A Message to Lightworkers – December 16, 2016 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – December 16, 2016

The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, Light Bringers!


We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you today.


We see many things occurring in your world that indicate not the closing of doors, but the opening of them—doors long shut and hidden from view.


You may feel that once again, the Truth of the matter has not had its day, whether it is one catastrophe or historic event or another, or something you yourself are experiencing.


Yet we are able to assure you that the Spirit of Truth has arrived upon the planet, and that the current astrological alignments, Galactic presence, and rising consciousness of Gaia and Her people, are all lining up unprecedented change and renewal, worldwide.


You hear much talk of timelines, and of change that is instigated by outer action.


Yet you do not hear as much talk of that which is entirely under your control—not the control of your subconscious or your DNA, Earth’s history, the history of your Earth family or soul family, or any governing body, of this Earth or beyond it.




Look for a moment at what is under your control—what responds to the influence of your presence, your expectations and beliefs about what is possible and now unfolding, and what you have the power to cocreate.


What you are creating now is nothing less than the renewal of your entire world.

And so there is much talk of this scheme or that, such as we discussed in a recent channeling, and much weighing in on whether one channel is correct and another misled, or vice versa.


And we wish to assure you, though it may be ironic that we ourselves are saying such, that you do not need channelings—even these we create—to tell you what direction the Earth is moving in.


We serve merely as encouragers, as reminders of that immense power and co-Creative ability you were born with.


You are at every moment creating that which you have been waiting for.


And the speed of that manifestation much depends upon your willingness to realize this, and to concentrate your thought and joyful feelings on the Truth and reality of your vision as already existing, and now coming forward.


You have long been trained into extreme passivity, one that teaches you to wait till your preferred television news program or an internet source confirms something before you will believe it is true or not.


We do not, as we have said previously, offer these messages as a way to become your authority, expert, or Wise Elder.


You are that—all of you—for your own selves, and more powerful in that respect than we can describe.


We do not desire to “do your thinking for you,” nor to step in and explain things through language, that left-brain mode of communication, that your own heart-mind’s intuitive knowing can explain on its own far more powerfully and completely.


And yet—there is the desire to know, to understand, to feel connected to others by being in a community that shares information, and we understand such.


And so we ask, in this energy-filled message, that you spend this next month or so not only taking in information in the left-brain sense of weeding out one idea or another, but also visualizing and celebrating the planet you would most love to live on.




To visualize an Earth free of pollution and excavation of any kind, a place free of wars and hunger and violence of any kind.


A place of free and open speech, of joyful creative expression, of physical wellness and ongoing youth and optimism.


A place of abundance that outreaches all things “financial” and encompasses the pure richness of Life.


A place of Peace that fills the entire being with the joy of being alive, and realization of the Life force that runs through all things.


A place that fosters the realization that you are Love itself, and that all Life, fully interconnected, constantly communicates its messages through every being imaginable, to celebrate the union and unity of those life forms.


You carry this vision within you, or you would not be upon the Earth at this very crucial moment.


And so—where is your vision, dear ones?


Say it aloud! Sing it or play it on an instrument! Dance, draw or paint it!




Proclaim it as real Now, whether it is world peace, the enactment of NESARA law, abundance for all beings, full disclosure of the Galactic presence, or all of that.


You know your vision.


You know it, because you have voiced so often to friends or family, “When will it be here, this beautiful vision I have held for so long? Will I live to see it?”


You know it well. And you know deep down, that you are waiting for nothing.


That your every action and inner resolve leads to you to demonstrate that you are not “hoping” that you are on the right timeline, or that the current one would speed up to bring you what you dream of.


You know that you are fully capable of forming the kind of belief—the particular pray of command, not passive request—that tunes and turns whatever timeline you are on until it moves fully into that horizon that you and so many others have been quietly building and investing energy in for so long.




And so we would say, at this beautiful time of renewal in the solstice, release the need for “authorities” who tell you what is what, and what will happen when.


Seek out your information if you find joy in that.


But spend at least as much focus on holding and fully experiencing the vision of that world which you have dreamt of for so long.


And then celebrate, in this beautiful season of the turning of planets and stars and momentous shifts, seen and unseen.


Celebrate, because you have brought yourselves to this empowering place of creating a new world—you, and no one else.


Any who are helping you in the higher planes could never do so without your express consent and request that they help you, and your increasing lifts in consciousness that you bring you ever closer to their levels of consciousness.


We send you Light for this beautiful season, not only for the healing and renewal of all you have experienced, but for the celebration of the new and not-before-seen expression of the Light you are becoming.


The Light and inner vision you are now using to cocreate your New Earth.


Welcome, solstice, and welcome, New Year!


Join us as we celebrate all you are creating. As ever, you are the only ones you are waiting for.

Namaste, dear ones!


You are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.


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