NorthPoint Journal December 5 to 11, 2016 Your Guide to Planetary Energies by Pam Younghans

by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week 

TUE: Mars sextile Uranus
WED: First Quarter Moon 1:02am PST (9:02am GMT), Mercury semisquare Mars, Venus enters Aquarius, Mars sextile Ceres
FRI: Mars sextile Eris, Sun sextile Jupiter
SAT: Mercury sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn, Venus semisquare Saturn
SUN: Sun trine Uranus, Sun square Chiron


Photo:  Sun halo over the River Daugava, Plavinas, Latvia, on December 4, 2016 (credit: Guntis Grandans, posted on

OUR NEW WEEK begins with a sense of anticipation. We are eager for the new to unfold and at least interested (and perhaps excited) to see where it will lead us.

Providing the energy for inspired action is courageous Mars, now in progressive Aquarius and anxious for us to break free from the limitations and fears of the past. Mars is in harmonious relationship with three other planets on three different days this week. The days of the exact aspects are Tuesday (Mars sextile Uranus), Wednesday (Mars sextile Ceres), and Friday (Mars sextile Eris).

The Mars-Uranus connection on Tuesday may be especially motivational, given that Mars is in the sign ruled by Uranus (Aquarius) and Uranus is in the sign ruled by Mars (Aries). In astrology, this is called “mutual reception.” It gives the two planets an even stronger affinity and ability to work together for positive manifestation.

WEDNESDAY offers a turning point as we work with the influence of the First Quarter Moon (exact at 1:02am PST or 9:02am GMT). This phase of the Moon reveals where we need to shift or clear our energies if we are to be successful within the context of the current lunar cycle. We may need to make decisions quickly, and want to be fully aligned with our Divine Self so that our choices move us further along the path of our soul’s highest growth and potential.

To help us open to the possibilities and step out of our comfort zone, Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday. Venus represents not only our ability to relate to others, but also what we value and what opens our hearts. As Venus travels through Aquarius (until January 2), we are supported in being more authentically ourselves, letting go of attachments to old forms of relationship, and expanding our definition of love.

WE ARE PARADOXICALLY both optimistic and cautious, imaginative and practical as we near the end of the week. On Friday the Sun is sextile Jupiter to excite enthusiasm in the moment, but on Saturday it is conjunct Saturn, which means we may be making some serious long-term decisions. And on Sunday, while a Sun-Uranus trine tempts us with the feeling that no matter what we do, everything is going to turn out great, a Sun-Chiron square reminds us of places where we still are healing insecurities and a lack of trust.

We may feel that we are on a rollercoaster with its many highs and lows on the last three days of the week. But instead of being tossed about by the mood of the moment, we will benefit by considering how we can integrate and utilize the best qualities on both ends of the spectrum.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Throughout the coming year, you are drawn to a serious contemplation of your role in the world and how to more fully integrate your values and beliefs into your long-term goals. You may be making some important decisions, or at the very least planning how best to direct your intentions. At the same time, you feel a sense of potential for growth and change, and are eager to find new forms of fulfillment — in many ways, the future is wide open, as long as you stay grounded and practical.

Yours in peace,


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