NORTHPOINT JOURNAL: Your guide to planetary energies for December 12 to 18, 2016 By Pam Younghans


Your guide to planetary energies for
December 12 to 18, 2016

By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects
MON: Mercury semisquare Chiron, Sun trine Ceres
TUE: Full Moon 4:05pm PST (Wednesday, 12:05am GMT)
WED: Sun semisquare Venus, Mars conjunct Pallas Athene
SUN: Sun sextile Pallas Athene


TUESDAY’S FULL MOON in Gemini is the focal point of the coming week. The Sabian symbol for the lunation reminds us of the importance of maintaining the higher perspective in these times:

“Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree: The growth of spiritually creative processes in an at least relatively integrated mind.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s explanation of this image reads in part:

“In traditional symbolism, birds usually refer to spiritual forces, or at least to the higher and freer aspects of the mind. Here we see only the very beginning of a process in what we might also call ‘the upper chamber’ of consciousness where the creative power of the spirit can be received and assimilated …This image suggests that the ambitious mass protests of aroused and largely blind desires should be transmuted through harmonization with natural drives and in terms of spontaneous responses attuned to the phases of natural evolution. Stressed here is Creative Integration.”

I find it very interesting, given the current social/political climate in the U.S., that this peaceful image of young birds should have inspired Mr. Rudhyar to talk about “ambitious mass protests.” It appears that his interpretation of the core message of this symbol — the integration of spiritual and mental — calls us not to abandon our values, but to bring our instinctive responses more fully into harmony with our higher spiritual perspective.

If we value peace, how do we embody that peace in our daily lives? Or if we value truth, or harmony, or any other higher-vibrational ideal — how do we become that quality as we decide how to proceed from here? And how do we make sure that we are acting, not merely re-acting?

THE SUN is closely aligned with Saturn and square Chiron at the time of the Full Moon, triggering the larger influence of the Saturn-Chiron square that is exact for the first time on December 28 (and repeats two more times in 2017). This aspect continues many of the themes of duality that we dealt with throughout 2016, when the Saturn-Neptune square was in effect.

In other words, we’re still working with the “us vs. them” polarity in 2017 — but with Chiron now involved, we’re meant not only to be aware of the wound, but to begin to heal it. This week’s Full Moon bears watching, to see what comes to light and how it may affect our trajectory for many months to come.

TO PROPEL US FORWARD, both now and in the months to come, several other planetary aspects appear prominently in the Full Moon chart. Of most significance is the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which can have various effects. Jupiter in Libra wants to help us create cooperative relationships through optimism, generosity of spirit, and faith. On the other end of the spectrum, Uranus in Aries encourages independent action and radical change, all done without the need for consensus.

The solution for any opposition is finding the fulcrum, the balance point in the middle where equal energy is given to both sides of what could otherwise be a teeter-totter. Until we find that centerpoint, we can literally feel like we’re on a seesaw.

When we successfully find that pivot point, we can take advantage of the positives of both planets. We can avail ourselves of the inspired action represented by Uranus in Aries, while also maintaining the inner faith and harmony symbolized by Jupiter in Libra.

THE ALIGNMENT of Mars with the asteroid Pallas Athene in progressive Aquarius acts as a catalyst this week. Pallas has the gift of clear-knowing, especially when it comes to envisioning future possibilities. Mars is the planet of action and assertiveness. When these two join forces, we can take bold strides guided by wisdom and foresight.

Another catalytic alignment also appears in the Full Moon chart — Mercury is within four degrees of Pluto in Capricorn. When these two planets meet, our thoughts and our words are especially potent, with the ability to either to empower or undermine others.

In normal circumstances, Mercury would catch up with Pluto in about four days to consolidate their agreement. But, the Messenger Planet goes retrograde next week (on December 19), and so delays the strongest effects of their joined energies. This could also mean that ideas or plans that are put into place this week will not be fully implemented until the full Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 29, 2017.

TELECLASS — SAVE THE DATE! I’ll be offering my teleclass on the first six months of 2017 on January 19, 2017. My working title is “Bringing Vision Into Form,” based on the Saturn-Uranus trine that will a strong influence throughout the new year. More details to come in the next week or so!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year requires you to find a new level of internal balance, and asks you to heal a lack of faith that may be undermining your achievements. If you are able to stay centered, great potentials can unfold. Your words are empowered and your insights heightened, leading you forward on your path. Opening to the new will require that you allow changes to occur — but you should be able to make those changes while still keeping your feet on the ground. Happy Birthday!

Yours in peace,

Copyright Pam Younghans 2016. All rights reserved.


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