Gemini Full Moon December 13, 2016 4:05 pm PST by Jacqueline Lasahn pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

Gemini Full Moon   December 13, 2016   4:05 pm PST
by Jacqueline Lasahn

The consequences of polarity,
questioning rules and
the responsibility of traditions.

Loyalty towards the future
or trapped in the past?
Responsible decisions made in the present tense.

Righteous rationalization,
stumbling over fears.
Come to terms with your truth and how you live it.

Tune into your own reality,
examine your inner critic and
build trust in your own authority.

This full moon shines upon
articulating your vision
and making it real in the world.

:: Gemini Full Moon Contemplations ::
What are the judgements that hold me back from speaking my truth?
Where do I need to assert patience and perseverance in order to achieve my goals?
How may I incorporate more curiosity and tolerance into the narrative of my life?

***News***Special*** News***
Take advantage of my current low rates. I will be raising my fees soon (it’s been seven years since the last increase). Since you’re reading this (Thank You for reading my astropoetic invocations!), you’re the first to hear the news. If you’ve been thinking of making an appointment with me, now is a good time. I am here for you.

Gain perspective that is aligned with your life’s design.
I can help you with compassionate insight through navigating uncertain waters.
Contact me if you’d like me to dive deep with you into your personal universe.

“Thank you SO much again for the incredible session you gave me today Jacqueline! You really are gifted, and so happy you are sharing it. I feel so much more grounded and connected….feels very peaceful. I look forward to connecting again…..and future follow-up sessions. Namaste!.”
— Julie Lesperance

–  –  –  –  –  –

Mindfulness Meditation with Tibetan Bowls
Sunday, December 18, 7-8:15 pm
3rd Sundays!

Join us in simple meditation focusing on breath and sound.
No experience necessary.
by open donation
Sarana Community Acupuncture
970 San Pablo Ave in Albany, California

Jacqueline Lasahn has been playing Tibetan Bowls for over 30 years. She participated with the late Elisabeth Targ, MD, in a study funded by the National Institute of Health through the California Pacific Medical Center, examining the power of prayer in healing advanced AIDS patients; she worked remotely using ritual with Tibetan bowls, bells and chanting. Sound meditations and ceremony at Wilbur Hot Springs for 20 years. Co-founder of Temple of Living Prayer, she served as minister and pastor for over ten years in Sacramento.

Sacramento appointments January 5 & 6
Get information you can really use, in a language you can understand.
My approach is personal, deep and insightful.
I offer practical and strategic information that speaks to your interests, needs and the empowerment of your choices.
Contact me to secure your appointment.
As always, I also offer consultations by phone at other times and dates.


Jacqueline Lasahn
Navigation in the Mystery  (415) 637-8402

Copyright © 2016 Jacqueline Lasahn All rights reserved
Art by Jake Baddeley


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