Lynda Hill: The Light In The Darkness; Messages Of Hope And Valuable Gems: November’s Taurus Super Moon


suzanne miller said…

A potentially FABULOUS opportunity, on many levels, is this “SUPER Moon!! Thank you, Linda for always enlightening ways to think and feel on these special, spiritual days!

Veronica Marino said…

Wanted to give you a line from a 2001 novella Balearic: Thrown Stone for your “siesta”:

Her eyes followed Joan Miro’s swirls as they danced across the walls. They danced a full circle round the oven hot terrace while a never thirsty fountain shot water high into the sun.

She gazed up through the spray towards the looming cathedral. She watched the earthen walls rise in the haze and disappear into heaven.

There is a stillness in Spain in the afternoon, even the clouds lay down for a nap.”


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