Message to Lightworkers – December 5, 2016 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Message to Lightworkers – December 5, 2016


The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones!

We are pleased to speak with you on matters concerning the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, called NESARA law.

First, understand that many in the western world have been trained to think of NESARA in terms of money alone.

Though abundance is a great blessing, NESARA is far more than a matter of monies disbursed to Lightworkers and others working on behalf of humanity and the higher good of the Earth.

It is far more than weapons put down, wars ended, the planet’s climate stabilized, debt erased, illness and hunger ended, and aggressions dissolved.

It is more than space travel, and development of higher abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis.

It is even more than the opportunity for humankind to finally be free of the shackles of many centuries of oppressive rule from usurpers and warmongers.

NESARA is all of that, yet it is far more than all of that, because it is about Ascension.


NESARA is about Divine Government, not because that is the cure to all ills, but because that is humanity’s way of finally permitting the freedoms, the sovereignty of all beings, to full occur on this planet.

It is a powerfully conscious step forward into fifth dimensional living.

This plan first began in the United States, with St Germain’s original vision of a New Atlantis being rooted in that continent.

The forms created there would then spread throughout the world, as more and more countries saw what was possible for a free society—and as increasing levels of Light spread throughout human consciousness.

The United States was never originally intended to be a place of the mass murder of millions of Native peoples, mass slavery of millions of Africans, and the mass incarceration and enforced poverty of millions in the present day.

It was meant to be, as some envisioned in the seventeenth century, a City on a Hill—a sign to all nations that human sovereignty—human dignity—could indeed be established in ways that no government, no usurper, no king or queen, and no “foreign” or off-world invader could displace.

That dream was put to one side, when the dark hats succeeded in bribing, threatening, or assassinating those safeguarding the original ideals of those following and supporting St Germain.

(Yes, he was present in the United States in her early years, and as an immortal, is present there still.)

Yet this great vision has never died.

It comes to fruition through the precepts and provisions of NESARA, created by a group of highly conscious Congress members and one young state senator from Illinois (Barack Obama), approved by Congress, and signed into law by the then-president (under duress) in 2000.

NESARA was to be announced the morning of September 11, 2001—and you have witnessed the great lengths that the lost ones, the powerful families, went to, to ensure that NESARA did not get announced that day.

The wheels are turning powerfully to get NESARA enacted, but one of its greatest delays has been created by Lightworker investment in one of the most devious schemes ever created by the dark hats, known as the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe “currency trade-in” or “currency reval.”


We see many questions coming to our writer concerning NESARA and this very dark scheme.

The information below seeks to inform and to encourage all to not only divest from this false “currency reval/GCR” scheme, but to understand that though great sums of money will indeed flow for communities and individuals after NESARA’s enactment, that law represents far more than mere money.

It is first and foremost a spiritual undertaking—Earth’s people actively declaring their sovereignty above all other claims upon them.

This is unprecedented for a third dimensional planet. It requires great vigilance, and some bravery on your parts.

But you are fully able. And we are by your side, at every moment.


Here is the Question and Answer forum that our writer has created, with our answers:

Q&A on NESARA Law and the “GCR/Reval”

Q: Who are the White Knights, and what do they do?

The Collective:
 The White Knights comprise 20 million sovereign militia forces working here on Earth, to support Earth’s Ascension and complete liberation from usurper control.

They are the Earth-based portion of the Ashtar Command, answering to Captain Ashtar and Lord Admiral Sananda Kumara. 

The majority come from Earth, and the rest from elsewhere in the Universe, though most of these are able to take on the appearance of any Earth human.

The White Knights work solely within the Office of the Christ. (In this context, “Christ” is not used as a modifier for Yeshua’s name, but to indicate crystalline or Lightbody higher consciousness.)

They carry out many different kinds of missions on behalf of the Ashtar Command, in service to humanity and the higher realms. They work tirelessly to support and enable the full enactment of NESARA law.

They do not break ranks in the sense of placating the dark hats in the long run, though they do hide their true identities and missions, as is necessary to ensure their safety and the safe completion of their missions.

There are also numerous “white hats” in government, media, education, medicine, and many other fields.

The white hats are not White Knights.

White hats are simply persons of high ethical standard, conscience, and compassion, who are evolving and wish to support the evolvement and Ascension of Earth and Her people, whether they would describe their work in those terms or not.

Q: Where did the whole “currency reval/GCR” idea come from?

The Collective:
 The White Knights have reported that the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe scheme was created by Hillary Clinton (current leader of the Bush/Clinton family crime syndicate) and former US senator Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy, in 2004.

This is a very dark scheme, intentionally created as a way to encourage Lightworkers to invest in a currency scheme, in part so that they would view NESARA (there is no GESARA) purely in terms of money. 

Most Lightworkers are unaware that the money invested in those currencies was used to create hedge funds that in turn have funded black operations—covert military attacks—all over the planet.

These actions have killed millions of innocent people, and injured, traumatized and left homeless millions more.

They occur mainly in countries where the cabal are stealing oil, running drug dealing and human trafficking operations, or wanting to monopolize access to the stargates, among other schemes.

These are the places where they are highly motivated to keep the local population in fear and chaos, such as the Middle East.

They have also been trying to start World War III in countries such as Syria for quite some time.

Millions have purchased dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes, believing the false channelings on numerous disinformation websites, which stated that those currencies could be traded in, once NESARA was enacted, and that those holding those currencies would then become millionaires.

Yet in so doing, they not only disqualify themselves from NESARA funds once the law is announced. As this is a very dark scheme, they are also endangering their very lives.


Q: How is that? If someone is holding these currencies, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

The Collective:
 Those currencies have been marked both etherically and physically, so that when Lightworkers come forward to trade in their dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes after a false “reval” announcement, they can be spotted immediately, arrested and detained, and (if this scheme is fulfilled) killed.

Though disinformation agents represent dark interests, mixing truth with fear-based lies to keep Lightworkers confused in thought and energy, White Knights have confirmed that one well-known “reporter” was correct when he stated in a November 2016 post that “a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board” had told him that:

[A]ll fund blockages we are experiencing in the USA are due to the Bush/Clinton and Rothschilds & Rockefeller crime families.

We were told that they issued a firm threat that the entire family would be killed of ANYONE who releases OR receives any of the RV, redemption bonds, or currency exchanges funds.

Of course it is understandable that many would initially fall for this scheme.

They are used to believing any channeling they read on the internet to be authoritative and trustworthy, though unfortunately, many are not.

Many are also exhausted from years of financial struggle. Others have dreams of engaging in humanitarian projects that will help to heal the planet and humanity.

But understand that all currencies will be equal to one another after NESARA is fully enacted.

And that NESARA will be a fifth dimensional moment, not an “elevated” or “revised” third dimensional moment.

This is what so many have yet to grasp, because they do not dare allow themselves to envision that far and that high.

Knowing this, and knowing mass dependency on published material, even that which is highly questionable, the dark hats have disseminated information through even well-intentioned websites and channelers, catching both them and all who invest in this scheme in a very dark place.

Those holding these currencies unwittingly belong to a dark etheric matrix that is draining them of their life force.

We very powerfully encourage all holding these currencies to immediately trade them in, or to burn them.

There will be plentiful abundance once NESARA is announced.

Do not cut yourselves off from that very high and joyful moment, by investing financially and energetically in this very low moment.

Q: What is the conflict between NESARA and the currency reval scheme? Why can’t I do both?

The Collective:
 Those who are holding the dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes will not only be denied NESARA funds.

As we have noted elsewhere, holding onto those currencies also holds them etherically in a very dark energy matrix that is spending some of their life force to support dark operations around the world.

That, and not the financial aspect, is the worst part of this scam, and it is why all White Knights have been powerfully encouraging people to either immediately trade in these currencies, or to burn them.

Some believe that yes, perhaps this currency scheme was from the dark at one point, but it’s since then been brought into the Light, because the cabal don’t want people to have wasted their investment.

Such rationalizations are simply an extension of the old system of fraud and deceit. They are the opposite of NESARA, as these ideas are still fear- and scarcity-based.

This is the “old system made a bit new” that the dark hats have been pushing for in negotiations with the Ashtar Command and Intergalactic Councils—a continuation of the old system in which they still have power and control, with a few concessions made to the slave and wage-slave classes.

It holds no Light, and human consciousness is moving very quickly beyond such.

The tendency for many is to cling fearfully to what they have already bought into, as they are fearful of taking on new information.

This is not a painful Truth, just a surprising one, given the scale of disinformation and lies that have been disseminated.

But this refusal to accept that they have been scammed is actually holding back the enactment of NESARA.

That is how much human belief systems and human actions mold and create the circumstances you live in.


Q: I am a newbie to NESARA and GESARA. If NESARA cancels all credit debt, mortgages, car loan debt, etc., how old does a debt have to be in order for it to be dissolved?

Also, don’t you think there will be a lot of sadness and confusion for the people who have worked hard all their life to get out of debt, then NESARA comes along and doesn’t benefit the people who were loyal and paid their bills?

I think there will be a lot of upset people. Help me understand what NESARA really means.

The Collective:

Thank you for these excellent questions, dear one.

First, GESARA cannot exist, except under a “one world government,” and you are not going toward that notion, you are going away from it, into complete human freedom and sovereignty.

Second, it matters not whether a debt is 10 minutes old or 90 years old—the banks and credit institutions will be all dissolved under NESARA, and so will the entire system of debt as you know it, and replaced by a fair and equality-based system of precious metals-backed currencies.

Only personal loans—money borrowed from a friend or family member, for example—will need to be repaid.

Regarding those who worked hard and paid their bills—that was their choice, to engage in and support the current financial system.

That was their individual path and experience. Another’s path, and another’s choices, have nothing to do with anyone else’s path.

Most have followed the current system because they have no idea that any other system could be created.

They have lived numerous Earth lives under a dark and heavy matrix that has steadily informed them that debt slavery is the only existing reality, and that they endanger their lives or quality of life by not obeying it.

There is a far higher perspective from which to view human life, rather than the perspective that “others do not deserve, because I have worked harder than them.”

All benefit from NESARA, if they are in the Light, or choose to come into the Light.

And NESARA is far more than money and debts dissolved.

As we note above, it is about human sovereignty, and the move as a planet into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Under that Unity-based ideal, there is no need for competition or the feeling that some have it unfairly easy while others have it unfairly hard.

All such comparisons fall to the wayside, except for those who prefer to remain in the struggle of third dimensional consciousness.

Q: As a Lightworker, I find great comfort in the words of the Collective. I understand and believe them, so I have less fear about what is happening right now.

I have friends who are not there yet. For example, I have a friend who is so kind and smart. She is Jewish and quite afraid.

I want to comfort her or give her reason to hope, but if I tell her, “Don’t worry, it’s just part of the Ascension,” she’ll think I’m crazy.

Or maybe I should? My question is, What can we tell our friends who aren’t aware of the Ascension process? How can we comfort them?

The Collective:

Another excellent question!

We would say, that telling someone something can be helpful, but is in no way as effective, powerful, or impressive a statement as simply allowing them to see how joyfully you yourself are living your life.

If you are at peace, if you know that all is well, even given the current apparent turbulence in world events, if you yourself are radiating the joy of not only NESARA but of fifth dimensional life—then others cannot help but notice.

They will then ask to know how it is that you are so self-assured, so fulfilled, so aware of abundance and constantly thankful for it, including the fact that all on the planet is moving steadily toward greater joy and peace.

You might forward one of our channeling emails to friends from time to time, if you feel they are open to such.

But in general, sending Light from your heart to theirs, and simply telling them inwardly, “All is well,” is a beautiful gift.

That, and the gift of your own joyful, generous, kind, and loving presence.

This what you yourself value.

And so, merely share it with others, as much as you can, and as much as they are willing to accept.


Q: And how can NESARA exist, without GESARA? NESARA only only applies to the USA, and there are people around the world have invested in these currencies—hundreds of millions of people.

I heard that the white hats decided not to dismiss and disclose to the public that it was just a scam.

The Collective:

Another excellent question.

NESARA exists without GESARA for the above-stated reason—there is to be no “one world government,” in the sense that all are under dark hat control.

A cooperating body of nations is not the same as this.

NESARA does indeed apply first to the United States.

But once enacted there, its precepts and provisions will be modified to suit every nation and every culture, so that all peoples throughout the world have more than enough abundance and the human rights and freedoms that fifth dimensional living requires.

Many are waking up now to the fact that the “currency reval” scheme belongs to the dark agenda, though it has been cloaked in terms that Lightworkers are highly susceptible to.

Belonging to this scheme connects one etherically to the violence and bloodshed occurring in many places around the planet.

This is not only an etherically dark connection but an utterly unnecessary one, as NESARA will bless with great abundance all who are not supporting such schemes.

The “currency reval” scheme both holds back the announcement of NESARA, and endangers and dims the Light and life force of those involved in it.

There are no White Knights who support this scheme, and numerous Lightworkers are now awakening to the Truth of what is behind it.

Those white hats who are able to speak of the dangers of this scheme will continue to do so.

Again, we encourage all to consider that NESARA law’s full enactment is not a thing to be “waiting for,” but something to daily envision, give thanks for, and celebrate as if it were already announced.

This speeds the completion of all steps being taken to create it fully in your midst.

You came to be powerful co-Creators, not hapless recipients of someone else’s idea of how you should live.

NESARA is about just that sort of empowerment—behold it fully, and live it fully, brave ones!

You are no one’s followers, and no one’s slaves.

We are with you, always.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.


Note from the Channeler:

I have been getting many emails from people asking to know what is happening with this issue or that—regarding the environment, politics, the media, the economy, and other questions.

I do what I can to channel information on these issues, but many also want straight news reports with inside information.

That does exist, but it’s vital to go to a truthful source.


For on-the-ground information about what is really happening on this planet, go to the website and start reading the Notes from the shows, or listening to the news updates on the replays.

Hit the RADIO PROGRAMS tab for days and times of their BBS Radio shows, so you can hear them live and call in on the conference line to ask questions.

The website is belongs to White Knight Rama Berkowitz, who is working under the Ashtar Command.

He and his wife Tara Green have been activists for decades, working on behalf of the Light, and serving the Office of the Christ, and only the Office of the Christ (crystalline or higher Light consciousness).

Unlike the disinformation agents running disinformation websites (especially the “dinar” websites), Rama & Tara are not under the spell of bad information, nor have they been bribed.

And since they were told by the man Rama works for (code name King of Swords) that they must live off the employment grid and not have day jobs, they live outside that system, and are completely supported by the Light community.


Rama is the only White Knight who is not under a gag order regarding NESARA.

Unlike every White Knight working in media or government (and there are many), he was not forced to sign a gag order that states that the individual cannot speak about NESARA in public, or they will be killed.

If the public knew what was at their doorstep, and being kept from them for as long as possible, there would be a revolution.

This is what Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign was about—he was basically promoting NESARA, without actually saying the word. He only endorsed Clinton after she threatened him and his entire family.

To see times and days for their BBS Radio shows go to the RADIO PROGRAMS tab on the 2013 Rainbow Roundtable website.

Even Amy Goodman of Democracy cannot tell the whole story. Journalists who do so are summarily executed by the cabal.

Now is the time to learn Earth’s true history, as well as the truth behind current events such as the recent US election, conflicts in different parts of the world, unusual weather patterns, Intergalactic communication, current craft sightings, and updates about environmental and human rights issues.


The twice monthly Ashtar on the Road calls are likewise amazing sources of truthful information.

Rama and Tara do news updates on those calls, before Fran and Susan do their live channelings, which are also full of Truth and genuine higher wisdom and insight for all that Ascending Earth and Her people are experiencing now.

The information shared in these updates is too vast to share on this website, or to be answered single-handedly by me or any other channeler.

Lightworkers must begin to step up and find this information for themselves, from primary sources, by either listening to or reading the Notes from these news updates and other information.

The time for being spoon fed information from other sources is over. We are being called to stand up on our own and hear for ourselves. That is the only way that most people will actually believe and experience Truth for themselves.

The time when a mediator—the priest, pastor, rabbi, politician, “expert”—told us what to believe is well over. It’s time to become independent, empowered, and active.

No more victimhood and “waiting.” Those days are over.

We create NESARA by envisioning it daily—getting the feeling of the reality of within us, and celebrating and giving thanks, as if it were already here.

As the Collective say, “That is the creation formula for this Universe.”

Remember the great Hopi prophecy: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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