Jacqueline Lasahn: pssssssssssssssst….astrospirit!……pass it on……. Sagittarius New Moon November 29, 2016 4:18 am PST

pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

Sagittarius New Moon   November 29, 2016   4:18 am PST

Ruthless truth
overblown righteousness
Wisdom arises through crisis.

Obsessive speculation,
greed and fanaticism,
jousting for control.

We are re-defining and transforming power
through the murkiness, anguish
and alchemy of our collective confusion.

At odds with dreams,
swinging between inspired and depressed,
yearning for ideals
and tangled in divine discontent.

Dear One,
Cultivate your generous heart.
Be honest and be real.
Practice kindness every day.

These are
challenging times, magical times.
Eyes open to awakening future now.

:: Sagittarius New Moon Contemplations ::
What is the vision that I wish to translate into my present reality?
How may I take action to support my vision and beliefs?
How may I live in my heart and practice kindness?

Gain perspective that is aligned with your life’s design.
I can help you with compassionate insight through navigating uncertain waters.
Contact me if you’d like me to dive deep with you into your personal universe.

“Thank you, Jacqueline for the focused look at the next months of my life.
It was balanced, realistic and helped me stay grounded in what I needed to do.” – Raye

–  –  –  –  –  –

Mindfulness Meditation with Tibetan Bowls
Sunday, December 18, 7-8:15 pm
3rd Sundays!

Join us in simple meditation focusing on breath and sound.
No experience necessary.
by open donation
Sarana Community Acupuncture
970 San Pablo Ave in Albany, California

Jacqueline Lasahn has been playing Tibetan Bowls for over 30 years. She participated with the late Elisabeth Targ, MD, in a study funded by the National Institute of Health through the California Pacific Medical Center, examining the power of prayer in healing advanced AIDS patients; she worked remotely using ritual with Tibetan bowls, bells and chanting. Sound meditations and ceremony at Wilbur Hot Springs for 20 years. Co-founder of Temple of Living Prayer, she served as minister and pastor for over ten years in Sacramento.

Jacqueline Lasahn
Navigation in the Mystery  (415) 637-8402

sacred-ceremony.com    facebook.com/sacredceremony

Copyright © 2016 Jacqueline Lasahn All rights reserved
Art: Crisalida by Javier Lasso Mejia



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