations of Personal Power from Brendon Burchard’s,
excellent work, “The Motivation Manifesto”:


“We shall meet life with full presence and power!”

“We shall reclaim our Agenda.”

“We shall defeat our own demons.”

“We shall advance with abandon.”

“We shall practice joy and gratitude.”

“We shall not break our integrity.”

“We shall amplify Love.”

“We shall inspire greatness.”

“We shall slow time.”

And so it is!


Good stuff right?  I think we don’t do enough declaring.
With the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn our ambitions are big!
Make your plans and declare they will be so.


The week ends by giving us a break with Mercury moving
forward again. Woot Woot. The clouds will clear. The fog is lifting.
Life is good. Life is beautiful.


~Contributed by Hillory Skott



2017 has just begun!  Take this week to refresh and pamper
yourself after the holidays.  Use these quieter moments to get
crystal clear on the direction you would like life to lead you this
year.  Allow your newly aligned thoughts, visualizations
and baby steps take you there….to create amazement!



Much Love and Many Blessings,


Karen & Salma




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