The Great Shift | Healing Energy Tools

Posted November 10, 2016 

Never feel discouraged that the Paradigm Shift is not occurring. All you must do is turn your head around and you will begin to see that the Great Awakening is happening. Humanity is gaining awareness of the shadows around them and starting to stir from their slumber. For humans to step into their full power and out of dormancy it is important to realize the darkness in which light can expand. Humanity is beginning to realize what does not honor light and what does not honor life. Even those in the deepest hibernation have a sense that something in the world isn’t quite right, even if they can’t put their finger on it yet. Humanity is realizing that the political power structure, the financial system, wars, their food sources and their way of living is not right. It does not serve the Earth Mother and it does not serve you. Do not be discouraged by all the darkness you see in your world, rather be excited knowing that this is an opportunity for empowerment and to expand light even further into the shade. The darkness is the aroma of coffee luring you from your beds of ignorance into full awareness if viewed correctly.

The second Great Shift will occur when you realize that all your feelings of being overwhelmed and hopelessness against the structures that are oppressive are nothing but a house of cards preparing to fall down when the winds of change come blowing through. Never underestimate the power illusion can hold over you. There will come a time when you realize that the self-appointed tyrants are nothing more than a man behind a curtain posing as the Great and Powerful Oz and that you’ve had the power with you throughout your whole journey. It may feel like a confrontation of David versus Goliath at first, but remember how that powerful legend ends. If you feel powerless and like you are an ant, remember what a swarm of ants can do.

It is imperative to understand that the old power structures cannot crumble with force. You cannot use the old energy to transmute the old energy. Rather, you must use the energy of love and awareness to dismantle these structures. A wayshower stands in the light and truth and others begin to raise their consciousness through the law of resonance. Through working towards solutions instead of dwelling on the problems will you reach the next stage of collective evolution. But for this to occur you must maintain a peripheral view of the issues of darkness that arise around you.



Know that there is nothing in the universe that cannot be overcome through the power of love and the power of cooperation. Where there is a will there is a way. It’s time to arise from your comatose states and begin healing your world through unconditional love and a fearless vision of a better tomorrow. The caterpillar is seemingly destructive to his environment – eating everything in sight. It is not until he spins a chrysalis around himself of darkness and goes inward that he then has the opportunity to transform. It is not until he has realized his own oppressive walls that he has a chance to burst them through metamorphosis to arise to a newer height and a new state of being. Know that the darkness in your world is the greatest catalyst for growth. Breaking through your cocoon may seem overwhelming and tiresome, but it is necessary to never give up on what you believe in your heart if you desire any true change.

We are both the Creator and the Creation Inside the Infinite Spiral of Creation. We are both Human and Divine, Ancient and Future, Innocent Child and Wise Elder, Masculine and Feminine. We are the Union of many things at once. Honor these truths in all beings of life. Sources Codes are Contained with all Frequencies of Awareness. We are the carriers of the most divine frequency, Love.

Life is a celebration of existence and its cosmic rhythm. Love is the pulsation of that rhythm underlying all existence. Love unites us with the all-inclusiveness of existence and we become an integral and intimate part of one whole which is tremendously beautiful and existential. Love is a matter of heart. Mind is cold and analytical. The golden rays of the rising sun, the soothing white pool of moonlight,the twinkle of stars in the blue sky, the sudden appearance of a rainbow after a cooling rain shower, and the invisible touches of a moist breeze on the beach makes us feel ecstatic and overflowing with a feeling of love and we get a spontaneous connection with nature or the divine. For an open heart all is possible!

– Noctua

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