MEG BENEDICTE: “11:11 Stargate Activations”

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MEG BENEDICTE: “11:11 Stargate Activations”

It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Stargate opens to higher, ascended realms and the Galactic Center. On November 11th we will experience a rare moment of intense clarity of our own divinity. How many times have you looked at a clock, watch or computer and seen 11:11 on the screen? This is a sign of Ascension activity within your human evolution. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain to open to higher dimensions of Spirit.

In numerology, 11 signifies Master level. When you are touched by the 11:11 Ascension code, you are awakening to the Master of Light that you are. You are entering a period of time that will highlight not only the Mastery of your Divine Self, but also any shadow subconscious self that needs healing right now.

During the 11:11 Ascension Gateway a sacred portal opens to the heavens, creating a bridge between the dying world of Duality and the vibrant, harmonious 5D world. In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection! In the Cosmic Ascension Plan, 11:11 is genetically coded within our dormant “junk” DNA to spiritually awaken.

The number sequence of 11:11 also signifies the gateway between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. As you become attuned with the planetary shift into higher frequencies, your mind can access the higher realms of Light Language and universal knowledge. During the November 11th Global Webcast we will step into the 11:11 Stargate and meet our Ascended Self from the future!

More benefits of the 11:11 Ascension Gateway:

  • Final collapsing of polarized forces will ripple thru planetary field.
  • First Wavers enter 5th Dimensional Field and become Crystal Pillars of Light
  • Awakened Souls become Stewards of the New Earth in Unity Consciousness
  • Embrace the return of the Divine Feminine
  • Activation of Soul purpose and plan that aligns with the 5th Dimensional New Earth

The ever-increasing Photon Particle Wave streaming from the Great Central Sun is bringing a new awareness that was not present before. It comes in the quiet moments of stillness, within the pause of our breath, in the continual tempo of our heartbeat, and in the Still Point standing wave of Singularity in our central core. The 11:11 Gateway is forming a bridge between the collapsing world of polarity and the newly forming 5th Dimensional New Earth.

We will be joining together on Friday, November 11th to step into the 11:11 Stargate Global Activations. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds in ushering in the new earth paradigm.

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Lovingly, Meg


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